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Now Available – Weekly Spanish Brochure for Mivtzoim!

The weekly pamphlet for Mivtzoim, printed by Jabad of Argentina, headed by Rabbi Tzvi Grunblatt, and edited by Sofer Moshe Dahan, and Mrs. Miriam Kapaluschnik, is now available here in New York, to be distributed to the people on your Mivtzoim route.

No need to explain the importance of such a paper, or go into how much people enjoy reading something in their native language, even if they can also read English or Hebrew. So therefore, after much effort, and working together with Jabad of Argentina, they are being printed in New York, with the local Candle Lighting Times, and are available in the “Mivtzoim Resource Center”/“Mivtzoim Sale”.

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  • 2. Jewish Gaucho wrote:

    thatz so amazing…the shlichus in argentina is reallly on the rise!!!!! thanx for doing a great job!!

  • 3. friend wrote:

    Kudos and Kol Hakovod to the bochur in NY that works on this of his own accord, on his own time – MK
    proud of you, keep up the good work!


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