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Op-Ed: Why Ban a Fundraiser Auction?

This past Motzaei Shabbos, Keren Simchas Chasson V’kallah held a Melave Malka and Chinese auction. Oholei Torah chose to ban the event for students of the Zal at threat of expulsion. Certainly, no student should ever disregard the orders of the Hanholo, with or without threats of expulsion. Further, when the Hanholo permits a Bochur to attend, it is self understood that he can only attend after Seder HaYeshivah. I am quite surprised at the Hanholo’s decision however, because the evening had a lot to offer.

Firstly, KSCVK should be commended for introducing the first only separate men’s evening for a Chinese auction and the only Chinese auction with male staff, providing the degree of Tznius that Crown Heights deserves and that the Rebbe wants. Rather than the situation of Taaruvos which prevails during “men’s hours” at other events, this event is fully separate. Second, they are to be commended for using a Frum entertainer, who clarified that there were no prohibitions of Kishuf etc. and introduced himself as a Yedid of Chabad. He has also performed in Gan Yisroel Montreal for our children and Bochurim in the past.

Furthermore, they should be commended for preventing under aged drinking and keeping children out of the hall where liquor was served.

The only question that arises, then, is there any reason a Bochur should go to a Chinese auction?

Let’s look at three groups of Bochurim. Some will continue through yeshiva and go on Shlichus, which is the goal of Chabad Yeshivos. One of the greatest necessities a Shliach has and he is least prepared for is raising funds. Bochurim today have already experienced fund raising because they raise money for their Mivtzoim, they raise money for their Chanukah tanks, they raise money for their trips to Russia or wherever they may go for Sedorim and they raise money here and there for other good causes of the Rebbe. They definitely can benefit from seeing a well run, Tzniusdik and enjoyable Tzedokoh function.

Some Bochurim will continue learning through marriage and go into Parnosso. These days, Bochurim have more money and more of an understanding of money than in previous times, particularly in Yeshivos that are drawing a crowd from the entire world and from mixed backgrounds. It seems like a good idea that they get into the Tzedoko habit, and a tasteful, fun and appropriate atmosphere is a good place to start. If they begin supporting Hachnossas Kallah at a young age, they will continue.

Another group will begin working before marriage, often as young as 21 or 22. For this group, involvement in community Tzedoko not only serves to increase Tzedoko funds, it is a tremendous way to keep them in the community. Providing appropriate and enjoyable modest events where they see how they can help their friends, classmates, and community is hatzolas nefoshos for them!

Let’s be realistic. Bochurim today eat in restaurants in and out of our neighborhood, go to concerts in and out of our neighborhood, and have some worldly awareness. Halevai all of the entertainment would be even moderately appropriate and the standards of Kashrus would be up to ours and Tznius would be observed. Many Bochurim attend sports events or watch them on TV. A properly run Tzedoko event for our Moisad is a great place for Bochurim to be.

Threatening expulsion for attending an event casts aspersions on the event and the organization. Devorah works tirelessly and selflessly for this community, Shluchim, and teachers of our Mosdos! KSCVK is our Tzedoko!

It seems unrealistic that the Hanholo hopes to curb all extra curricular activities, creating a 24 hour lockdown. That being the case, Tzniusdik and appropriate Tzedoko events within the community and under our Kashrus should be the last thing to discourage, not the first. (Superbowl Sunday is coming up.)

May Hashem grant that in the merit of the communities support for Hachnossas Kallah and the wonderful work of KSCVK we will be lead by the Rebbe to speedily hear the kol sasson v’kol simcha, kol chosson v’kol kallah with the coming of Moshiach!!

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  • 1. Chony wrote:

    I’ve been getting increasingly upset about the kind of news you are reporting on, and now I just saw your OP-ED on the Auction ban.

    To start out, I do not agree with the ban.

    But I am totally against some NAMELESS individual getting a forum on your website to castigate HANHOLO.

    The fact is it is a Lubavitcher Yeshiva and they have the right to set their own rules. They did NOT post that sign on any website. They posted it in their Yeshiva.

    Please STOP the negativity: (Ie: unsubstantiated stories of wife-bashing from a person who lives in a different country!)

