Picture of the Day: “Shield Your Eyes”

A reader sent us this photo of a huge billboard on the Manhattan-bound BQE highway. It says, “Fellow Jew, You’re Going into a Danger Zone; Shield Your Eyes.”


  • 2. parent wrote:

    this is very true, as a parent i do not let my kids outside crown heights without proper supervision.

  • 3. Jonathan wrote:

    better yet spend that money to a poor family in need in their community, soemone who isnt skimming off welfare

  • 4. Just thinking wrote:

    Well, if you are going to cover your eyes while you are driving, then you really are driving into a danger zone, aren’t you!

  • 6. Esty B wrote:

    Just don’t shield your eyes before you park your car! Otherwise… :)

  • 7. to number 5 wrote:

    Oh but you can go its totally ok nothing to worry about whatsoever. Do you hear yourself? Someone might just slap you in the face tonight lol!

  • 8. Fresser Rebbe wrote:

    I wonder if the next sign is going up on Kingston Avenue

  • 9. more money than seichel wrote:

    We saw it…I think it was referring to guarding our eyes against what we see in Willy.Need I say more?

  • 10. Moshiach Now! This is great. wrote:

    This is beautiful!
    I am really happy that people are taking Shmiras Einayim seriously. I am a proud Lubavitcher, and anyone who makes fun of this important Mitzvah should examine their character very seriously.


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