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Attempted Mugging At Gunpoint

Wednesday night, At 12:13, a member of Anash on his way home was held up by three Black males with a gun at the intersection of New York Ave and President St. The victim, who was carrying a large amount of cash on him began yelling and cursing at them, which apparently scared them and they began fleeing down President St towards Brooklyn Ave

911 was called and police officers began responding form all different direction, one responding unit spotted the trio fleeing on President between Kingston and Albany, and managed to stop them all. More officers responded to the area and began searching them for the alleged gun they used for the stickup when a Bochur spotted the gun under a parked car. Police arrested the three and brought them down to the precinct along with the victim to file a complaint.

More pictures in the Extended Article!

The officers of the 71st precinct who handled this call should be commended for the professionalism displayed during this incident. The instant response and arrest of these perps was something to behold. If only every incident was treated as such crime in Crown Heights would be driven into the ground. Another solution would be to have those extra patrols by both car and foot in order to deter crime before it occurring rather then having to respond to it after it happens.


  • 1. WOW wrote:

    WOW! B"H! Please keep us posted on the charges, arraignment and conviction (if the grand jury doesn’t let them go)

  • 2. c.h. resident wrote:

    its taken a while but maybe they are getting their act together.

    Good job NYPD keep it up!!!

  • 4. Thank you Cops! wrote:

    Well, Now it’s time for us to commend the police… I voiced Criticism before, and now I would like to thank them for such a terrific job.

    If we want crime to stop we have to show appreciation to the cops when they do get resluts.

    Lets see how many comments will come now…

  • 5. sick of low life shvartzes wrote:

    why are black youth about the streets with firearms???! why can’t they be civilized people and understand that a life is worth more then a penny!?!?!? i am not a racist, i know many, MANY black people who are honest, compassionate, smart, and CIVILIZED…
    a black person commited a crime and the police caught him. the officer who arrested the man was also black. as the black officer was putting the suspect/perp into the police car, the perp says to the (black) cop "C’mon brother, why you gotta do this to yo’ brother?" and the cop looks at him and replies, "i’m not you’re brother, you put shame and embarrasment on blacks".

    i hope this (true) story hits home.

  • 6. Concerned wrote:

    omg! is this just going to keep on happening! Hashem should protect all of us!

  • 7. Was this smart? wrote:

    It should be well noted that the victim took a risk by yelling and cursing. B"H it scared them off, but just the opposite could have happened.

    Sometimes it’s not good to be too brave… it can lead to tragedy.

  • 8. a thought wrote:

    with all these muggings, and police being unpredictable about if and when they will respond… lets open a dougnut shop right here on kingston ave., then we’ll see how fast they run(…or not)

  • 9. Thank you NYPD wrote:

    Hip Hip Hooray for the men in blue. Saving the day, once again.

    Keep it up.

  • 10. Freedom Lover wrote:

    To the last comment: "Sometimes it’s not good to be too brave… it can lead to tragedy" – So what would you do? stand there and let them rob you? kill you? rape your wife? And then call the police and wait for 45 minutes till they arrive? A lot can happen in 45 minutes, you know. When the police comes it’ll be long time over. Yes, police can file a report, start searching, etc. But most likely they will not find anybody, and the only one who suffers will be you. Unless Jews take their defense in their own hands nobody will do it for us. We need to have simple and effective means of self defense, that work right away. Shomrim radio won’t do it.
    Self-defense is the ultimate responsibility of every Jew, which might save a life of his fellow Jew as well. Because if someone wants to attack you and you defend yourself, he’ll think twice before attacking another Jew next time!

  • 13. The Finest at there best and there worst wrote:

    OY more crime in the infamous 71st Precinct. The NYPD needs to step in and fix the problem in 71 we need honest cops on our streets to serve and protect us, serve us with dignity and respect especially if they want it in return.

    One of the kids has been locked up before in the 77th Precinct.

  • 14. who cares! wrote:

    wow u saw it happen and there for?
    nice to see the nypd doing something finally!

  • 15. shmuli wrote:

    Thank to the NYPD to make our Shchuna more save with these ppl behind bars. Keep on the good work, untill we all feel safe to walk our streets again.

