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From Days Gone By: Beis Rivkah Students, Mid ‘80s

A group of Beis Rivkah students gather on the staircase for a photo in the mid 1980s. Can you identify those in the photo, and what year it was taken?


  • 2. My sister! wrote:

    At the very front is Chavi (Getz) Lebovic, next to her is one of the Kastel twins. Behind Chavi is Bassie Shemtov. At the very back is Dini Laine.

  • 11. The big sister wrote:

    DL Perlow Shmukler, Briendy Hurwitz Allouche, Leah Kastel Shear, Dini Chazanow Scheiner

  • 13. Graduates of brhs 1994 wrote:

    Spritzer, neremberg, (1994 grads)
    Perlow?- top left corner (graduated 1992)

  • 15. thank you wrote:

    Leah kastel shear
    Chavi getz lebovic
    Dl perlow shmukler
    Zeldy rubinfeld weiss

  • 17. Leah Kastel/Shear wrote:

    Yup! That’s me in the front w Chavi Getz/Lebovic. behind us are Bassie Shemtov, Devorah Leah Perlow/Shmukler – I think Bashie Lipshitz and maybe Sara Yaffee…. We were the graduates of 1990.

  • 18. My students! wrote:

    I only recognized one or two. They were teenagers then, now they are mothers themselves; probably in a couple of years they will be marrying off their children. How time flies!

  • 20. devorah leah schmukler wrote:

    you are more beautiful now then ever,and your kids are B”H just as beautiful !!!!!
    from and adoring sil :)


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