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Letter: Do a Mitzvah in the Memory of Our Alta Shula

Alta Shula A“H Swerdlov

Yossi and Hindel Swerdlov penned the following open letter to family and friends in honor of the upcoming 2nd Yahrzeit of their beloved daughter Alta Shula A”H:

Dear Family and Friends,

This upcoming Shabbos – Rosh Chodesh Mar Cheshvan, October 29 – is our daughter Shula’s 2nd Yohrtzeit.

There is a beautiful letter from the Rebbe (link below) where the Rebbe points out that insofar as the soul is concerned, she is in the best place. Nevertheless, the soul benefits tremendously from the good deeds done below on behalf of her soul. (Full letter)

This Shabbos, please have a Lichayim and do a Mitzvah in the memory of Alta Shula bas Yosef Yitzchak & Hinda.

May we always only share in Simchas together, and may we soon sing and dance in the streets of Jerusalem with the coming of Moshiach now.

With much love,

Yossi & Hindel Swerdlov & Family



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