Picture of the Day – First Snow Fall in CH this year

Photo: Eli Kahan – col

The first snow fall in Crown Heights this year wasn’t much and didn’t really last long before turning into sleet.

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  • 2. cali girl wrote:

    I live in Cali. and it is so cold here. In Malibu there was snow, and in NY there is non. Funny.

  • 5. yankee 13 wrote:

    it snowed beforw already this winter, it was about a week and a half ago it snowed for like 5 minuts

  • 7. Eliezer wrote:

    Levi Happens to be right! its not (just) his personal opinion, after that snow, the radio reported that although it barely snowed, it was enough to stop the record of “no snow”.

  • 8. yankee 13 wrote:

    to on looker

    whats that suposed to mean “get a life”
    this hole article is a – get a life – article, its not his coment that needs to get a life

  • 9. not bored wrote:

    Don’t you people need something to worry about? How about putting in effort to helping the sick, the poor, or just cleaning out the filth that lives here?

    Snow, all 3 flakes of it, is kleinerkeit.

    There are REAL stories in CH. Find them.


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