  • 16. unknown wrote:

    you all are such idiots! i mean can you stp calling them BLACKS i mean if a non jewish persone saw how you write this comments and call them blacks dont exspect them to be so nice to you okay?

  • 17. bochur wrote:

    i must say the cops did a real good job this time i was standing by 1414 and within 60 seconds there was about 8-9 cars there they all came quietly not a single siren very cool. good job nypd!

  • 18. Itzik_s wrote:

    They need to be called what they are – behemas – with no reference to race. Our non-Jewish neighbors (except the ones in certain overwhelmingly welfare buildings) have less use for this trash than we do!

    And does this mean that we finally have some good cops on duty here – or was the crime so atrocious that even the worst cop could not fail to do his duty?

    I think the former – the problem lies with some bad cops and with the do-nothing police brass.

    The most important thing is that BH the intended victim is alive and well with no injury or property damage!

  • 19. anonomys wrote:

    since when do jews expect non jews rto be nice to them????? thats the only reason why someone shouldnt call them blacks? gosh youve got no mind of your own your really peer pressured. are you also against racial profiling? jsut buy a one way ticket to saudia arabia – you know thier humans too. and hwy is it mean to call them blacks? thats wat they are, for those taht try to be pliticly corect – african americans is the wrong term cuz imalso african american and so are we all, weall came from ejypt 3000 yearss ago and now were amenrican so that means were all african american!! doto- thier blacka nd theres nothing you can do about it!i dont htinkits mean at alll. nigger is mean thats like a calling a jew jhid. ne ways lady (thats what i assume you know what i mean) gets your fats sratigh tand stop being such a librel listen to micheal savage.

  • 20. Wake up Crown Heights wrote:

    This is gotta to be a sign from Above thats its time that CH residents and all Anash have to help themselves in every level and then G-d will help the people, police of Crown Heights and to fullfill the right Purpose, and once there is a little action we will see the Peace and Harmony slip in right before our eyes!

  • 21. bored bochur wrote:

    Do you have a better way to describe colored criminal who puts some one at gun point or a hit and run?

    and since when do you care what gentiles think?

    and which gentile is bored enough to go on feedbacks? on a article

    you should have other things to be concerned about!

  • 22. oy wrote:

    seriously im in y office write now and i have a black secretary a very sweet lady, when i read this during my lunch break do i have to look sideways everytime to make sure she not looking and cover the screen withmy hands?? do i have to be ashamed of my ppl????? guttenyu!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • 23. Finally, the NYPD takes a stand wrote:

    Great job to the NYPD. Good to see that they are finally catching some of the seemingly ubiquitous muggers.

    I hope this deters the other criminal low-lifes who destroy the sense of safety and security of our beautiful neighborhood.

  • 24. BORUCH N. HOFFINGER wrote:

    "…If only every incident was treated as such crime in Crown Heights would be driven into the ground…"
    HOLD ON! How many previous arrests do they have? A year ago, The Spider Burglar was arrested and released 18 times!
    Here in Crown Heghts an auto burglar was arrested and released about 18 times.
    The kindness of the nations is a sin. You think they really care about the public?
    Looks like the goverment here is copying the one in Israel (or visa-versa)—they’ve got the public eating out of their hands.

  • 25. BORUCH N HOFFINGER wrote:

    The nations of the world are supposed to do the 7 Noahide Laws, if not they’re worthy (eligible too) for the death penalty. America, etc. is in the Neanderthal stage of evolution. That’s why these coutries believe in evolution. They see the world, not as it is, but as they are.
    Here, in the dis-united States, a cop can arrest someone and the (un)Grand Jury can release him or a jury can not convict. Even if the person is 100% guilty and it’s clear!
    Keyston Cops America.
    It would be a big joke if it weren’t so tragic and painful.
    I know real stories. Contact me.

  • 26. To: was this smart? wrote:

    Screaming is smart. It’s the same idea as an alarm. If they’re worried about attention being called to them, they’re outta there…

  • 27. Yesher Koach wrote:

    Thank you Mr. Victom for showing that a yid is not an easy target. You should be given an award for your bravory in getting these thugs. I heard Shmira once caught these guys before and they were let go. Lets hope the charges stick.

    It seams police come fast when they hear a gun was invoved.