    Please STOP publishing OP-EDs anonymously. If a person doesn’t have the guts to put his name behind his words, s/he should not be given a forum.


  • 2. ZE wrote:

    I loved this piece, up until the end where it said “name withheld.” It’s hard to take an opinion seriously when the author is afraid to stand behind it.

    There is a word used to describe this sort of writing, but I can’t seem to remember what it is……..
    …..oh yeah, it’s called “Pashkvill”!

  • 5. interesting wrote:

    Very interesting op-ed. While I dont totally disagree with some of the above, it is interesting that I mentioned to my son who is on shlichus this year about the ban and having been in Oholei Torah last year , told me he knows exactly why they did it. he said last year some bochurim went into the auction drank and partook of the buffet and were acting in a not chassidishe way. The auction is set up “ to hang out” which is perfectly fine for those that enjoy it and what could be better than in our own shchuna with a tzedakah too! But I am not convinced that it is the proper place for bochurim and can understand why the hanhola would be concerned. We want the schools to bring up our children to be chassidish kinder, yet we are not willing to help them along.
    By the way there is a clear letter from the Rebbe to bochurim that were complaining about the hanhola to listen to them no matter what and say tehillim for the hanhola to be able to take care of matters in a justifiable way.Lets stand behind our Rebbe, lets stand behind our hanholas even if it “only teaches our children the proper Derech Eretz”

  • 6. OT alumnus wrote:

    Thank you for all the reasons that you thought of why hanhalo should allow them to go. They are all sensible and you brought up some good points.
    However, you are not the hanholo of OT. Oholei Torah’s hanhalo made the decision to forbid bochurim from partaking in this event and I am sure that they had their own valid reasons why they chose to do so.
    Regardless, everyone should butt out of OT’s business and let them do the fine job they do of shaping the world’s shluchim etc. The Rebbe said that we should let hanhalo make the rules and abide by them. Those who want to argue are doing teribble harm especially parents who tell their children that hanhalo is wrong.

  • 7. Zalmen der Shikker wrote:

    This entire discussion of whether the hanhala is right or wrong is off the mark. They might be right and they might be wrong. Discussing it in public is harmful to the bochurim who are expected to have kabalos ol. This is klipas amalek trying to cool off the enthusiasm toward what is correct.

    Even if the Hanhala’s decision is wrong, no grievous harm was inflicted on the bochurim. But all of the challenges to the Hanhala’s authority will definitly cause grievous harm to the bochurim.

  • 8. Local Resident. wrote:

    First off, this is the most ridicules Ed-Op I have ever read. It’s written by an outsider, or someone who knows not the past. I’ll Explain:

    Number One. The Hanhola HaYeshiva does take responsibility of their students, even out of Seder HaYeshiva, especially on Motzei Shabbos Kodesh, where it’s an opportune time to have a Melava Malkah, or Farbrengen.

    Number 2. As it was held in Oholei Torah, the Bochurim may take advantage of it, and furthermore, last year Bochurim did attend, and did not behave as a Bochor Should (it’s not the place to elaborate), therefore the Hanhola had full right to ban their students from attending the event, although it’s a great Mitzvah. If the sole intention of the Bochurim were to give Tzedoka, they should just do what many did, which is to give the money to their parent, for them to enter into the Auction. BTW: The KSCVK would make even more money that way for their holy cause.

    Number Three: KSVSK saw last year that it went out of hand, and this year curbed all possibilities of it reoccurring, hence the Ed-Op should have been more complementary to the beautiful organization, KSVSK and not to put down our Holy Moised and Hanhola., they are only looking out for the best of our children. We are sure that the Yeshiva’s Hanhola will now judge the KSVSK differently, and not only allowing their students to attend next year’s Auction, but also encourage them.

    A local resident who attended the last two auctions, and saw first hand the differences this year to last year’s Auction. I’m not even a parent of Oholei Tora.

  • 9. Yossi wrote:

    It seems that you fail to understand the goal that the yeshiva is trying to accomplish. Had the event been held at a different venue there would have been no issue. For better or for worse, the vent takes place in the yeshiva building.

