Picture of the Day: Mixed Signals

A confused driver sent us this photo he captured while approaching the intersection of the Eastern Parkway service lane and Kingston Ave.


  • 4. Proofreader wrote:

    It’s simple! the red light is for the people crossing Kingston (from one side to the other). The green light is for the cars crossing Kingston. No stira!

  • 5. To #4 wrote:

    They should still be the same color. When the cars may cross Kingston so may the pedestrians. They are messed up since someone knocked over the lamppost and they installed a temporary one.

  • 7. cher wrote:

    if you watch you will notice that the red light at the corner closest to jcm changes to red a little earlier than the other lights do.that is all it does.

  • 8. Osher wrote:

    Unfortunately we live in a place that people will make fun criticize point fingers & publicize & no matter who you tell, government Rabbis teachers……No one will do nothing, except Lough……& till theres a Sirius accident…….Only then (we) may wake up….think about it, its very sickening…….

  • 9. Larry wrote:

    I think they should have a meeting in the community where we can I go together and discuss this


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