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Rabbi Wolf Doesn’t Back Down

Left: Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf. Right: Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf responds to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach‘s response to Rabbi Wolf’s condemnation of Rabbi Boteach’s book:

Rabbi Shmuley’s response to my criticism of his book says much about everything other than the quotes of his book published in the January 8th Haaretz article.

Yet, he appears quite upset that I am relying on Haaretz and on the book’s title without reading the book. One may argue, must a Jew read the New Testament to reject Christianity? After all there are several other books of his with the title Kosher. Kosher means just that, it is Kosher and acceptable.

For those who are not convinced that Shmueli wants to embrace J, here are some actual quotes of his book and you be the judge.

“J was a man who worked to rekindle Jewish ritual observance of every aspect of the Torah and to counter the brutal Roman occupation of his people’s land. He never wavered in this mission even when he realized the consequences would be fatal.”

“All Jews can embrace J as part of a grand tradition of heroic leaders who fought to free Israel from tyranny. Looked at from this angle, J was a great, world-changing patriot for Judaism.”

“Once we strip his life story of its patina of paganism and the supernatural, Jews will see they need no longer reject the beautiful ethical teachings of J, which find their source in Hebrew scripture and the teachings of the rabbis among whom he counted himself.”

“Fundamentally, Jews have the duty to ask themselves: Do we really profit by shunning a Jewish patriot who fought and died for our freedom? J certainly was one of the most famous Jews that ever lived. Should he be forever lost to his people?”

“Once we see J outside the anti-Jewish textual additions of the Gospels’ redactors, Jews can finally re-embrace him as a fallen patriot and beloved son.”

I can go on and on with Rabbi Shmuley’s embrace of J…. but do I have to bring the words of this new modern day Gospel to Jewish readers?

I urge you dear readers to decide if Rabbi Shmuley’s embrace of his newly found true J… is part of Jewish tradition or is it the good old fashioned Christian attempt to proselytize Jews with new wrappings?

Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf


  • 1. WOAH! wrote:

    Rabbi Wolf, when you put it that way, this is truly frightening. Could it be? that SB has converted to the other side, and cloaked as a rabbi/lubavitcher is now going to try to get others to convert?? Wow scary thought!

  • 3. agree wrote:

    rabbi wolf, i agree with your comments BUT you need to seriously work on your spelling and editing.

  • 4. A third party wrote:

    wolf, you dont seize to amaze me.

    no matter what religion any being can affiliate them selves with, ‘ALWAYS QUESTION’!

    in the best of light, you are the spiritual leader of hamas factions that are rebuking their militants for questioning anything, and not having blind faith.

    yes, my friend. every jew for that matter for the sake of ‘knowledge’, should know what hes rejecting.
    if you do or dont agree, that is the only way to see what is right and wrong. every jew should read the quran and the new testament, to know and to grow.

  • 5. Yanky wrote:

    Yitzchok Wolf: you are a moron who is unable to understand basic context. If Shmuley takes the messiah and divine out of J, then there is no heresy in it – even if it is entirely foolish. There is then no difference between learning morality from a non-Jewish children’s book and learning morality from J. Shmuley is attempting to undermine everything Christians believe about J, not support their arguments. You haven’t proven a thing and your insistence on this nonsense shows that you should probably resign from your position of power. You are a disgrace.

  • 6. The evidence is damning wrote:

    Unless he burns his own book on youtube and publicly denounces his own writings, I think it is safe to say he is as dangerous to our children as molesters (spiritually that is).

    On another note, I’m sick of the leadership being above reproach and I think it’s time that shluchim should have an election every few years and if 60% of shluchim vote to throw out a Chaver merkos, they should be out. I for one am a shliach and am embarrassed to see Rabbi Krinsky dancing around with Boteach. I don’t see it as a punitive measure, rather when it’s getting clear that he’s going senile, if he doesn’t leave himself, he should be forced out. Krinsky owes us true leadership befitting the Rebbe’s ambassador… Reb Yochanon Kohen Gadol, Lieberman etc. served well until they didn’t…

  • 7. TO # 6 wrote:


  • 8. embarrassed schuna toishav wrote:

    From what I read in wolf’s response,one can clearly see he isn’t well educated in the matter.chabd should send up somone else up to the plate than this clueless individual.just like when the rebbe had the stroke,he mixed in with his silly & stupid remarks.

  • 9. all i can say am in shock wrote:

    shocking thats all i can sau. rabbi walf you r a man standing up for the sake of jews all over the world

  • 10. Oh puh-lease! wrote:

    Please, enough of this garbage! Wolfe and Boteach – get a room! And leave the rest of us all alone with this stuff! Slug it out in private and then come tell us who won! REALLY!

  • 12. shmuelly is the reincarnation of yoshka wrote:

    Rabbi Shmully please do teshuva , you are too talented to be wasted on this

  • 14. the aha moment wrote:

    Kudos for Rabbi wolf. Yes this man tells it like it is. Boteach has reached a new low .However i would not even dignify him with the title apikores. He is an am haoretz. Nebach he is showing his tipshus. I think we all have to say tehillim for him. sheesh!



  • 16. chop Boteach down wrote:

    Many hungry wanna be famous Rabbis are watching if SB survives this one.SB must be excommunicated.

    It starts with forgetting the core of shlichus and inventing new causes like protesting Tommy Friedman .

  • 17. יש ו wrote:

    the name ישו comes from the Talmud which is “rashey tevos” of,


    If the Talmud did not find any thing Kosher about J. im sure Rabbi Boteach, cant….

    “בערב הפסח תלאוהו לישו הנוצרי. והכרוז יוצא לפניו ארבעים יום: ‘ישו הנוצרי יוצא ליסקל על שכישף והסית והדיח את ישראל, כל מי שיודע לו זכות יבוא וילמד עליו’. ולא מצאו לו זכות ותלהו בערב הפסח” (סנהדרין מג. בחסרונות הש”ס).

  • 18. Erav Rav is alive and well !!!!! wrote:

    You know there is a real problem when heroes are vilivied and traitors are glorified..When Rabbi Wolf has the courage to speak out for the kovod of Lubavitch ,he is attacked by the modern day erav rav. Then these wanna bees frei, parasites claim in shock ,what happened to civility and ahavas yisroel ; maybe the real question should be what happened to Yiddishkeit ?

    .But no its ok because Rabbi Shmully needs to sell books and he nebach needs to become an apikoras to get much needed attention. WHERE IS VAAD RABONEI LUBAVITCH Where is anyone screaming out in protest GEVALT GEVALT .How dare anyone attack Rabbi Wolf.

    Next comment in support of Rabbi Shmully should come with a name or I dare say its Rabbi Shmully masqerading again as a lubavitcher.. TAKE OFF YOUR MASK BOTEACH ,

  • 19. Al tivtach bo wrote:

    “J was a man who worked to rekindle Jewish ritual observance of every aspect of the Torah”


    I did not want to comment again in order to avoid giving this issue and this author additional attention. However, I was forced to read the notzri bible in college, and from the classes I was forced to take on this subject, I know very well that this “J the kiruv rabbi” nonsense is a complete and total falsehood. Whoever and whatever this J character was, any movement surrounding him centered on jettisoning halacha.

    I think we need to get a petition going to Amazon and B&N so that Kosher J is properly categorized as Fiction.

  • 20. Mendy Hecht wrote:

    Look, Shmuley is not an idiot. I think what he’s doing here is taking an enormous gamble just like he did with his previous books on eh, um, yeh–about which I’ve heard in the name of several widely respected rabbis (whom I won’t name in case I shouldn’t be bandying their names about) that there is nothing in them that is against halachah.

    I’m not defending the writing of such books. I have read none of them. Because it goes without saying that we have a tradition that this subject is taught from teacher to student, parent to young adult child, without it being committed to writing.

