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Yeshivas Kayitz Russia Ended With Success

B”H after about six and a half weeks the bochurim of Yeshivas Kayitz Russia are back home. During the summer the bochurim visited most of the Mekomos Hakidoshim throughout Russia and Ukraine including Haditch, Niezen, Anepolie, Mezibuz, Barditchuv, and ovcourse Lubavitch. Beginning in Z’itomer Ukraine and ending in Petersburg Russia. Seeing the way the Chassidim lived back than inspired the bochurim greatly.

More pictures in the Extended Article!

All of the above is in addition to the serious sedarim of learning and davening, farbrenging and a warm chasidishe atmosphere. It was all made possible by the devoted director of YK Russia, Mendy Mishulavin and with the help of Peretz Mishulavin. Aspecial thanks to all the staff and to Dannie Fraundlach for such a great job.


  • 1. glad wrote:

    hope you guys had a great time in camp (b’gashmiut/b’ruchniut). wish the camp a great Hatzlacha in all the up coming up years.

  • 2. someone wrote:

    we must all thanx the wonderful headcounsler
    Mordy Dinerman
    way to go mordy
    u did a great job

  • 3. just wondering wrote:

    1.what does that sighn say in the first pic? 2. in witch city is that whell?

  • 4. Dovid wrote:

    That’s Zarichani, a sub-shtetle, in which R’ Whilhelm has his yeshiva. Brings back memories…

  • 5. The Lewises wrote:

    Thanx to everyone who worked so hard to make this so successful…Dov Ber had an AMAZING time!

    Every Bochur should experience YK Russia!

  • 6. mom wrote:

    Thanks for the amazing summer at YK Russia goes to the amazing staff who all worked together so that our boys had such a special summer. The director, head-staff,counsellors and cook your hard work paid off, these boys will never forget this summer. Happy & Healthy year to all.

  • 8. Alumni wrote:

    I went toyeshiva’s Kayitz russia about two years ago!..I had a blast…Nice to see that it’s still up and running…

  • 9. a parent wrote:

    the directers are Yitzy geisinsky and Mendy Mishulovin you can correct it please

  • 10. proud Parents wrote:

    Out of all the summer programs this one does the most for the bochurim in all things learning trips and everything else that is important to the smallest detail I have already sent a child and so did my sister and what the boys have gained cannot be described in words thanx to the wonderfull directors Yitzy Geisinsky and Mendy Mishulovin and teh wonderfull staff that they got may they keep it going from year to year summer to summer a proud set or Parents

  • 11. proud parents wrote:

    my son had an amazing experience. when i asked him if he now appreciates whatever he has. he said, he gained an appreciation from the first day he was there. yet he loved everything that went on there. thanks yitzy and mendy for the wonderful experience.

  • 12. best yeshivas kayitz wrote:

    all Summer programs are expensive at least over here they get thier money’s worth and more


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