Picture of the Day – Pesach in SF

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco, CA — Rabbi Potash, holding his 4-year-old son, Yakov Potash, greets guests as they seat themselves for the Passover seder dinner at the Chabad Jewish Center in San Francisco on Monday. Chronicle photo by Katy Raddatz

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After the women lit the candles, everyone covered their faces and prayed for peace. Passover began Monday at sundown. Chronicle photo by Katy Raddatz


  • 2. MPeee wrote:

    Very nice article… on thing though…
    the kid isn’t even upshenished yet… how is he 4?

  • 4. Stamford hiller from Egerton wrote:

    Keep up the good work Gedalia, nice to see your face.

  • 5. Maybe? wrote:

    It’s proboly a factorial error on the ‘San Francisco Chronicle’s’ behalf…

  • 7. avremi wrote:

    gedalia and lea keep going!!!! great job!!!
    good to see you gedalia

  • 8. former HC of san fran cgi wrote:

    how nice to see san fransisco on headlines!
    rabbi and mrs potash ur doing an awesome job!
    i’m sure ur community has grown since i was last there, keep it up!

  • 9. EPHRAIM POTASH wrote:

    Your proud parents are getting much nachas. Keep up the good work.
    Good YomTov
    Mammy& Daddy

  • 11. Ovid Jacob wrote:

    Rabbi Gedalia,

    It is nice to see your work recognized.

    Yasher Koach!

    Take care/shalom

  • 12. Yankel wrote:

    Wondeful to see, keep up the good work bro.
    P.S. I’ve had my opsher and i’ve still got long hair!


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