    However, my point is that just like his first books are halachically okay, at least technically, though hashkafically outrageous, perhaps we should be considering the possibility that this new book is too?

    Again, I will never read it and I urge everyone to do the same. The title scares me off, as it should.

    So is Rabbi Shmuley crazy? Maybe. Did he cross a red line of tradition? Absolutely. You don’t write such books, period. But apikoiris? At least technically, just maybe, perhaps not.

    Just thinking out loud.

  • 22. mendy h. wrote:

    “Shmuly Boteach says he himself can be Moshiach”
    Definitely not Moshiach, maybe more like J.

  • 24. Professor Mendy wrote:

    I haven’t read the book, but I abhor the title. I agree that it can be misleading.

    The book can be a curse or a blessing. No one will know until it is released.

    As for evangelical Christians being in support, of course they are. They believe Moshiach will come (regardless of first time or second time) once all of the Jews are back in Israel. They feel it’s in their best interests to move us along.

    I thought about this Kosher J business for maybe a minute too long. This is my interesting observation and how I put it in perspective.

    First, you have to live under a rock not to know any snippets or highlights of the life of J.

    Most of his stories are in and around water. Why is this important? This is where the illiterate, poor, uneducated people lived. The smart people live in the city centers. Yeshivot were in city centers.

    Stay with me here. I promise this will get interesting.

    For some reason, J left the city center and worked his way to the water. Maybe he was cast away? Maybe he was a revolutionary (in his own mind). When I think about this, I think about Carlebach, his “revolutionary mind”, and how he was cast away.

    Anyways, to teach the people at the shores, J had to use simpler language and was probably a little less strict on observance. He had to dumb it down to teach them. As Boteach points out (in the Amazon excerpts I read), nothing J said wasn’t already written in our tradition. He just had to explain it as if explaining it to a child.

    Then it hit me. J was the founder of reform judaism. Some crazies down the line added some divinity and supernatural junk.

    Then I panicked. Isn’t this how Chabad reaches out to fallen away Jews? Simple terms, ramping up observance, etc. There is a scary parallel there.

    In the end, maybe Boteach is trying to paint J as a conservative movement Jew, rather than a reform Jew?! I asked that satirically.

    I think no matter how kosher J was, if he didn’t live in Crown Heights, and fit the mold, he would be shunned regardless. How many of you shuddered when I wrote “reform Jew”?

  • 25. Boteach Missed The Point. I Insist. wrote:

    The fact that Wolf hasn’t read the book is exactly the point, that there is a misleading message just by hearing the title.

    He shouldn’t use such a title when one has to read the book for it to be justified.

    In general, I wouldn’t think it’s such a big deal, if you don’t read the book, it’s nobodies fault for your mislead perception, but who’s ready to take this risk when dealing with such serious topics? who will take irresponsibility for those 20-40 (or even 1) percent of people that only read/hear the title but don’t actually read the book? well apparently Boteach.

    And to “Yanky”, is your name really Yanky or is it an alias, you seem too strongly emotionally connected, It’s hard to believe your an observer.

  • 26. To #1, In Your Own Words wrote:

    “Third Party”

    You certainly sound like a third party, “NISHT FOON UNZERE”.

  • 28. Grow up ! wrote:

    Grow up!

    I understand your objection…I even agree with you, but can you please grow up and have an adult conversation about it?!

    Must you resort to childish tactics and name calling.

    and please, grow up, writing the word JESUS will not make you an apostate instantly.

  • 29. Mendy Goldberg, Coram wrote:

    Is this “J…” everyone keeps referring to Josh Gordon or Josh Metzger?

    Please tell us!

  • 30. Kol Koireh wrote:

    Hashem should bless R Wolff with much success and good for his standing up and speaking truth.

    Its not my place to put curses on people… Shmuly, you get off lightly… so far.

  • 32. Nittul Nachet wrote:

    After all these years when our Rabbeim Z“L did not learn torah, not to give a yenika to Yazel…
    Reb SB comes along with a chidush!
    The rabeim just never met American evangelical notzrim.with $100 million for Israel(and a bit for reb shmuel…) If they had they could have made major fabrengens on nittul nacht to celebrate the birth of the tzadik Yoshke pandrich Rachmono litzlan!!!!

    What was the Rebbes opinion of the Rabbonim who went to the Pope? Did you find out before you went.. Why should you? bist alayn a rebbe.

    Halachicly one may not even SAY the name YOSKE aloud. The Torah says ”Shem elohim(chol) acherim lo sazkiru LO YISHOMA AL PICHO“

    And on another note, as chabad we ONLY recognize the Eastern Orthodox and Rome as legit Notzrim. They earned the distinction by killing us for 1500 years. And till today actively pray and pay for our shmad R”L

    You now have made two of the three big ones Kosher.
    Kosher Giluy aroyos
    Kosher Avoda Zarah
    Next? Kosher shfichas domim? Kosher Crusade?

    How blind can you be?

    Please Please Please…. STOP

  • 34. to number 5 wrote:

    “SB has converted to the other side”
    No he is wondering how to convert $100 Million USD into shekels, and then back again…..

  • 36. Two things to be grateful for: wrote:

    1) The fact Rabbi Wolf has the guts to speak up and say the truth.
    2) Shmuley Boteach isn’t a Shliach.

  • 38. Postville wrote:

    Hitler whose a great military man, he try to save Germany from the hands of the barbaric world, he whose the savior of the German people we should learn about him in our schools,he lived animals! every sheliach should give a free copy of Hitler book to the members of their shuls, the Knesset should put Hitler picture next to Ben Gurion in order to inspire us.

    One second!!!, Hitler killed millions of innocent people and over 6 millions Jews !!

    Jesus whose a Mamzer & Apikores he call the people not to lisiten to the rabbis, etc! millions of our brothers and siter die in is name !

    it doesn’t matter, according to Shmulik the only thing that matter is the bottom line

  • 39. The evidence is damning wrote:

    I was frustrated and over passionate when I wrote my above comment. I wish to ask mechilla from Rabbi Krinsky for the tone and/or content.

  • 40. COMPARE TIES wrote:

    SB needs to sell books to have the means to buy such expensive ties.SB needs to be crucified with yoshke to teach young shluchim that he isnt a good example.

    Sb has through his disgraceful example created a chilul Hashem

  • 41. To number 6 wrote:

    throwing out a chaver merkos and throwing out Rabbi Krinsky are two different things, the chavrei merkoz (majority of them) where appointed by the existing board whereas Rabbi Krinsky was placed on it by the Rebbe, i understand that since you just got your password to shluchimexchange and are trying to make a name for yourself before you actually start your peulos so “attack krinsky” is your battle cry but seriously kid, getta a life and stop attempting to undo things the Rebbe put in place

  • 42. MENDOZA wrote:


  • 43. Kosher nitel nacht with Shmully wrote:

    I now know to expect kosher nitel nacht with Rabbi Shmully.In honor of j and his modern day reincarnation ,the embodiment of the infinite ,the 2 best gifts to the world, we can learn passages from all the kosher books .Dont worry its not torah .


  • 44. The Intellectual wrote:

    I won’t be surprised that SB, excuse me, Mr. Boteach will start selling himself to the Gentiles as a reincarnation of Yoshka.

  • 45. Dear Messiah wrote:

    Shmuly should continue doing what he does best write books mentor people
    Like Michael jackson Hollywood and the like telling chabad what we need to do wont help to reveal you as the Messiah. Shmuly you should watch the clip on YouTube where the Jews for j tries to give the Rebbe a phamlet and the Rebbe grabs it away and tells him him a sick man can’t get help if he doesn’t realize that he is sick. Shmuly we love you get Help!

  • 46. Kosher Hitler??? wrote:

    Dear Rabbi Boteach, i personaly enjoy your open mindedness oncontemperary issues of judaism and the secular views… but there has to be a limit!!!

