From Days Gone By: Baking the Rebbe’s Matzos, 1976

In this collection of vintage photos from the archives of R’ Shmuel Zalmanov, Bochurim can be seen preparing and baking Matzos for the Rebbe on Erev Pesach, 1976. Can you identify anyone in the photos?


  • 2. Yossi A. wrote:

    Top picture
    Benjy Stock ( mixing)

    2nd picture

    Picture 3
    Picture 4
    Picture 5
    Yankel Chazzan
    Naftali Greenberg
    Picture 6

  • 3. Michoel S wrote:

    first pix – R’ Benzi Stock

    pix of 2 bochurim holding matzos- left to right

    R’ naftali Greenberg and R’ Yaakov Chazan

    in the dotted shirt- R’ Yaakov Laine (Kfar Chabad)
    and with him R’ Naparstek

  • 7. matzah wrote:

    Benjy Stock kneting the dough

    Greenberg and yankel Chazah holding the matzahs
    Olidort rolling a matzah
    Yoske Neparstek and Itkin putting matzah on the sticks
    Yankele Levin and Shmuel Notik

  • 9. Colored shirts wrote:

    It’s ironic that today if a bochur wears colored shirts, he shidduch prospects go down. While in those days, people weren’t judged by the color of their shirts.


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