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Brand New Mitzvah Tank For London UK

What a surprise it was walking down Golders Green road in North West London on a busy Friday afternoon and seeing parked outside Carmeli bakery, a motor home with a sign “Chabad Lubavitch Mitzvah Tank. Do a mitzvah Today!”. Approaching nearer, there was Harav Levi Paris putting on tefillin with a karkafta.

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Lubavitch of London – pioneers of the idea of a mitzvah mobile – has, as of just a couple of months ago, purchased a brand new motor home to serve as a Mitzvah Tank.

The Mitzvah Tank goes out every Friday and Sunday voluntarily manned by baalei batim and bochurim from Stamford hill, and so far has been very successful. With an average of 20 Tefilin each time it goes out, says the tank organizer R’ Danny Wolffe.

The tank which cost £30,000 is being sponsored by a group of Anash from the Stamford Hill community and replaces the previous one which was bought some 5 years ago, in memory of Chaya Mussya bas R’ Moshe Halevi Levy Sheyichyeh and Malka Brocho bas R’ Yonoson Abrahams Sheyichyeh.

In the last 6 weeks alone the tank has sold 15 pairs of Tefillin, subsidized by R’ E. Potash, – one of the Tankist, Rabbi A Tiefenbrun and the “Tefillin campaign” of London which is headed by Rabbi Aharon Cousin.

Many of our customers are Israelis says one of the tankists, with the number of Israelis increasing in the area, we are told that for the past 2 years now, there is a Shliach who serves the needs of the Israelis of the area.

B”H we are looking to expand for the tank to go out on other days of the week, says Danny Wolff.


  • 3. a brit at the mitzvah tank office in c.h wrote:

    this is amazing i always wanted to do those king of things but i had to come to c.h. were a few of us bochurim started a tank every friday to mannhattan i want to come back now to go on it keep up the good work and i look forward to seeing the chabad house on weels double deker bus


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