Picture of the Day: Mechanchos Group Photo

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Nearly two hundred teachers are currently attending the annual Kinus Hamechanchos in Piscataway, NJ. Yesterday the group posed for a group photo.


  • 5. oy wrote:

    TO #1,2,3,4, as long as bais rivkah already sent out their letters about how important tznius is and tear apart every parent when they get to school hope the tznius lady was standing by the doors there

  • 6. Why is this needed when nothing changes wrote:

    pathetic every summer they run and run and nothing changes in the classrooms the teacher get worse and more negative every year and their excuse is their burnt out and not paid on time hope there main topics are POSTIVE REINFORCEMENT

  • 7. Bothered wrote:

    To #2 & #3: With your attitude it is impossible for the schools to change

  • 8. losing our kids wrote:

    its not the attitude children arent cookie cutters and what these conferences are nothing more then puff piecres and pr so that rabbi kaplan and can pretend that they are changing childrens lives

    lets go pat each other on their back

    it is ridiculous how many children we are losing

  • 10. NY Teacher wrote:

    I just came home from this event, this was my first year going and it was truly amazing, the speakers, the food, the atmosphere, everything was so very well organized, I dont remember all the ladies and man’s names who works day and night on this event. I am already looking forwards to next year event. Thank you everybody and especially thank you Rabbi Kaplan for making this all happen!!!

  • 11. goy mshebikirbcha wrote:

    to the lady in the middle shaine legz!nisht tznius !great!

  • 13. Not a teacher wrote. wrote:

    1) The purpose of educating teachers must be done, even though you think it does not help.
    2) if you were there and a teacher then you may or may have the right for an opinion.
    3) Stop blaming the school for lack of aducation, rather search with in you, how to beter your self and your children.

  • 14. A Participant wrote:

    I attended the early childhood program for the first time this year and was pleasantly surprised with every detail of the event. The back-to-back presentations covered a wide variety of pertinent and practical issues and were presented by people from different fields and perspectives. The networking that went on between teachers and directors was astounding with people sharing ideas, suggestions and struggles unabashedly. The program attracted intelligent and motivated teachers and Shluchos. The real question is, where were the CH teachers??? (There were a couple but definitely not from enough schools.) It was an invigorating and stimulating experience and this is coming from an open educational critic with a masters degree and 11 years of experience in a progressive Chabad preschool.

    Please consider coming next year and convince your children’s teachers to attend as well. If we want to see change in our community we need to educate and inspire ourselves and work together with other Shluchos and Mosdos so we can learn from each other.

    Much thanks to Rabbi Kaplan, Yocheved Schapiro and the other people who organized the conference.


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