Picture of the Day! “Aaron’s Staff Swallowed their Staffs”

The following photo was sent in by an avid CrownHeights.info reader with the following caption from this weeks Parash.

Parashas Va’eira: 7:9. “When Pharaoh speaks to you, saying, ‘Provide a sign for yourselves,’ you shall say to Aaron, ‘Take your staff, [and] cast [it] before Pharaoh; it will become a serpent.’ ”

7:12. Each one of them cast down his staff, and they became serpents; but Aaron’s staff swallowed their staffs.


  • 1. cute :) wrote:

    So is it trying to say both stores are snakes (rip offs)

    Or is it that even though most ppl go to kollel store. Soon they will all go to the empire
    .. Kosher.

  • 3. Gut Shabbos wrote:

    or that while they bought 1 box of items from Empire Kosher, they did most of their shopping at the Kollel Store

  • 6. Shopper wrote:

    All the others may be Empire Kosher as you can’t see them!
    I have both my my house!

  • 8. Kop wrote:

    One box of groceries at Empire Kosher costs more than 5 boxes of groceries at the Kollel Store.

  • 10. I HATE SNAKES! wrote:

    who cares about boxes! I’mm more interested in PRICES!!!
    You sell milk cheaper – I’ll buy by you!
    plain and simple.

  • 11. A Kollel customer wrote:

    Itzik practices deceptive marketing.

    At Empire Kosher you may see fruit labelled with a sign for five grapefruit for a dollar, for example. But when you get to checkout you find this was one of the specials you can only purchase if you have bought $20 worth of non-special items and you pay more tho there was no sign reflecting a higher price

    And if you’ve been too undisciplined as to buy lots more than you planned to,with no way to get it home – too bad.
    You’ve spent less than $70 and even if you want to pay for delivery, they won’t deliver.

    That’s why I shop at the Kollel where I on’t feel that I’m getting ripped off.

  • 12. a crown heights shopper wrote:

    some sick bargain hunter went to empire to buy sales only which fills one box then drove out to bp and used his gas and time which costs the same as buying his other groceries in empire kosher to buy the rest of his needs then everyone has complaints on empire that they are a rip off no they are trying to make an honest living which is 100% allowed and how about all those people that talk about achdus and supporting the shechuna and you who comes and talks about all those conditions its called amrketing putting things on sale and putting conditions on it i went to pathmark and bought soda 200$ worth there was a big sighn advertizig a price yet when i got to the checkout counter it rang up deferently and the lady told me i needed the club card i responded it says no where on the sighn that to that she responded well thats the deal if u dont like the way normal buisness run dont shop there at all if u appriciate the convinience of empire kosher such as the speedy checkout and parking lot right in ur backyard then stop complaining and follow the system i do and i have a wonder full experience every time i go there of course every where will mess up sometimes or will not work for certain individuals but stop being so stupid about it food costs money the store does not get it for free and they have big overheads who ever thinks itzik ben abue is a millionaire think for 5 minutes what it costs to run such a store if u have any inkling into business u will understand that the shopper is the greedy one not the store

  • 13. Happy consumer wrote:

    I come to Empire Kosher mainly to see and shop by Glicks bakery. The owner Yoely is an amazing sweet guy and is always looking to help the customer. Plus his baked goods are out of this world!


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