    When it comes to this book i agree fully with Rabbi wolf!!

    Why dont you write a book called Kosher Hitler, where you can, being “open minded” learn life lessons and inspiration from Adolf Hitler, that is after stripping his anti semetism away from him, he is really a great guy and he accomplished alot to make the positive aspectsof technology, medicine, war technology, even history lol

  • 47. Excellent Points wrote:

    Rabbi Wolf, you make excellent points. It is scary indeed to think what this acceptance and embracing can ch’V do. We clearly dont learn Torah on Xmas eve for a reason – Js neshama should NOT have the aliya that we would want for any other Jew. Clearly he has damaged the world with such extreme distortion of Yiddishkeit.

  • 48. number 6 wrote:

    To number 6: You need to grow up. Can we have elections to get rid of you? Your tone about Rabbi Krinsky is the only piece of writing on this issue I have seen, to be more arrogant than anything Shmuley Boteach has ever written. Please dont ever tell us again that you are a Shliach, if you even really are one, just consider yourself lucky that you somehow slipped in.

  • 49. to all boteach defenders,,, wrote:

    wait wait one moment if boteach is correct and people are defending him,,, then why cant this web site or even the people defending him write the actual name of J?
    think about it…

  • 50. MEGALOMANIA wrote:

    Would that Rabbi Shmuely were motivated only by pursuit of scholarship (though he clearly is very intelligent). It is evident from the titles of his books that he is out for shock value. And in his retort he writes that most Lubavitchers have read his book and shluchim recommend it to others. Well, I’m what one might call a “liberal” shluchah and I have neither read the book nor suggested it to others. There is a megalomaniac in our midst (or who wishes he was in our midst).
    That said, Rabbi Wolf has no place critiquing a book that he did not read.

  • 51. no one special wrote:

    It is amazing how emotion can replace intellect. OOPS! Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around for Lubavitchers?
    You comments & tone make it difficult to justify the conclusion that “shliach shel odom kemoso”.

  • 52. CH Resident wrote:

    After reading Yanky’s comment (assuming it’s Yanky and not SB, or a hack of his merely using a generic name), I now understand that my mashpiim were correct and I was wrong when they told me that ethics derived from outside Torah is deeply flawed. Now we see “Lubavitchers” promoting deriving lessons in morality from Yoshke. Perhaps we should buy children’s books from Christian bookstores and tell our children to ignore the religious aspects of it and merely derive the ethical values that they have to offer. I’m disgusted.

  • 53. Critic wrote:

    The truth of the matter is that xianity as we know it today is a complete fabrication.The writers of the so called gospels,which contradict one another, never saw or heard Yeshu.The entire existence of Yeshu is a question mark.The Gemorah does speak of “oso haish” but there is no definitive proof that he is the Yoshke of Xstion belief.
    The Xstion religion was actually based on two founding entities.
    The First Council of Nicaea was a council of xstion bishops convened in Nicaea in Bithynia (present-day İznik in Turkey) by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in CE 325. This first council was the first effort to attain consensus in the church through an assembly representing all of xistendom.
    The second entity was The true founder of historical xistianity, of xistianity as we it know in practice, was not Yoshke of whom we really know nothing , but rather a Jew named Saul (Paul)of Tarsus alleged too have been a talmid of Rabban Gamliel.Most of Xtianity is based on Pagan beliefs that were incorporated into xtianity to make it more palatable to the pagan masses.Based on the above the only conclusion we can make about Boteach’s book is that it is based on unsubstantiated material and therefore is a work of fiction.

  • 54. Has the world gone insane? wrote:

    Rabbi Wolf has his own mossad to run and he speaks out for pure Yiddishkeit and some Apikorus has the audacity to condemn him ??This is so painful, unless SB is very busy writing negative comments to help boost sales.

    What will Sb do next for attention,maybe drink alcohol on the streets of Tehran OR parade down the streets of Mea shearim with an Israeli flag and then write a book to describe his encounter.Maybe he could join an exciting protest of Tommy Friedman at Yale or interview disturbed musicians who prefer a shaven face ???

  • 55. Wow Shmueli wrote:

    Who gave you a Heter to learn and debate about such topics? Judaism has standards and Rabbi Wolf is right. Rabbi Wolf never bashed intellectualism like you state in your response published earlier today.. He is just stating that we have standards and we don’t force you to follow them… Just don’t represent yourself as such and such…
    Judaism is not open to all… There are restrictions! (i.e. someone under 40 should not learn Kaballa etc..)
    Friday night is family night is a very sweet thing but its not part of Sheva Mitzvos..

  • 56. Tamar wrote:

    Thank you Rabbi Wolf. To #1. I would like to see your children. Are they still jewish? By the way “Rabbi” Boteachs face remindes me face of J on their pictures. Dont you see that? this is what happens with jews for their thurst of “knowledge”. WE need Moshiach now mamash.

  • 57. no talent here wrote:

    What is it with Mr. Boteach’s language – “EMBRACE J”?!?!?!? Maybe “recognize” or “understand”, but the word embrace connotes something deeper… maybe Rabbi Wolf is right: maybe this is just another way for christians to convice Yidden G-d forbid! Mr Boteach, you are a talented writer. Please find something more meaningful and relevant to write about, to inspire the Yidden around you and not add to the vast confusion so prevalent in our world.

  • 58. To number 6 wrote:

    throwing out a chaver merkos and throwing out Rabbi Krinsky are two different things, the chavrei merkoz (majority of them) where appointed by the existing board whereas Rabbi Krinsky was placed on it by the Rebbe, i understand that since you just got your password to shluchimexchange and are trying to make a name for yourself before you actually start your peulos so “attack krinsky” is your battle cry but seriously kid, getta a life and stop attempting to undo things the Rebbe put in place

  • 59. Born and bred Lubavitcher wrote:

    Rabbi Wolf: To use an old metaphor you have been given enough rope, you’ve hanged yourself and are now officially dangling from the rafters. I would say you nailed yourself to something … but that would be in bad taste. You have ZERO credibility. Nebach on your community. The Modern Day American X-tian is not the same X-tian from Roman days, or Earlier Century Europe. We live in this country together, and good relations between Jews and others are a good thing. No one is forcing you personally to go out of your comfort zone and engage with people different than yourself. But Shmuely Boteach has a knack for such work and does it. To attack him as you have and “ploppeh” that he’s a X-tian missionary … nebach on your krume mind.

  • 60. boteach needs meds or something wrote:

    i can only wonder what’s the true agenda of those defending the indefensible on this.boteach will never be able to speak at another main steam chabad house again and i’m sure the jewish press will never publish another of his essays again.

  • 61. Rebbah beacme Moshiach after stroke wrote:

    I once went to the ohel with SB and he asked me why I was looking around. I told him that I was looking for the “machine”. He asked “which machine”? I told him the one that you put 4 quarters in and a dollar comes out of, the one from the Rebbah! SB started laughing and told me that its all a myth there is no such thing. I replied its the same myths as your books. SB replied…”The difference is, my books produce dollars without putting in any quarters in. As he started to walk away I saw him in reverse….Hence BS (instead of SB)

  • 63. wheres the rabbi-s wrote:

    SB is waiting till the dust will settle then if he gets away with it we can only wait and see whats next. hes always looking for attention and fame he wont shut up until we shut him up, wheres the rabbi’s

  • 65. so sad wrote:

    I just read the Haaretz article and comments– what Boteach has done is a complete Chillul HaShem. He has no Rav, no Mashpia and clearly suffers from delusions of grandeur and messianic complex.

  • 66. R- Wolf seems to be missing the point wrote:

    i dont think boteach means we should embrace Christianity he is simply trying to show the world that yoshke didnt didnt mean for christianity to turn out the way it did, he probably was a great and learned man, unfortunately he ended up thinking he was moshiach which made things go wrong but the point is he wasnt a jew hater and didnt intend for his followers to change the torah and i think thats all rabbi boteach is trying to convey.

