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Frankfurters Recalled for Highest Level Of Health Risk


ALBANY, N.Y. — Agriprocessors, Inc., issued a voluntary Class I recall on about 2,700 pounds of frankfurters – the highest classification given to consumer recalls, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Tuesday.

The company is recalling two-pound vacuum-packed packages labeled ‘Supreme Kosher Family Pack Classic Frankfurters made with Beef & Chicken,’ and one-pound packages of ‘Supreme Kosher, Classic Frankfurters made with Beef & Chicken.

The products were recalled after an Agriprocessors employee discovered possible underprocessing.

A Class I health hazard is when a reasonable probability exists that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death.

The frankfurters were produced Nov. 15 by the Postville, Iowa-based company and shipped to retail stores in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The recalled products were labeled with the establishment number; ‘EST. 4653A’ inside the USDA mark of inspection, and bear the use-by date March 16, 2007.

FSIS has not received any reports of illness related to the consumption of the products.

NOTICE: This recall applies ONLY to the items mentioned.


  • 1. Frank Furter wrote:

    Thank you for reporting this and thank you to Rubashkin for doing the responsible thing!

  • 4. speaking from experience. wrote:

    It’s common knowledge that frankfurters
    cause serious adverse health consequences all the time. It just takes a while for the consequences to show up.

  • 5. Thanks wrote:

    Thank you for posting this! I just bought some, and will go check the date, etc.

  • 7. resdent wrote:

    does this mean the hotdogs in the stores arnt ok to eat or they’re throwing out bad ones?

  • 8. crown heightser wrote:

    PLease post more info on this if you can.
    My family has eaten this package with these numbers on sunday…

  • 10. we just had that for dinner!!!!!!! wrote:

    is this also the ones under shor habor sold on kingston stores???????????

  • 11. CR wrote:

    “does this apply to “Shor Habor”?”

    From the article:

    <blockquote>The company is recalling two-pound vacuum-packed packages labeled ‘Supreme Kosher Family Pack Classic Frankfurters made with Beef & Chicken,’ and one-pound packages of ‘Supreme Kosher, Classic Frankfurters made with Beef & Chicken.

    NOTICE: This recall applies ONLY to the items mentioned.</blockquote>

    It sounds like the production run in which the “underprocessing” incident was discovered all went to market under the “Supreme” label.

  • 12. Nudnik wrote:

    What does the “recall” mean? You’ll get a refund if you return the packages? To where?

  • 16. crown heightser wrote:

    I bought the bad ones in CH. So please check.
    And in regard to the person thanking Rubashkin, you should be thanking croen heights info because I have not read this story or heard it anywhere else. If not for CHinfo my family would be sick again.

  • 17. Mom wrote:

    Pregnant women should NEVER eat hot dogs, deli, or any processed foods. Actually, no body should, cos they’re made of all the leftover yucky bits. Still, we all do it as they’re quick & easy kid-friendly suppers.

    It’s a good job we read CHinfo…no one else has mentioned it, & I never heard it on the radio. And it sounds very serious.

    And before some genius says it…it would be a bigger Chillul Hashem if someone chass v’sholom died.

  • 18. BrookAve wrote:

    Wheeeewwwwww!! As long as my favorite Kitov Bar-B-Q chips weren’t recalled. Then I’d really be upset.

  • 19. Mendy Raitport from Crown Kosher Meat wrote:

    I would like to assure our customers that this hot dog recall does not affect Shor Habor hot dogs sold under the CHK Hechsher. It only affects the Aaron’s Supreme hot dogs which is not under the CHK, and we do not carry. This was also researched by the Beis Din of Crown Heights and confirmed to be true.

    And regarding the comment from an earlier post by “Crown Kosher”, it was not posted by me or anyone from Crown Kosher. I do not know who posted it. Anybody can put down any name they want. Thank you. Mendy Raitport

  • 20. Itzhak Schier wrote:

    The only place I have ever seen Supreme Kosher franks in CH is at Kol Tuv – it may have been a one shot shipment and I have no idea if the expiration date and lot numbers were the same ones as in this recall. Keep in mind the recall is voluntary and so far BH no illnesses have been reported – while it’s always a good idea to ask your doctor if there is anything to watch out for, chances are that nothing will happen BH to anyone who has eaten the product being recalled.

    And I can vouch for the fact that Mendy Raitport most certainly DID NOT make the comment which he correctly denies making. Mendy knows his right from his left, unlike the chochom who posted “click on our ad on the left”.

    Also, if anyone does have those hot dogs, they can deliver them as a gift to Mr Yisroel Dovid Weiss on 102 Saddle River Road in Monsey for the next kiddush at his “K’hal Adas Ahmadinejihad” shul.

  • 21. to Mendy Raitport wrote:

    FYI The label Supreme isnt considered “Aarons” either just because its not CHK doesnt mean its Aarons Vichooloo

  • 22. NoYechi770InJerusalem wrote:

    Shor HaBor,Supreme,Aaron’s Best all the same stuff just different packages.
    Just like Kedem & Ganeles- Lenger & Shefa & J&J were back in the day.


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