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Picture of the Day: OK Headquarters

Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, Kashrus Administrator of OK Kosher Certification, recites Basi L’Gani after Mincha at the New York OK headquarters.


  • 1. Annoyed CH resident wrote:

    “Thank you” for giving your Hashgocho to a restaurant playing blasting GOYISHE MUSIC WITH FEMALE SINGERS ON THE STREET , right in front of 770

  • 3. @Annoyed CH Resident wrote:

    Write your real name and the name of the restaurant. Until then your comment should go to garbage.

  • 4. My kids go to camp thanks to the ok wrote:

    For the record the ok is the most reliable hechsher around.
    To the person who wrote comment Number 1. I don’t know what you are talking about but if you call the ok directly they will deal with it, you are just trying to bash one of the only good organizations in our comunety, I wonder how much you have given back to crown heights and to the Shluchim?
    You should be ashamed of yourself and publicly apologize with your name and addresss.

  • 6. @Annoyed CH Resident wrote:

    @5 Yes.

    My point is people should stop writing these stupid negative comments that are lies without advertising who you are.


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