    Am i wrong???

  • 67. News! Bin Laden and Pakistan! wrote:

    Interesting that in TODAY’s news, Pakistan announced that they will destroy the Bin Laden compound WITH ROCKETS so that it DOES NOT BECOME A SHRINE!!! They say that they will blow it to DUST on TELEVISION. People have been making that building into a getchke! Pakistan is saying “Enough! No Way!” (Google ‘Pakistan bin Laden’).
    That building is a DOMEM! It did NOT make itself into a getchke.

  • 68. RabbiWolf_Please! wrote:

    Dear Rabbi Wolf! (Ich hub lange payos and a bord un voin in BoroPark, un learn chassidus bei Reb Yoel Kahn. Now…) You Rabbi W, simply and naively miss the point! SB is REMOVING the getchke aspect from J, smartly negating their entire getchke!
    How? By pointing out that J was (could have been) a great HUMAN being! He gives the Christians enough leeway they believe in that does not contradict Yiddishkeit. So WHAT if he was a great ehrlicher yid, afilu with mesirat nefesh for *Yiddishkeit*?
    SB CLEARLY says, that many decades later, along came FAKE gospels and created a false religion about J. (Do you have an idea of the s’kuneh SB has put himself in? If he would do that to the muslims, his picture and address would be on all JIHAD web sites.)
    My dear Rabbi W, do you have any idea how many Yidden will be SAVED from the missionaries thru this book? Ask Yad Le’Achim! Do you know what’s going on in Ashdod with the missionaries pack of outright lies? Do you do Kiruv work in this area? (with heimishe yidden that have fallen there?) Or do you frightfully (and m’stam correctly) shy away from engaing these YIDDEN? If you don’t do kiruv in this topic, HOW CAN you talk???

    Unfortunately it is even happening in OUR generation! There are GOYIM (and r”l some extreme extreme minute yidden) that tried/try to make the Rebbe(!) into something like that!
    Am I saying that J was a tzadik & manihig? NO! NO! But the fact is that OTHERS, reshoim, falsely used J to create a false religion. And by [courageously] pointing that out many yidden will be saved!

    Shulem al Yisruel.

  • 71. mz wrote:

    This is really scary – are frum Lubavitchers really writing to support s.b.? Nebach.
    He was ostrasized decades ago by orthodoxy. I don’t claim to understand why Kurinsky ently embraced him, but surely now is the time to ditch him again. The sooner the better!
    Thank you Rabbi Wolf for speaking the truth to a world gone mad.

  • 72. open mind wrote:

    its about time lubavitchers look out of their little box and realize that there re other ways to look at the world….not just through the brainwashed ways we were tought as children and adults…it may be hard at first to red and think out of the box but once you pass a certain level of open-mindedness you will feel free and able to connect with all human beings around you…who are not that different then you and i …we were just very sheltered …
    i think shmuli has a right to write about whatever he wants and i respect that….i dont think the rebbe would approve so i dont call him a shliach…..but each to his own…this is how shmuli feels he is making a difference in this world and he should continue….

    i only hope one thing doesn’t happen…
    that the Christian world will not be offended by his book in any way and that it should bring anti Semitism

  • 73. To Number 6! wrote:

    YOU ARE THE MORON! Rabbi Krinsky is the best thing that ever happened to Merkos. He is the most kind, gentle, devoted and special person on the board. if he is ever (g-d forbid) taken off the board it would be a big big big loss to the entire lubavitch community.
    Dont talk badly of someone who the Rebbe loved and cherished as much as Rabbi Krinsky.

  • 74. THIS IS SO UPSETTING wrote:

    Im not usually the kind to sit and comment on these websites,
    but im so shocked at the hatred and LH going on . It kills me and im sure the Rebbe and Hashem, how is any of this immature bickering getting us any closer to the redemption? Im not pointing out fingers at anyone but if someone feels a certain way its not always the right thing to go and publicize it, sometimes we just need to keep what we believe and think to ourselves (and of course if you dont want your family or anyone in particular to read the book talk to them about it ) but it DOES not have to be this whole knocking game back and forth on a website, its so WRONG.

    you all need to think about who is going to read your post and what affect it might have.


  • 75. DS wrote:

    SB is becoming like Dennis Prager and Michael Medved who openly and strongly criticized JEWS for being mad at Mel Gibson for his grotesque anti-semitism in PASSION of the C. Not only is SF taking on their religious perspective, he is taking on their political perspective as well. Prager and Medved fiercely aligned themselves with the Xtian right with respect to their pro-Bush and pro-Iraq war sentiments. They received income from their Xtian backed radio station. Similarly, SB has aligned himself with neocon/conservative Kantor who is further to the right than Bush/Cheney. Another misguided SB theory is that the way to m’kiruv Jews is by turning Xtians onto Judaism in belief that Jews will following the Xtians. Crazy!


    In 2008 he debated with Messianic Jewish leader Michael L. Brown on whether belief in Jesus is compatible with Judaism.[14] Boteach said his objective was to return to the fold Jews who had converted to Christianity, but the debate raised the ire of many British Jewish leaders. Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet, a leading British orthodox rabbi, said Boteach’s attempts to reach out to Messianic Jews were “self-delusional. Indeed, I question whether Rabbi Boteach has brought even one Jew involved in Christianity back to their roots through his debates, and suggest that it is little more than image and soundbite. I would urge the community to avoid any such debates.”

    Boteach is known for his flamboyance and self-promotion. In a comment he later described as only having been sarcastic[16], he was reported as saying “God gave 10 commandments at Sinai, and the 11th commandment, which they expunged but which has come down orally, is ‘Thou shalt do anything for publicity and recognition’.”

    Where are the Schochet’s the true experts on this?

  • 77. To #38 (and everyone else) wrote:

    In all candor, I started skimming after about #45, but from what I can see, #38 is by far the most appropriate and mentchlich response to this that I’ve read.

    We’re not ravs – let them set the ‘din’ on this book. In the mean time, we’re OBLIGATED to dan l’chaf zechus, even if we would never outwardly admit that we are trying to ‘think the best’ about this man and this disturbing book… there is so much about it to speak out against and find inappropriate, without trying to decide someone else’s spiritual fate at the same time.

    And while we’re at it, we should try to guard our own spiritual wellbeing by speaking with as much respect as we can muster, about whatever or whoever the topic is. At least that’s what I see as the only way to successfully debunk a book like this – anything less will come across as ‘uneducated’ and ‘unrefined’ and could CV“S cause his misguided readers to feel that much more drawn to the book (a.k.a. ”those Jews that are saying not to read this book should are acting like angry fools, so they must be wrong. I should see what this is really about…“) – as I said, CV”S. Let’s demonstrate that we don’t need to draw any moral lessons from this kind of shus, because we’ve already been taught BY OUR REBBE how to behave.

    Moshiach now!

  • 78. DO NOT STOP THE HANGING! wrote:

    Friends – it is imperative that incessant criticism is kept up against Shmuley on this one. He is writing responses which means he is hurt by the attacks. Only the truth hurts. Do not stop now. Let him know he is no longer welcome. Let Lubavitch tell the world he is not one of them. If his kids will suffer shidduchim crises as a result – one of his only main concerns – then let him repent. But DO NOT STOP! Not now! He needs to be brought down on this one, not survive it!


    Gleaned from different articles and with quotes of his own:

    “To understand why Shmuley Boteach is one of the world’s most prominent rabbis, you do not have to pore over learned Talmudic disputations (he isn’t known for his erudition) or attend a Sabbath service (he hasn’t led a congregation of his own for several years). You simply have to scan the dedication to one of his latest books, Dating Secrets of the Ten Commandments. ”To Michael,“ it reads, ”who taught me of humility.“

    ”…“Dr. Ruth with a yarmulke,” he approaches self-promotion with religious fervor. As he told one reporter, his own Eleventh Commandment is “Thou shalt do anything for publicity and recognition.”

