Picture of the Day: Random Act of Kindness

A CrownHeights.info reader captured this moving photo today of a Bochur in 770 helping an elderly man tie his shoelaces.


  • 6. Uncle Mendel wrote:

    The “old man” is not so old, and his name is Moshe. II am quiet certain is is a Yid, and a very kind and gentle one.

  • 7. Thinking wrote:

    When I saw the picture before I saw the comments I thought His mother should be proud of him.

    We learn from this acts of kindness cost nothing so when you have a chance to do Chesed just do it!!!

  • 9. marg wrote:

    #4 What a deplorable attitude.We should reach out to all in need.With this simple kindness the boy sets an example we might do well to follow.

  • 10. Ruth wrote:

    If he weren’t Jewish, would it be OK to let him trip over his shoelaces? Of course not! Kindness is ALWAYS a mitzvah, as this young bochur clearly demonstrates by his actions. Yes, his mother should be proud of him, and so should all of us!

  • 11. Rz wrote:

    Many of them people collecting money in 770 are not jewish. He tells people his name is Mendel and this makes him jewish? I am not suggesting that one should not help him with his shoes, heaven forbid. Nor am I suggesting to be rude to anyone. I am bothered however that so much money goes to these people that are goyim and not helping our community. Many of these people come to 770 and put on kipas and all of a sudden they are jewish. I have een people putting on tefillin on with some of these people. They are Jewish to get money.

  • 12. Thomas Faulkner wrote:

    Rz, don’t be unkind. If someone needs money so badly that he’s willing to come into 770 as an impersonator, then by all means let’s help him.

  • 13. I know the family wrote:

    He actually comes from a wonderful family, they all are such givers and sweet people

    His mother spends her days collecting money for poor kallas


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