From Days Gone By: A Younger Reb Yoel

The Kahan family poses for a portrait, circa early 1950s. To the right is a young Reb Yoel Kahan, later to become the Rebbe’s chief Chozer. Standing next to him is his father, Reb Foleh Kahan, a survivor of Stalin’s Gulags, where he spent 10 years for the crime of practicing Yiddishkeit in the Soviet Union, and his sister, Mrs. Gitta Gansburg. Sitting in front is his mother, Mrs. Rivkah Kahan.

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  • 1. late 40's wrote:

    This picture is not from early 50’s but late 40’s, because Reb Yoel didn’t meet his family for a long time since he left Israel on 11th Shvat 1950 and besides, his sister got married in 1949 and she had a sheitel ever since

  • 3. no words wrote:

    the royalty evident in this family defines the saying a picture is worth a thousand words

  • 4. H wrote:

    Keyodua already left E. Yisroel RIGHT at the beginning of 1950, meaning Shvat, 5710….

  • 5. lrts wrote:

    look at the determination in their faces and in their entire picture. just from that, we can see that they are the best role models.
    and look at the tzanua, how beautiful.


    Reb Yoel came just after Yud Shevat Tof Shin Yud.
    I would therefore estimate an earlier date .
    Nice photo.

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:

    I don’t know them but I keep going back to look at this picture.It is so beautiful.

  • 9. Milhouse wrote:

    It’s been many years since I read R Foleh’s memoir but if I recall correctly he was never in a Gulag; he spent some time in prison, and then three years in exile.


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