    “As Shmuley’s stature on campus grew, his relations with the Lubavitch leadership began to fray… Shmuley was spending too much time courting gentiles, thereby diluting outreach efforts and possibly even encouraging intermarriage. Shmuley replied with what would become his signature defense: that broadening the visibility of Judaism to the general public would inevitably, if circuitously, attract Jews.”

    “Fundamentally, Judaism is not about a set of attitudes toward life but about adherence to a certain body of laws, rituals, and customs, and Shmuley seems uncomfortable actually prescribing them. When he encounters a ruling that seems to contravene his counsel he dismisses it as simply ”an individual commentator’s personal taste and advice.“

    ”Shmuley says he wants to turn Judaism into “the next Buddhism,” “mainstreaming” the religion in order to strengthen it.“

    ”Shmuley claims that all the attention bestowed upon him is really attention bestowed upon Judaism. But his ambition is clearly outpacing his spiritual mission; attracting secular Jews to the faith is only an ancillary preoccupation.”

  • 80. Thank you Rabbi Wolf wrote:

    Here is a true Chossid who has no personal gain by standing up for principals,saying whats right and we all owe him an incredible Yasher Koach.He has his own mossad to run his own bills to pay and he is concerned about halacha and our Rebbes kovod.

    The world of Lubavitch owe him a tremendous Yasher Koach,someone like that you want to teach your kinderlach in an age of tremendous darkness!!!!!!!

  • 81. Shloimeh wrote:

    Dear #6 (so called Shliach)
    Could you please publish your full name so that I know to stay away from the shluchim like you?

  • 82. Shloimeh wrote:

    To #22:
    You having a problem with what Boteach said that he embraces himself to be Moschiach? And you writing it on Chabad website some of whose members are KNOWN to practically practice avodah-zorah in the middle of Crown Heights? Go out and see how many yellow flags and pictures of the rebbe with “yechi” signs out there, then call then you can call the kettle “black”…

  • 83. Shlimeh wrote:

    To #61: “Rebbah beacme Moshiach after stroke”
    Don’t you think this one line is a bigger BS then Boteach can ever write?
    Yechi for whom? lol lol lol

  • 84. M Fendel wrote:

    Good point. What does Rabbi Schochat or Rabbi Friedman say about this book?

    Or any other of our bright Rabbis in Chabad say?

  • 85. mendy H. wrote:


    Well spoken for a mushroom.

    But how dear you end end your rant without YECHI??

    Shame on you.

  • 86. The Passover Plot wrote:

    The Passover Plot – Hugh J. Schonfield

    Hugh J. Schonfield
    Forty years ago, while living in the city of Linköping, I came across an unusual book. It was written by the distinguished biblical scholar Hugh Schonfield but it read like a thriller. The central premise of “The Passover Plot” was that Jesus had meticulously planned and engineered his own death and resurrection. The author, himself a Jewish theologian, pointed out that Jesus was thoroughly familiar with the Hebrew Bible. Schonfield believed that his ambition was to strengthen faith and observance of religious teachings by offering himself as the Messiah.

    I have not re-read the book since my first reading in the 1960s, so I have some difficulty recalling the details of Schonfield’s scenario, but I think that he agreed with the traditional view that Jesus did not seek secular power, nor was he out to overthrow the Romans: “My kingdom is not of this world.” On the other hand, Schonfield did not think that Jesus saw himself as the founder of a new religion; all Jesus wanted to do was to bring the Jewish people back to a more faithful observance of their traditional religion. In his opinion, a lot of what we associate with the Christian faith was actually developed by Paul and the other early church fathers.

    However, the discussion of Jesus’ faith and objectives was not what made the book controversial. The part that created an uproar was Schonfield’s claim that Jesus painstakingly built his own legend without actually performing any miracles. In particular, the greatest miracle of all: resurrection after death, had been carefully staged.

    According to Schonfield, the central mystery of Jesus’ death and resurrection was carefully planned to fulfill biblical prophecies. His crucifixion was targeted for the day before the Jewish Passover in the knowledge that the bodies would be taken down before the sabbath. A drug administered to Jesus, perhaps in the sponge mentioned in John 19:29, slowed his heartbeat and put him in a state of suspended animation. Friends and disciples had arranged to recover his body and start reanimation efforts as soon as possible. – The plan failed when a Roman soldier ran a spear into his side (John 19:34). The aftermath had to be improvised.

    Of course, much of this requires some mental gymnastics, but just as in reading science fiction, it sometimes pays to “suspend disbelief”.

    What I find particularly interesting is the discussion that has ensued about whether Jesus was just an impostor and a cheat (assuming that Schonfield’s scenario has some validity). To me, this does not follow at all. It seems perfectly plausible, that someone who has genuinely come to believe that he is “The Chosen One”, would also feel a duty to make any divine prophecies with regard to his mission come true. – This brings to mind a parallel in Isaac Asimov’s novel “The End of Eternity”, where time travel has been invented. But someone has to go back from the future to teach the Inventor the basic principles of time travel – otherwise time travel will not be invented! This task is assigned to a young scientist, who is carefully briefed about exactly what needs to be taught to enable the Inventor to make the first crucial experiments. The scientist is catapulted back in time and makes contact, but fails to educate the Inventor despite his best efforts. Then the Inventor falls off a cliff and dies! In desperation, the scientist assumes the identity of the Inventor and carries on the experiments on his own. Then it hits him: He is not just a substitute – he is the Inventor! – In a similar way, there is not necessarily a contradiction between “I am the Messiah!” and “I will do whatever it takes to make the prophecies about the Messiah come true!”

    There is a further twist to the plot. Just recently a “gospel according to Judas Iscariot”, the man who is said to have betrayed Jesus, has been published and attracted a lot of attention both among scholars and the general public. It seems that the manuscript may well be authentic. It claims that Judas acted page

    Last edited or checked June 20, 2006.

  • 88. boteachs books bin ladens compound wrote:

    can we put boteachs books in the bin laden compound

    and why does the fellig shliach bring boteach to speak there

    is he getting a cut from the book
    krinsky , kotlarsky and shemtov must stand togethere and not let boteach speak at any chabad location

    that would go a long way to showing the world what lubavitch thinks about boteach

  • 89. My two cents wrote:

    All the people claiming that the book will engender greater relations and diminish anti Semitism are delusional. To the contrary, this will broaden the existing anti Semitism.

    Several years ago, Samuel Heilman and Menachem Friedman wrote a book greatly akin to Boteach’s book (L’havdil elef havdolos, in the sense of rewriting the history of a religious figure and the legacy left to the flock). The point that Heilman/Friedman sought to make was that though the Rebbe was far from a Moshe Rabeinu and not perfect (r”l), he still had great leadership skills and did klal yisroel a great service by providing leadership despite his imperfections. We Chassidim were justifiably enraged by this disgusting book that they were distorting our Rebbe and rewriting the Rebbe’s legacy.

    Likewise, Boteach is writing a book telling the Christians, though your son of **d is not truly so as you believe him to be, etc. etc. he was still a very fine and great man and worthy to emulate, and thus rewrites yoshkes legacy as it pertains to the christians. Will an atheist think Boteach was unfair to yoshkeh? No. Will a Devout sincere Christian think Boteach was unfair to yoshke? You bet your boots! Thus the Christians will respond to Boteach’s new book with the same disdain that we l’havdil responded when Heilman/Friedman penned their diatribe, and thus indeed, this book will most certainly expand anti Semitism.