    A bochur should not be eating in restaurants on a regular basis and attending concerts. We give a bochur a few precious years to be completely immersed in torah and chasidus, why shoudl we disturb it with these balle batsishe things. If a bochur wants to support KSCVK let him make a donation, but chinese auctions is simply not a lace for a chaisdishe bochur. And if the bochur is not a chasidishe bochur then it’s teh yeshiva’s job to help him. But the bar has to be set high and the hanochos of being completely immersed in chaisidus and darkey hachasidus and being a bochur need to be reinforced.

  • 10. Addiction Control wrote:

    An auction is a game of chance.
    There is no skill involved.
    Games of chance are another name for gambling.
    Gambling is addictive and bad – on every level,
    especially for our youth / bochurim.

  • 11. me myself and i wrote:

    Oholai torah does it again. They don’t give reasons they just threaten. This is the way we educate our bochurim. “Just do” or “don’t do”
    Its not the first or last time this will happan bc change in OT will never happen. They don’t care about noone or anyone else.

  • 12. kudos wrote:

    What an absolutely brilliant Op-ed!!!!!!! Superbly written and given over with aidelkeit and sensitivity; I defy anyone to find fault with any part of what was written here; This ban has caused so much, but so much bitterness and despondency at the lack of understanding on the part of our mechanchim . . so many have been left with a bitter taste in the mouth, both parents and bochurim;
    An article such as this one, is a total breath of fresh air and gives us chizuk that there still are people out there who DO understand the situation with clarity and warmth; The fact that there was NOT one bit of chutzpah or ‘people bashing’ throughout the whole article, made it all the more pleasurable and appreciated and beautiful to read and accept;
    Kudos to the writer,I wish there were more like you to talk up for us and to be able to voice it all so eloquently!!
    May you go michayil lechayil and halevai those concerned sit up and take note;

  • 14. a simple bochur wrote:

    then people wonder…..the way it should be is that hanholo says somthing the bochurim have to listen because of kabolas ol thats it you dont have to go a trash every hanholo just because they didnt tell you the reason for them making a ban which im sure they had a good reason and they dont have to tell you!!!!!!!!!

  • 16. Bochur wrote:

    This is a very nice written article, but i would like to make one point.

    The bottom line of the auther is, that he will agree that idealy bochurim should not be going to such an event, as they should be involved in more toichendike thing. But because of the world we live in and bochurim do these kind of things anyway, whatever group the bochur puts himself in, it was a possitive event.

    Being a bochur myself, i’d like to say the following: Whether bochurim today do things that they shouldn’t is irrelevent. The yeshiva, and Chabad as a whole have certain standards (or should have). Whether bochurim are keeping those standards or not, the hanholo should not lower them. That is the way of the Rebbe as seen throughout all of the years. We don’t change our standards with the times.

    Another point is, that if some bochurim go to flatbush to eat on a restaurant that is one thing.. that is their buisness.. But once you do such a thing in CH, and the whole younger generation of kids is there, you are showing that it is a lichatchila’dik for a bochur to be by such an event.

  • 17. Why I Withhold my Name? wrote:

    Ill tell you why, because I still have children in the school system, and I ask you why ramifications it would have on how the Hanholo treat my children?

    In this community if someone speaks up and voices an opinion (no matter what it may be) there will always be those who would shut us up and beat us down for doing so. Better sweep our problems under the rug rather then dust them out.

    CHI Edit: We verify each author of an op-ed before publishing, even anonymous ones.

  • 19. Chana wrote:

    What a well written piece!! A pleasure to read; Thank you for that!!
    Enjoyed it ALL the way through, and admire you for putting it across so well;
    How true and how real!!! and also . . how sad that we have come to this.

  • 20. chutzpah wrote:

    Chutzpa number 1

    OT steps on ULY and makes auction at the same time as them.

    Chutzpah number 2 they ban bocherim from kscvk auction

    Chutzpah number 3
    We have to send our kids there bc its the only babysitting service that has space.

