Picture of the Day: Tosher Rebbe in Ft. Lauderdale

The newly-appointed Rebbe of Tosh, Rabbi Elimelch Segal-Loewy, who succeeded his father OBM after his passing this past summer, led a Melave Malka on Motzei Shabbos at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Also in attendance was area Shliach Rabbi Moshe Meir Lipszyc.

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  • 3. Sedra King Tisa wrote:

    Wow, very Hingarisheh. It looks like it’s only 4 very wealthy supporters, as u c, in the pics, however could be wrong & maybe any1 who wants is allowed 2 come watch & participate. He probably is on vacation from very cold winter in Kiryat Tosh, right outside Montreal. U c some isrealis @ the table 2, they know all about Admorim, bec there r so many in the Holy Land. Satmar Rebbe from Kiryat Yoel goes 2 Palms Springs 4 about 5 weeks. Thank u 4 sharing.

  • 5. Anonymous wrote:

    I don’t understand what #3 is trying to say with all the text abbreviations but I get the impression it’s not very nice.

  • 7. Rabbi Lipschitz wrote:

    That is not the chabad house.

    That is in the tosher Rebbes house, a block from the chabad of downtown fort Lauderdale. I’m surprise rabbi Kaplan is not there. He is close to the tosher.

  • 8. To comment #5 wrote:

    I have nothing against Hungarian Admorim, I use short hand writing bec it’s faster, & u don’t have 2 spell everything out. As far as what u said, that I’m not saying nice things about the Admor of Tosh ur very very wrong, I was just sayin what it looks like in the pic, & have nothing against isrealis. 4 all it could be supporters or whoever it doesn’t matter. I like the Hingarisheh & Galitziyaneh Admorim, it’s beautiful. I guess u didn’t understand what I was sayin, that’s y u came 2 conclusions, u know jack (nothing) about. What is wrong with saying that it looks like wealthy supporters. My family comes from Ger, so yes I know all about the Poilisheh & Hingarisheh. Thank u

  • 9. To comment #7 wrote:

    Rabbi Kaplan isn’t a shliach! and Tosh invited only the shluchim in Fort Lauderdale.
    P.S. next time you making a false statement in rabbi Lipszyc name make sure you spell his Name right

  • 10. FYI wrote:

    Rabbi Shneur and Devorah Kaplan are shluchim who at downtown Jewish Center Chabad, a vibrant and successful chabad house in downtown Ft Lauderdale, to correct the ignorant statement of commenter 9.

  • 11. To comment # 10 wrote:

    The fact is that they are not shluchim.. Check http://www.chabad.org and you’ll see that they are not listed..
    I was told that They are nice ppl, but it’s wrong that they use the name Chabad


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