    Will this book perhaps be good for the Jews for J crowd to try to win them back? Absolutely not!! It’s known that marijuana is the worst drug because it’s a gateway drug and people fool themselves to say it’s benign. Likewise, at least Jews for J know that they are practicing Christianity and not Judaism (if they don’t realize it on day one, they come to realize that really fast!), but if the lines become blurred, we can lose these people forever.

    So Boteach is doing damage with his book to the Christian community, the Jewish community, and the [neshomos of the] J for J community. So what benefit is this book? It benefits shmuel Boteach insatiable appetite for fame and his bank account balance.

  • 90. Nachman Sanowicz wrote:

    In Rambam Hilchos avodas Cochovim Perek 10 Haloco 2
    “They opprees Jews and turn the nation away from Hashem like Yashua Hanotzri(J is not Kosher) and his students (I hope Shmuli is not one of his students) Tzodok Beisus and their students Shem Reshoim Yirkov”
    In hilchos Melochim Perek 11 Halocho 6
    “Also Yashua (J) Hanotzri wh thought to be Moshiach and was killed by Bais Din and this was prophesized by Donial ”
    Boteach best thing is you make a public announcement You made a huge mistake. Make for you self a Rav to guide you.

  • 91. Sarah Pazner wrote:

    I am so sad and so disappointed to read so many hateful and ignorant comments.

    Like another poster, I too was required to study the Xtian Bible at one point — and was shocked to discover how VERY Jewish J was…HE didn’t create the Nozrim — his followers like Saul of Tarsus changed the rules, tossed out halachah to attract Gentile converts, blended those pagan myths into Xtianity.

    But J never did any of this. His assimilated post-execution followers tossed out the Galilean leadership and replaced them with Hellenists, which changed it from a group of Jews waiting for Moshiach to a whole new religion.

    Until you have READ R. Boteach’s book AND learned some history, you should not be so awful and so judgmental. His book does not promote Xtianity — it deconstructs it to show the Judaism at its roots!

  • 92. ruv wrote:

    Rabbi Krinsky has asked already forgiveness from the Merkaz Board in writting for going to SB party about 6 months ago in NJ.

    You will never see them together again…

    Shmuli you were almost back in chabad now your out for life…

    money is not verything


    Either read the book and cite an opinion NICELY
    or just don’t.
    and yes I am Lubavitch but I read Sefer Shmiras Halashon
    no matter what stories you hear bout the Chofetz Chaim and Lubavitch just read his Divrei Kodesh and u will understand.

  • 95. A איד wrote:

    ליצנותא דע“ז מותר
    a gentile said to a jew
    ”dirty jew“
    the jew replied:
    ”there was only one dirty jew

  • 96. Common Sense people, please wrote:

    This is exactly what the Christians do with the Tanakh: they take excerpts from the texts, misinterpret them, and use them as propaganda to promote their point. Either read the book, and give it some thought, or don’t. And if you don’t, you don’t have to have an opinion on it. And you definitely don’t have to broadcast your opinion that you don’t have to have anyway.

  • 97. The evidence is damning wrote:

    To 92 (ruv):

    I was unaware of that and am very pleased to hear that he took action to distance himself from Boteach.

    Once again I apologize to Rabbi Krinsky Shlit”a as my above comment (#6) was written in a very hotheaded moment and I realized thereafter it’s inappropriateness. I took out my disgust on Boteach and directed some of it on Rabbi Krinsky for having associated himself with Boteach, and came to realize that my guilty by association attitude was wrong.

    And for the one who posted merkos’s number, I guess I don’t have the intense charachter that you posses to call in person to apologize, so I hope and pray that two apologies on the same forum (this comment thread of CHI) where I initially maligned his name will be accepted by him.

    Besurot tovot.

  • 98. treif pot wrote:

    We may not be aware of the exact nature of J, but we are only too knowledgeable of the terrible effects of this religion and its followers throughout history and even today.

    For us, it is sufficient that we know that this is a religion steeped in hatred and murder and that no mere book can erase the tragedy that has befallen our people because of their fanatic, paganistic belief.

    Even today, hundreds of millions are spent with the sole purpose of shmading a Yid. Or for promoting anti-Semitism, attacks on Milah and Schechitah and disinvestment in Jewish and Israeli companies (despite some xtians being supportive of Israel)

    There are many Rabbi’s (as well as xtians that) that are well versed and critical of the source and veracity of J’s life and teaching, but this is not the forum to discuss those views.

    However, seforim have been written on this subject from Rishonim to modern authors. Some deal just with the missionary aspect of J’s followers and how to protect ourselves from their tactics. But some early seforim state at the very onset that J was corrupt and fully cognizant of his rebellion against G-d. Indeed some of the acts that he purportedly did were decidedly un-Jewish!

    It is questionable if there is any value at all in promoting anything positive about this person.

    Not only does it risk the ire of xtians but it could also lead to the shmading of a Yid. It is dubious if a JforJ would renounce his belief based on any book but it is quite possible that a Jew who’s Jewish identity is shaky could be led astray.

    And if even one Jew shmads because of it, SB will have destroyed a “world”

    The Rebbe shocked the world when he said that J (and Miriam bas bilga) had suffered and that xtianity today is much weaker that it previously was. But this is our Rebbe speaking from Kedusha, not someone whose motives are questionable

    A rabbi should know that even kosher food in a treif pot is UNKOSHER

    HaShem yerachaim al Amo.

  • 99. Forget the insults wrote:

    Mr Boro Park meet dee lnageh peyos and lerent meet R’ Yoyel (although based on you words I’m wondering which Yoel.

    Actually you’re quite ignorant and it shows through in your whole comment. It is precisely because SB is trying to remove the “getchkeh” aspect of yeshu that one must be on guard and wary. That’s what all J for J’s and messianic cults are willing to endure to “chap areyn nuck a yid”. It’s fools like you they’re preying on (oh I forgot you live in Boro Park so as Rush Limbaugh likes to say, “for those in Boro Park it means trapping and catching not davening”). First they’ll start with SB’s book and show Jews aaahh… you see even SB sanitized and kashered him. Now let’s get a little deeper and have a little longer talk etc. and it’s all downhill from there for the unlearned and naive Jew such as yourself.

    I’m not here to question SB’s scholarship (although it’s suspect and quite frankly plagiarized, since this theory about ysehu has been around for a very long time and has been discussed by others and is nothing new, but no matter what is still unproven). I’m here and everybody else should as well for the fear factor and the security or seyag we must put around this very dangerous train of thought and the fact that it is coming from someone who calls himself a frum rabbi (that too is suspect if halacha determines frumkeit especially befarhesya) and worse a Lubavitcher. I say lo meihem v’lo m’hamoinam!!!

  • 100. Yonah wrote:

    Funny, this book sounds exactly like a booklet released by Jews for Judaism a couple of years ago. I guess Jews for Judaism is not kosher any more either?

  • 102. Go-ds right hand man wrote:

    How many rabbis does it take to light a menorah ? One yet everyone claims to have given the rabbi two cents ! Wake up yidden ! Rabbi is a title/word for the representative of the rav/majority ! The world doesn’t need another book and it doesn’t need another rabbi as the market is flooded with both ! Modeh all haemes ! Currency will decide as silver answers everything wrote king Solomon !

  • 103. dl wrote:

    Yasher koach, Rabbi Wolf. Bamokom she’ain ish, hishtadel l’hiyois ish. Du bist a Chossid fun Rebbin!

  • 104. Comment 1. wrote:

    If you’re a missionary – sounds like it.

    If you think you’re frum – it’s against Shuchon Oruch, to the books YOU suggest, IF this book is in the same category, Rabbi Wolf is 100% correct.

    If you’re a baal teshuva – you have some time still, a baal teshuva means he leaves go of his old ways, not delve into them more.