  • 21. Stop it wrote:

    Honestly this is not to be believed. You would think that attending this fundraiser is the most important and lifechanging event ever for bochurim the way this is being harped on and rediscussed as nauseum. Enough. Hanholo decided and that is what they are put into this position for “to make decisions affecting your child’s chinuch”. If you do not trust them to do what they are supposed to do without giving you an explanation for each and every choice they make then take your kid the hell out of their schools. Stop criticizing and complaining when your kid is still in the school. And yes you are destroying your kid, not them, when you leave your kid in the school and criticize those running it. If you are worried your kid is being harmed by their decisions then you are abusive and irresponsible if you do not take your kid out. You are worried that your kid needs more of a life then their restrictions provide then that is your choice – take your kid out. Quit asking the hanholo to go into details about why each decision is made. Show your child how to have kabolas ol and they in turn will have it to. A child that is taught respect and kabolas ol by example has it when it comes to respecting you, halocha, rabbonim, rules, etc. Such a child can be properly educated and live as a functioning healthy Torah-abiding happy Jew.

  • 22. Avraham Yitzchok wrote:

    “Kol Hayotzei l’milchemes Beis Dovid kosev get krisus l’ishto.” A bochur in Yeshivah is to be completely cut off from outside – besides for Mivtzoim. Sure, in todays day and age it is much more difficult, but this is still the ideal.

    That, coupled with the fact that these types of events have in the past been the cause of unwanted actions etc, it is perfectly understandable that Bochurim should not be at the event.

    The fact that there may or may not be much to be gained from a particular event is of no consequence, and it certainly casts no aspersions on the event, the organization or the wonderful people running it who work tireless to help their fellow Yid.

    Having said that, no matter how just the Hanholo may or may not be, this is most certainly not the forum to take issue with it. The utter disrespect for Hanholos, Rabbonim and community leaders shown publicly, is one of the major issues facing our community.

    Failing to address that will cause far more damage than banning any event. Shame on you for once again using agenda driven politics to drive up stats. While it may increase advertising revenue, it is destroying your very own community.

  • 24. give me a break wrote:

    i agree that it would be nice for the bochurim to be able to have some clean fun on a motzei shabbos especially these days where who knows what the bochurim will be doing after seder, Hanhala wake up and smell the coffee we are living in a different generation, bochurim need warmth and options to do kosher stuff and this could have been a great opportunity for the yeshiva to allow that… but please dont make it to a holy event that they will gain in fundraising or how to give tzedaka or know how to make a nice event when they go on shlichus, all that you learn once you are in the field, a bochurs job now is to learn and go on mevtzoiim in his free time and a little fun will help give a chayos in that.

  • 25. The Three Sons and the Chochom wrote:

    So, there are three groups of Bochurim:
    (1) Those who will end up on shlichus;
    (2) Those who will get a job after marriage;
    (3) Those who get a job before marriage.

    What about the bochur who will go to kollel and become a Rov, Rosh Yeshiva, Godol HaDor?

    I guess we don’t produce such bochurim.

  • 26. JUstMe wrote:

    Great Read and I commend you for posting. To the one way above birching about why you post and all amd yada yada – deal with it. Its the 21st century – learn how to deal witht he issues at hand.

    Personally i disagree with the ban. Ey’e last year there were some issues – then those could be adressed in other ways including a mentor on hand – but not a total ban. That my friends is plain stupid.

  • 27. Elki wrote:

    well-written and relevant. but why, why, why don’t people sign to their name to what they write? It’s hard to agree or not agree with a phantom writer and it takes away his (or her) creditbility.

  • 28. No way a Zal bochur.. wrote:

    Note.. the letter was well written and eloquent.. was definately not written by an OT bochur!!!

  • 29. father of zal boy wrote:

    bochurim have no business at a Chinese auction. It is fun but not the kind of fun that bochurim should go to. Those that remember how the bochurim acted last year, will understand the reason for this. Also I don’t think that KSCVK wanted the bochurim there. They would come, eat everything, drink everything. fool around and ruin the entire evening atmosphere.
    Even if the hanhola would not have not allowed the boys to go, I would not have allowed my son to go.