  • 28. laura wrote:

    Only a jewish web site could have a pic of the criminals. the pics on this web site are awesome.

  • 29. wondering in CH wrote:

    Can it be? The NYPD is actualy doing their job? I did however notice that according to the above article, the vicim called 911 ASAP following the attemp to mug him. Not shmira or shomrim. is there a chance that the Quick call to 911 had anything to do with it?

  • 30. buchor going to monsey wrote:

    wow! nebach, what is happening to c"h, is monsey like this two?

  • 32. Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedmoor! wrote:

    Nyne, Monsey iz nisht azoy!

    Farvus did Monsey get Ingarishers and Crown Heights got schvartz yohr?

    Because iz geven by Crown Heights first choice!

  • 33. Lurie wrote:

    The Shomrim should give Chanina a gun to run around and catch perps. THEN the cops will wake up! Can you imagine Sheriff Chanina cleaning up Dodge City? That would even get the Mayor’s attention.

  • 34. Itzik_s wrote:

    The Shomrim should give Chanina a gun to run around and catch perps. THEN the cops will wake up! Can you imagine Sheriff Chanina cleaning up Dodge City? That would even get the Mayor’s attention.

    Give Rubashkin one too and that might put an end to ALL the nonsense in town!

  • 35. mr. nice goy wrote:

    "and which gentile is bored enough to go on feedbacks?"

    I’ll bite: me. This site does have Crown Heights in the name, after all, and I live here; sort of inevitable that people online will arrive at it, regardless of the intended audience. Interesting reading sometimes, and whoever is running this site is remarkably quick to report developments around here. That said, some of the ancillary commentary about black people is pretty appalling.

  • 36. concerned wrote:

    I agree, a constant show of appreciation to the NYPD policemen would show that we care and appreciate their service. Especially after what happened in Boro Park a few months ago, with the Frum Yidden jumping all over the police etc, especially since then, I’ve been making an extra effort to say hello to policemen, and even add a short line, in passing like: "thank you for your service". Let’s not just feel appreciation, but SHOW it, and especially now, near the Yomim Tovim, when security is beefed up, and eveyone is baking and cooking for Yom Tov, I’m sure those "lonely" policemen/women would appreciate a nice piece of honey cake or anything else delicious, it would send a good message from the Yidden. send something delicious with a shliach if need be…..they appreicate it.
    We must treat them well, we need them! We must do our part physically, and of course spiritually, DAVEN with all our might. We’re already davening for eretz hakodesh, right?

  • 38. the facts wrote:

    not ALL blacks but most blacks have an inferiority complex. they feel their racial background prevents them from being treated regularly. and its true(sadly)- becauseyou dont see jews, G-d forbid, mugging raping and assaulting innocent people.

  • 39. Anti..... wrote:

    "Unknown wrote:
    You all are such idiots! I mean can you stop calling them BLACKS I mean if a non Jewish person saw how you write this comments and call them blacks don’t expect them to be so nice to you okay?"
    It’s o.k. for every other media/Newspaper*/web-site/TV Show or even blacks them self’s to say Black/People/community /Suspect/Professor/cop/fireman etc…
    You get my point.

    I think you (your type) are the biggest races there is out there.
    It’s just another way to describe a person or community.
    Next thing you know, it will be a races thing to say Jew/Hassid/Hispanic/American/Arab/Muslim etc…
    All those Races words!????

    • Example:

    If you stroll up to the article from “The New York Sun” title “Racial Tensions on Display at 11th District Debate”

    You will find and I quote – “Four candidates in a contentious Brooklyn congressional race addressed their chief political weaknesses in a televised debate last night. One hopeful admitted not graduating from college, while another answered charges that he was an opportunist taking advantage of a divided field in a predominantly black district.”**

    BLACK DISTRICT???? How could they????
    And you Mr. Unknown, how could you right “I mean if a non Jewish person saw how you write this comments…” A Non-Jew? are you implying that’s if he’s not a Jew, He’s just NOT? He’s just not at the same level as you?
    Is not the proper word Gentile?
    ** Sould I now google the word black so we can see how everybody, even blacks them self are races???

    Get a Hold of your selfs.

  • 40. the facts wrote:

    oh come on who calls them African Americans anymore?! It may not even BE considered politically incorrect to call them blacks.


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