  • 105. How open minded may a Jew be? wrote:

    Remember, the frankisten and followers of shabtzi tzvi ym“sh remained loyal and were afraid to back down.

    Shmuli hasn’t recommended attended church, so it will be much harder to admit that their new multi talented mashpia did anything wrong by using name of A”Z for his book.

    IF you choose to follow halacha, you may not mention his name, or read books of other religions, those real rabbonim who did read and debate, only did so because they were forced to, not for PR.

    Debate are won by talent of presented – which Shmuli definitely has – more than by truth.

    Shmuli is definitely multi talented, but halocho says we cannot do whatever we want.

  • 106. read read wrote:

    well s.boteach just went further and wrote a defaming article. in the most liberal blog called the huffington post attacking chabad comparing them to the guys spiiting on a little girl in beit shemesh .this boteach has no shame .

  • 107. Try guessing! wrote:

    Those that say that SB is not an Apikoros are right – he is more like a Min (Adukin Leavodah Zorah)

  • 108. mm wrote:

    rabbi wolf is right but this macha’a needs to come from a beis din or a senior rov – with all due respect “who is rabbi wolf”? that’s the problem also his lack of grammar etc.

  • 110. waiting .. wrote:

    hope that rabbi Emanuel Shochat can set say something to set s.b strait and get rid of this apikursus s b made a big mistake seems he really would go so far for money and fame

  • 111. Yaakov Shallman wrote:

    By chance I listened to a debate last night between Dr. Rabbi Immanuel Schochet and Dr. Michael Brown (a jew for j).
    It was interesting. Brown was articulate and smart but his arguments were lame.
    Here was my take away – Schochet had one objective – send a strong message that ppl that believe in J should not try to impose or promote their beliefs onto JEWS and Jews should strive to be better Jews by studying their Jewish heritage and torah.
    I have not read Shmuly’s book yet so my comments are likely premature but here goes…
    I think Shmuly’s book begs the question – what is his main objective with this book – to get Jews to be better Jews or to get Christians to be better Christians? If it’s to help Jews – does he need to focus on J to help teach this – start with the entire torah. If its to help Christians be better Christians I think he risks aligning himself with Jews for J by legitimizing J as a good Jew and potentially enabling vulnerable Jews to embracing Jews for j guilt free. Either way I think Shmuly fails to fulfill his responsibility as a rabbi which should be first and foremost to help Jews be better Jews by guiding them in learning torah.

  • 112. awacs wrote:

    98. “The Rebbe shocked the world when he said that J (and Miriam bas bilga) had suffered and that xtianity today is much weaker that it previously was.”

    Source for this quote?

  • 114. SB just spoke today at katz chabad house wrote:

    how does zev katz invite him to speak today at a chabad house

  • 115. Go learn from Rashis father!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote:

    Rashi’s father was prepared to give everything up,so as not to benefit from j’s religion.Rabbi Wolf stood up for Yiddishkeit,did Sb profit from J’s religion????????????

  • 116. S. Cohen wrote:

    B”H there is one person who understands where this can lead and stands up against it!
    But where is everyone else?!

  • 117. Moshe wrote:

    For all those defending Shmuli Boteach, I just hope that you are not Lubavitchers. With people thinking like Boteach Chabad neigborhoods are no longer safe spiritually for our children.

    Yasher Koach Rabbi Wolf.

    In fact, we should emulate the Rebbe’s reaction when he received a book from a missionary: he threw it into the garbage bag. That’s what we should do. If we consider the Rebbe as our role model, we should throw all Boteach’s book into garbage. For those who never saw the video, just watch it here:

  • 118. Meshulam wrote:

    Rabbi Wolf,

    Thank you for your comments. It is important for community leaders to speak out against this kind of nonsense. Thank you for taking that yoke upon yourself!

  • 119. M Silberberg wrote:

    The fact is that millions of Jews throughout history were killed and tortured in the name of J.In the terminoligy of Chazal “Migalgilin Chov al Yeday Chayov”Nothing more should or need be said!

  • 121. Nachman Sanowicz wrote:

    To 98
    You quote in the name of the Rebbe
    “The Rebbe shocked the world when he said that J suffered and that xtianity today is much weaker that it previously was.”

    Source for this quote?
    Don’t play with fire !!!
    If you have a source quote it if you imagined it please retract and say I imagined it.


    At first I thought you were an ultra-extremeist. Then I thought maybe just a clownish parody. Now I’m pretty sure its a medication issue.

    It’s really sad that YOU are trying to take ownership of a historcal figure like its the pink slip for a reallly nice car.
    He was here, he said and did some stuff, people wrote about him. Anything beyond that is pure faith. Believe, don’t believe, be unsure.

    Differing opinions of him are good for comparison, discussion and civil argument. Unfortunately, there are those that would use them for anything from hurt feelings to war. And then there is you who uses him for your own earnings and income.

    I don’t have problems with people that speak with G-d. My problem is with people like you that “presume to speak for G-d.

    You are a sniper. You hide in the weeds and pop up to attack. You don’t make any reasoned arguments or factual refutations, just assertions.

    Argumentum ad hominem is sophistry, plain and simple. And, you aren’t even good at it. Clearly you do this for self-promotion. You really aren’t speaking for anyone but yourself. That’s just rude.

    Shmuley, if I ever see you I will throw rocks at your car, spit on you and chuck dirty diapers at your house.

    Or, I will just leave you to your silly self serving ideas.
    Depends on how long my beard has grown over night.

  • 123. sichos kodesh acharon shel pesach 5725 wrote:

    look up what the Rebbe says about this parshe on sichos kodesh from acharon shel pesach 5725. it is very clear what the Rebbe thinks about it.
    i’m sure the Rebbe spoke other times as well.

  • 124. Quote of the Day wrote:

    “Don’t be so open-minded that your brains fall out.” (as heard from Mrs. Lerner, but on a different subject). Seems fitting…

  • 125. Reality Check 2 wrote:

    Shmuley’s two pronged response to every condemnation is the threat of a law suit and the invite to a debate. In the past he’s lost both. Shame Rabbi Wolf didn’t debate him (or get someone who can to take his stead) and shame COL didn’t go for the law suit.

    I disagree however that the exchange should stop. He will now take the silent opportunity to further promote his agenda and at the same time bash Chabad. He has to be crushed to a pulp, as he deserves. Not personal – nevr personal! But this issue has to be beaten down relentlessly.

    Kol mi sheyesh biyodoi limchois v’ainoi moiche…

    Also, if you show rachmonus at a time when you should be showing strictness…

  • 126. Bob the Former Missionary wrote:

    The Jewishness of Jesus is high ground in the battle for the souls of disconnected Jews. The Messianics understand this and use it to their advantage. Shmuley Boteach has been involved in the battle and sees the importance of taking this hill.

  • 128. Lee wrote:

    SB is an egomaniac and is falling into a dangerous trap. I seriously pray for his lost neshama.

  • 129. s.c wrote:

    Please stop this bashing. i have heard that Jews must stand up for each other. So much hate being poured out here. Enough! Jews must be the light to this world. Please please no Lashon Hara, it brings more distress ito the world.
    Leave it all in Hashems’ Hands. He alone knows the thoughts and minds of each human. One should not be so self righteous.

    Please love each other, do not be enemies to one another, there are enough outsiders who hate you. Please just pray for Moshiach to come.
    i am noahide.

  • 130. 98 you are wrong wrote:

    The Rebbe Spoke about Miriam Bas Bilga not about J! chas Veshalom!

  • 131. Kalman wrote:

    I would love to hear Rabbi Immanuel Shochet on this subject. If anyone has influence Please persuade him to speak out. I think he is more knowledgeable on this subject!!!