  • 30. The right look at the whole thing! wrote:

    This article has ABSOLUTELY no place whatsoever!!!Hanhalas hayyeshiva has the right to do whatever they wish especially these days that the boucherim are out there making trouble. they do not have to answer to anyone at all. their job is to make sure that the boucherim learn and daven in a “closed” environment (besides mivtzoim) attending these “wonderful” events might be goo but to stay in yeshiva is even better i dont think that they have much money to add in at the actual auction and even if they wanted to participate in this event they could have sent in without attending.the way a boucher is supposed to be in a yeshiva is like i kid locked up in a candy store! there are plenty of these events! and none of them should have boucherim.however dont get me wrong this is a great thing JUST NOT FOR YESHIVA BOUCHERIM! what would the rebbe say about this! bocherim are not a 1-800-rent-a crowd. they should not be attending theses events.and who in the world are you to have the audacity
    to have complaints on hanhala,and not only that but to publish them.This is the modern day amalek

  • 31. Adults Only wrote:

    I agree that the Chinese Auction is not a place for bochurim, just as I don’t think the regular auction is the place for high school girls. It is an event for adults, who are paying for an evening out as well as the tzedakah, and don’t necessarily want to be surrounded by kids on their evening out.

  • 32. OPEN YOUR EYES wrote:

    It is disturbing and sad that is has gone this far were people need to actually take time to write an article and respond to this issue. Now I don’t blame you (including my self) for doing so. And the reason is because the yeshivas have gone way to far as to say were a Bochur can and cant do. Now obviously you are in yeshiva and must obey there rules and regulations, but to take it to another level is just not acceptable. You have an organization who does so much good in the community and helps out so many people and the last thing they need is for the hanhola to tell bochrim they cant go. Being a bochur myself I always give money to these types or organizations, now im sure if they would have let them go more Bochrim would have donatd money to a worthy cause.
    For many Bochrim it is very easy to get turned off from yeshivah and for that batter religion as well.
    So for all of you who agreed with the hanholas decision, please put your closed minded head in the closet and look at the big picture. And no you dont have to put your name in an artice for it to be heard. It was probably a Bochur who wrote it and is afraid of getting KICKED Out. I’m just sick of hearing that word KICKED OUT OF YESHIVA. Lest work on how we can keep students in school not what can we do to KICK them out. As the Rebbi said LEBEN MIT DE TZAIT. Times are changing and you need to live with that.

  • 33. JGD wrote:


  • 34. same old wrote:

    lesches and his cronies never fail to impress where is rabbi pieckarski when you need him?

  • 35. reallistic wrote:

    were not chinese we dont need these austions lets help our friends constructively

  • 36. chutzpa!!! wrote:

    an outright chutzpa, garbed in self -riteousness. if you have a problem, send this letter to the hanhala and set up a meeting with them-in fact they dont even need to explain to you their reasons. publicizing your criticism of the yeshiva’s decisions is harmful to your kids- and everyone else.

  • 37. baruch hashem wrote:

    OT is totally correct, a bochur has no place by a chinese auction, besides that the bochur needs to be spending his time al pi kedusha, what does an auction need to teach him. a bochur destined to be a shliach- (and goes according to the rebbe) ,the rebbe will give him hatzlocho and parnossah. a bochur going into parnossah after marriage- its a problem he knows about money matters in yeshiva,and if he knows already- he doesnt need to know more. a bochur getting a job before marriage- such a bochur most probably lost the will for fundraising tzedaka (once he lost his will to be in yeshiva), and if he has a will- he most probably knows how to fundraise from other ways (shtusim).
    now on a positive note, KSCVK is wonderful in helping couples, and through all the good stuff people do, the rebbe should be Nisgaleh immediately- with the cry of “Yechi” and “ad mosai”!!!

  • 38. mother in crown heights wrote:

    One item not mentioned is precident. I don’t imagine that I am able to understand the decisions of the hanhala- nor would it be right to try. Devorah made a lovely tznius chassidishe chinese auction- however it is one of the first to allow the kids in. Most of them do not. Maybe the hanhala simply wants to set a precedent that —if bochurim are not allowed in tznius chassidishe chinese auctions than chal v’ komer they should certainly not be at ones that don’t fit that standard.

  • 39. Chana wrote:

    Choni Lesches is a great guy. You obviously have never had the privilege of getting to know him.

