Picture of the Day: Tefilin on the Run

Lubavitcher Bochur Mendy Wilansky helps a Jewish marathoner put on Tefilin as he runs alongside him at the Comrades Marathon in Durban, South Africa.

Mendy, along with some other Bochurim, set up a Mivtzoim booth to reach out to local Jews at the annual event, under the auspices of Rabbi Shlomo Wainer, Director of Chabad of Umhlanga, South Africa.


  • 2. YK wrote:

    This is not a simple event. It is one of the longest marathons in the world. It is equivalent to doing two. Many runners put on tefillin each year there, and dont want their heart rate to drop to prevent cramps or to maintain their focus.

  • 4. Chinuch wrote:

    I know we can focus on the positive and overlook the negative in today’s times, but is it really proper to be running a marathon with tefillin on?

  • 5. CHARPA! wrote:

    running in tefilin? Sweating in them? Hepech halacha. Chabad lite strikes again.

  • 7. Chabad lite?? wrote:

    The marathon is a 90k race (55 miles) is it better that the Jew should not put tefilin on for a day?

  • 8. The Rebbe didn't want! wrote:

    Bochurim did mivyzoim in Cannes on beachgoers and were admonished. Ask Rabbi Kalmenson in Brunoy. There is a shulchan aruch.


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