  • 132. Tatteh, genug! wrote:

    He writes in the Huffington Post that it’s a rachmonus on his kids who learn in CH and therefore he answered his naysayers. If he cared a hoot about his kids he would make a recall of this book (and the other rubbish) and make a bonfire, do teshuva come out to the press with a huge oshmanu bogadnu, and start acting like the chossid he once claimed to be. It’s a big job, but has been done before. yehs eineh es eilomei b’sho’a achas.

  • 133. 7 for 70 wrote:

    Dear Noachide: The Torah demands that we speak up in cases like this. It is the duty of every Jew to (respectfully) publicly object to an outrage like this, especially in today’s internet age where this has gottne (thanks to Shmully and his love of publicity) international attention and the entire world is speaking about this.
    Thank you Rabbi Wolf for stepping into the void and doing the mecho’o in our collective name.

  • 134. Have You Seen the Cover? wrote:

    I defy anyone to Google Image the name of his book, see what that cover looks like, and try to defend him or the book, or say that it need be read first. You’d never allow that image in your home! Anyone who says “read the book before commenting” has not seen the cover. The hole in the hand comes from J being nailed to the piece of wood. That person is who they pray to in church and call him god, yes they call him god, and they call him son of god. And next to that picture, it says kosher (no word on the mashgiach’s name)!!!! And just to be sure, on top of it is says kosher nivul peh! I’m not making this up!

  • 135. About what is IN his book wrote:

    Well said, 133. In addition, I think it beneficial to transcribe here part of what the Rebbe writes in אג“ק ח”ב דף ר“א . This provides all-around clarification why Yidden rejected יש”ו in spite of anything that SB or others can write about J and the closeness of his messages to Yiddishkeit. For those who don’t understand the original Hebrew, the upshot is, that the original Christians were Jews, who for the most part, kept Torah and Mitzvos. But the sages of the time saw the idolatry (which is not specified, but not relevant either – my comment) interwoven in their behavior as something that needed to be extricated from within the Jewish people.
    . . . הנוצרים הראשונים . . . והנה כת זו בעת ההיא לא חפצו להבדיל מעם ישראל ואדרבה דברו בשבחו (ועד שבא שאול מתרשיש הרי גם לא רצו לדבר עם הנכרים) חשבו עצמם מבני ישראל בכל הענינים נהגו במנהגיהם לרבות למוד התורה וקיום המצות ברובם המכריע והיו מבזים את אמונת הפסילים היינו הדת השלטת אשר בעת ההיא, וכידוע, וראה בשבת בסיום הסוגיא שם: אנא לא למיפחת מן אורייתא דמשה אתיתי כו’, אלא שהי’ בהם ענין של ע“ז (וצ”ע איזה) והיו מלעיגים על אחדות מדרז”ל . . . זאת אומרת אשר לא היו משומדים, כמו שמפרשים *עתה* מלה זו, אלא ישראלים חפשים, עוברי עבירה, מינים.
    It is noteworthy that at that time, the sages did something else to extricate the early Jewish Christians from among Yidden, they composed the beracha ולמלשינים, which at the time was known (and still is) as ברכת המינים, the minim being those early Christians. Thus any chazzan, as they functioned in those days and as described in משניות מסכת ברכות, who would not want to say this ברכה was immediately identified as one of those Christians and was ousted from the Jewish community. What emerges as clear as day is, the similarities between early Christianity and Yiddishkeit were the very problem. The very claim SB makes inside his book (as he also wrote in his rebuttal) amplify the problem that the חכמים found it necessary to eradicate. So, here comes SB and questions our 2,000 years of conscientious rejection of this man!

  • 136. AA wrote:

    #126: I think you may be mistaken in what you remember. The Rebbe’s original talk about Miriam bas Bilgah (the video you linked to earlier) was on 6 Tishrei 5735. On Simchas Torah that year (i.e., not the following Shabbos, but a couple of weeks later) the Rebbe spoke again about her, and about being “melamed zechus” on every Jew, and told over the story of a person in the times of the Alter Rebbe who was possessed by the neshamah of the person who killed the navi Zechariah, and how that spirit told the Alter Rebbe that he had meant well by doing so. The printed version of the sicha…) says that “the spirit left ‘oso ish’ (that person)” – so maybe that’s what you’re remembering. But that obviously means “that person who was suffering from the dybbuk,” not “oso ha’ish” as in J.

  • 137. sc wrote:

    To 7 for 70,
    If this was for me – ‘s.c.’ then this i say:

    Correct with love, ‘rage’ will not do anything to help. i am turning to Jews to learn.. i hear lectures from different Rabbis.
    One thing all of them seem to agree is on, that we are living in hard days, the time for Mashiach to come is here. He would have come long ago, if the world had turned their hearts and minds to Gd.
    i also understand from what i have heard Rabbis say, that its because Jews are not doing what Hashem wants, that the world is as is.
    Please do not get me wrong. i hear these lectures and many times wish i could ask a question, but its not possible as i hear on the internet.
    So if you The Chosen of Hashem were to do what He asks, like come together- do not point fingers, let Hashem be the judge of all.
    This Rabbi, who wrote this book, how can you know what is in his mind and heart? If you think you are perfect in all the ways that Hashems demands from you, and if you have never had a bad or evil thought, and have had compssion and love for all the Jews, then i guess, you are right and have the right to judge whom ever.
    My heart feels sad and believe me, i weep for all the hate that pours out here.
    i ask Hashem, and i tell Him, i am a nobody, but you created me, but why cannot you help your people and change their hearts just a wee bit. Open up their inner eyes. If i am being a bad goyim, then i tell Him – punish me, sometimes with how my personal life is going, i feel He is punishing me.

    But i cannot help but love His Chosen. i love you all, please please love one another. This is the chance we all have while the world is still being allowed by Hashem to exist.
    Just love, and then also i heard that all Gds Chosen have to start with themselves and change just a small thing in themselves.

    All who read this, I mean you Chosen, and not any Goyim like me,
    forgive me for putting in my thoughts, i do not mean to hurt any of you. Forgive me if anyone thinks i had the Chutzpa, to dare say something.
    i , in my small way i am trying to make changes in my life as goyim, and may Hashem help me. For i do need Him too.

  • 138. sc wrote:

    Dear Chosen People,
    I read this on ‘Shirat Devorah“ site. I feel this is so timely.

    Friday, January 13, 2012
    Unity is Strength

    ”Behold! the people, the Children of Israel, are more numerous and stronger than we“ [Shemos 1:9]

    The verse teaches us, said R’Yisrael of Rizhin, that when the Jews act as one people, free of discord and strife, then the nations of the world see them as ”more numerous and stronger” than themselves and realize that they cannot dominate the Jews.

    This can be compared to a father who invited all his children to his home.

    When they arrived, they gathered around him.
    The father held several thin twigs in his hand. He gave one to each of his children and then asked them to break them.
    His children snapped the dry twigs with ease.
    The father then passed around a bundle of several twigs. ”Now“ said the father ”please try breaking this bundle.“ Each one tried to break the bundle but none succeeded.
    ”You see“ said the father ”as long as you remain united in the same way that these branches are united, nobody will ever be able to harm you! But if you act divisively and there is disharmony among you, then be aware that a lone individual is as feeble and easily broken as a thin twig.”

    Source: Rabbi Yisrael Bronstein
    2 comments Labels: Judaism Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook.

    And that sums it all.

    Shabbat Shalom.


  • 139. Miriam Woelke wrote:


    Is Shmuel Boteach really embracing J. or rather looking for Christian donations and them to buy his book ?

  • 140. disapointing.............. wrote:

    Your hatred for one another is so intense, I now understand the meaning of SINAS CHIUM.
    All of you just need a platform and you are ready willing and able to cut down each other.

  • 142. GO RABBI WOLF! !!!!!!!! wrote:

    We dont want anyring to do wth chritanity but , debates supported facts must happen ,and Rabbi Wolf apears t have done that so GO RABBBI WOLF…


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