  • 40. attention open your eyes and jgd wrote:

    you have other options – get your kids out of OT now. that is a school for my kids, i support hanholo 200 percent no matter what. your kids will be kicked out because you made a bad decision for them-send them to the trade school or a vocational school they do not belong in a serious yeshiva and maybe partly because of your homes where “times are changing” and you want them hanging out at auctions!!! it’s fine that you are honest about what you want for your kids now go find a school that fits with your lifestyle. zal is for grown bochurim it is not a preschool where we have to pretend that we are all the same with the same hashkofo – your hashkofo does not fit the yeshivas. dont confuse your kids and choose better – choose a place that you can support so your kids do not have to get mixed messages. i support your right to choose.i support that your kids should not be kicked out of a yeshiva – they should not be in OT to begin with and then they will not get turned off. i do not support your right to criticize and bash the hanholo of my sons yeshiva. it’s personal. it’s mine.and if everyone that sent their kid felt that way about the yeshiva and about the hanholo and gave them their full support and approval then the yeshiva could do their job properly.
    look around in the world – by litvishe they dont criticize their yeshivas, by others they dont criticize their yeshivas. you feel just a bit too heimishe in OT. it would be good for you and your kid to feel like a bit of an outsider for a while. then maybe you will behave yourself and your kid can at least learn proper respectful behavior.
    shame on you-nisht kein mentch and therefore how can we expect you to parent your child properly.

  • 41. BPYid... wrote: is growing and growing bli ayn hara in chutzpa.
    Asking questions was never ch’v chutzpa, but your chutzpa is that you don’t provide your readers with honesty…the question raised in the article is valid…so nuu? why don’t you go to the hanhala and ask them? This is exactly the kind of reporting that BAD JOURNALISM and BAD NEWS AGENCIES do: Raise the question and leave it in the air, with no answer and not even an effort to interview the mechanchim of OT or present their view.
    I am saddened by your professional irresponsability… This is not the jewish way of doing things, these are the goyisha sneaky ways. Why are you spending so many hours making the news and making the best out of this if not TO MAKE A KIDDUSH HASHEM???
    I advise that you ask yourselves now and then…”Am I doing this to inform people or to raise the lashon hara and sinas chinam? Is there a way I coud make this better?

  • 43. Compromise!!! wrote:

    As usual everyone has a point… and both sides are right
    so we have to make a compromise
    KSCVK should make next year a “Bochurims Event” from 7-8 or when ever it is BEFORE seder and they can pay $10 for all you can eat melaveh malka, and must be out in time of seder, and then anyone caught from then on or after….

    It will make everyone happy….

  • 44. We need a nice modern school in CH wrote:

    We need a nice modern school in CH for those who don’t want their children to grow up like these closed minded fools.

  • 45. not gona say my name wrote:

    its funnny how some people are upset with the anonimous oped but they the commentator wont write name and if they do its probobly made up

    on another note

    imagin what OT would do to kid of writter had they posted their name on the oped

    and to Chony
    why is it that you attack CHI about his posts did you also curse out the website that first posted a story about this

    what do you rather a site like chi that is streight Fwd and says it at it is or a site that hides behind fancy graphics and a image as if they are a family and very popular when indeed it is a site that holds strong sided opinions and is ready to hurt anyone who doesnt give them what they want.

  • 46. ITS SICK!!!!! wrote:


  • 48. Yisroel dovid wrote:

    One thing I don’t understand is why everything has to be with a threat. Fine you don’t want bochurim going to an auction (for whatever reason) but why with the threat of being kicked out.
    Besides for the scare tactica involved doesnt it give the impression that this is the worst aveirah one can do or is it that hanhala really has no influence over the bochurim at all and this is their only option.
    Either way its a sad state of affairs.

  • 49. Maybe wrote:

    The misnagdim always came out with opposition to the chasidim. One phenomenon that chasidim never understood is why they never researched for themselves? Did the author speak to the hanhola? I have the same reservations as the author. If I were to go public I would do research, and think a million times prior to washing the floor with them.

  • 50. Mother of ZAL bochur wrote:

    To father of ZAL bochur: you are absolutely right.

    If I want my son to have derech beretz for the Yeshiva, for authority in general, & to be a Chassidishe MENTSCH, I will support the Hanhala’s decision, even if I think it’s wrong. Which, by the way, I DON’T!

