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Op-Ed: Why Donald Trump Will Win in a Landslide

Donald Trump will win the election in a landslide, predicts Chaim Ross in this op-ed he submitted to CrownHeights.info. Read further in the extended article to see why.

by C.J. Ross

In just a few hours we will know who our next president will be. I believe it will be Donald Trump. Not only will he win, he will win big. He will carry Democratic counties, parishes, entire cities and states. Some of which will have NEVER ever been won by a republican.

Here’s why. There is something about Donald Trump that is alluring (think Kavorka) and attractive to almost everyone! Most people wish they could say what they want to anyone, without the fear of consequences. Your neighbor who plays loud music at night, your boss who keeps you late without overtime, your coworker who is lazy, the driver of the car in front of you who might be reading this article right now! It doesn’t just apply to being confrontational. We all know how bad it can get when responding to something benign as: “Do I look good in this dress”? or “Tell me what you really think about me, and I promise I won’t be upset”.

You see, most of us have impulse control that prevents us from really telling others how we feel about them. If we did, where would we stop before going too far? How much would too far be? So, the average person has a built in protection that suppresses our innate want to tell someone just how we feel about them. This saves us from awkward, embarrassing, confrontational and even violent outcomes. It helps us survive another day.

Not so, with the Donald. He says what he wants, when he wants to whomever he wants. Pundits have opined that he is lacking substance, clear thinking, coherent policy etc. But that doesn’t matter, because he’s not trying to get your vote based on his policies. Rather, he is appealing to the frustrated American wherever he or she may be, who is unable to speak their mind, because they are aware of consequences and are afraid of them. Trump is unafraid and this is what really turns people on, whether they realize it or not. It allows them to look past all of the flaws.

Please join me in acknowledging to yourself that while you may dislike Donald Trump, deep down, you wish you could tell people what you really thought of them and where they can go. You wish you could shoot from the hip, without worrying about the consequences. But you won’t. Instead, you will vote for the Donald because you are living vicariously through him.


  • 1. Sure wrote:

    And Trump embodies all the characteristics that torah/chassidus teaches us to live up to…
    Not; just the opposite.
    Those who are “are living vicariously through him” probably share some of his deeply frightening personality disorders. Sad.
    (I hope and pray you are wrong with your predictions)

  • 2. I wish it were so, but here is why it isn't so wrote:

    George Soros, the notorious Jewish self hater is a committed anarchist and communist radical. He OWNS the company which is supplying the majority of electronically programmable voting machines around the country. An expert hacker publicly declared that these machines can be programmed in such a way that the votes can and will be secretly changed to however the programmers in charge of these machines want. If you think for a minute they will allow Trump to win when Soros is one of the reshayim bankrolling Hillary Clinton then I feel sorry for you.

  • 5. i hope! wrote:

    unlikely with the evil Hillary and her cohorts cheating all over America! I am sad for America!

  • 6. other views wrote:

    “He says what he wants, when he wants to whomever he wants.”
    nice that some people think this a plus, other people look at it and see a lack of self-control, presidents need to have self-control.

    • 8. so what else is new wrote:

      MY MAN…….. tell it like it IS……..Most people only hear what they want to hear……………. I WELCOME Brooklyn boy President Trump……………..after the stolen 2000 election, with eight years of craziness with #43….AND…… 8 years of #44 who lied from BEFORE day 1 with the promise of removing our girls and boys from Afghanistan and Iraq he himself has lost his third term after, along with liar hillary, talked crap about the #45 man…….President elect…Donald Trump………it is the time to take care of ourselves and do away with s/s scandal, sec.8 abuse, going overseas and killing brown people, open borders and not being focused

  • 9. Mem wrote:

    Man tracht & Hashem lacht…
    He is a genius…he needed the votes & the only way to get them was to appeal to the disillusioned…disenfranchised….Standing up & speaking up any other way would have seen him fall by the wayside ages ago.
    Anyone who heard his acceptance speech must have sat open mouthed & very relieved.
    We must not lose sight of Who is in charge

  • 10. i get your point wrote:

    I always admire staight-forward people – as long as they don’t insult

  • 15. Same conclusion - Different approach wrote:

    Trump’s rallies overflowed with positive energy.

    Everyone was happy and excited to be there.
    Everyone was friendly and energetic.
    His rallies were gatherings of healthy, industrious, honest people.
    People who believe in Hashem.

    I was at a Pence rally. He got bigger, more excited crowds than Hillary. When he said, “We want equal rights for everyone – including the unborn.” The audience cheered!

    Near the end, Hillary had to have popular music stars to give a free concert in order to get anyone to attend other than the people she paid to come.

    Because of the discrepancies in the rallies – I came to the same conclusion as the author of this article. I was sure Trump was going to win by a landslide. The polls were being ‘scientific’. They could not see the forest for the trees.

    The same way the media kept saying that Trump was spreading hatred – when it was the opposite. The same way the media kept saying Trump did not treat women respectfully – when right there the were interviewing the two top women in his campaign. Katrina and Kellyanne. When a group of fabulous women were doing a great job campaigning for Trump. The same way the media got it wrong about Trump – I knew they got it wrong in the polls.

    But I am glad the polls showed the race to be so close. It gave Trump the incentive to reach out to as many people as possible. He needed his competitive spirit to secure the landslide to over compensate for the voter fraud and vote manipulation.

    It was an incredible election. The work has just begun.


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