    As for this article, the points are well made & I see the writer’s point, but again, if he doesn’t say anything “wrong”, why is he anonymous? Fear for his kids Then keep quiet.

  • 51. Hashem Ozer wrote:

    OT – Good babysitting – but the worst education. They are scared that the bochurim may have have a good time while actualy learning something useful. This is against their mato.

  • 52. miscellaneous wrote:

    to always careful:phil is upstairs and not coming down hes a mashpia now for many bochurim and does a great job rabbi lesches is a good man too hes just following orders

  • 54. Let-s get it straight... wrote:

    The school provides a service FOR the parents. WE ARE THE CUSTOMERS!!! The school should treat us a valued customers, just like any store that wants to keep our business. It is a chutzpah of a store to mistreat its customers, and a chutzpah of the hanhola to mistreat its customers – we the parents.

  • 55. Concerned Bubbe wrote:

    I think that if the hanholo is really concerned about the bochurim they should ban Merkos Shlichus summer time and Pesach.
    The boys fly out to other countries with no supervision. They sit in their hotel rooms and watch kol dovor ossur. They are offered very treife female entertainment etc. Letting the boys attend the chinese auction would have been Mehadrin min Hamehadrin compared to what they do when they’re on the road.

  • 56. miriam wrote:

    I doubt that the hanhola would forbid these bochurim from accepting $$ from KSCVK for their weddings! It is a disgrace that the yeshiva would censure an organization that directly benefits their alumni in establishing their Jewish homes, the entire foundation of our community. If there is truly something halachicly wrong with the event, then they should neither host it in their building nor permit their bochurim from receiving any assistance.

  • 57. Koby wrote:

    The author of the oped article did so annonymously because.

    He will be ostracized by the hanhola.
    His kids will be penalized by the hanhola as revenge
    His kids will not be sent on Shlichus as an immature response.

    Do you want more?

  • 59. from the desk of devorah benjamin wrote:

    i open up crown heights info this morning and was very upset
    i understood when i found out what hannala had decided at first i was upset because i was told only 2 days before but with in 10 min my mind said hasgach protis Hashem runs the world only He knows how much im suppose to raise.Oheli torah has always been there for kscvk so please stop bashing them they must have a good reason, by bashing anyone it only hurt us more so please stop it
    2ndly i would like to thank crown heights , all the internet orders,mail orders and phone orders for making this years auction the best ever may Hashem bless you all with everything u need.
    PS please dont forget us money that is raised is for the past year debts starting next week we are back to fund-raising

  • 60. rachaim wrote:

    this is crazy the problem is both the parents and the yeshiva thew yeshiva in general because look at what’s happening to the bouchrim these days the drop put rate I don’t know if there are 20 REAL chassidishe bouchrim out of 400 of ot
    its out of hand what goes on in the “system” the guys that go through ot system walk out not knowing english subjects hebrew or yiddish (they only walk out with a little more chutzpa) if this dosent change than I don’t wann know what’s going to happen in 5 years its a disaster waiting to happen
    as for theparents well you should also educate your kids don’t leave It only up to ot to do the job its not a babby sitting job chinuch is a life style also what happens at home affects the kids at school (im not talking about bashing the hanhohlah that’s something else also wrong) just how their brought up
    so stop bashing ot its both sides are wrong the parents and the school “system” (not just ot)

    side note
    the way they deal with this event is pretty funny they deal with it like the american security in the airport like the story wirh someone was caught on the way to the bathroom an hour befor landing with a bmb so they ban EVERYOE from getting up and gng to the bathroom an hour befor landing insteasd of finding the terrorist and preventing the terroit to even get in to the airepor let alone the plane all of a sudden everyone suffers same here they can fix the problem what ever the problem was instead they banned the whole event pretty stupid in my opinion

  • 61. Annoyed wrote:

    Instead of being upset at the author for not publishing his name, you should be upset at the environment created by members of the community that doesn’t allow debate and shuts up opposition. How do we expect to solve our issues if we can’t have an open debate? It’s ok for people to disagree, we have to learn to respect other people’s opinion even if it’s different that ours. We criticize the way people live in the Muslim world, where if you speak up against the authorities, you get your tongue cut off. Is it any better in our own community??!!


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