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Cops: Rabbinical student ‘moons’ crowd

The Daily Record

The reason the Rebbe said not more then four?

Morristown, NJ — A student of the Rabbinical College of America was arrested for punching a man, trying to steal his car and then “mooning” onlookers.

Police were called at 10:27 p.m. Saturday after a resident of Tikvah Way, a residential condominium area for the Rabbinical College community, approached *** ***, 19, of Crown Heights, N.Y., a student, who appeared to be intoxicated and walking on the street.

The resident asked *** if he needed help and even offered him a ride home. Police said *** responded by grabbing the man’s car keys and then got into the man’s car and tried to put the car into reverse.

When the man tried to stop ***, the rabbinical student punched the man in the face, according to police accounts. *** then got out of the car, threw the car keys to the ground and exposed his buttocks to the crowd that was attracted by the commotion.

Police soon found *** farther up the road. He was charged with robbery, aggravated assault, theft and lewdness and released on $5,000 bail. Edit: Name’s replaced with asterisks.


  • 1. shocked wrote:

    Why would you put such an article on the website?? Do you want to advertise the story?!

  • 2. ......... wrote:

    to shocked: hopefully this story will be a lesson to all the "frum" guys out there , that you dont have to get drunk just for the heck of it. And its about time someone called the cops about it. Way to go in Motown!

  • 3. Dovid wrote:

    Yes, it’s good that Webby posted this. Keep this story up. Show all the mashpiim about the chinuch these farbrengens provides. Shame! When the Rebbe said no more than four, it should be at least as serious as murder or robbery! It’s a grave sin!

  • 4. L-chaim wrote:

    I don’t think this has to do with more than for, only a per ho’odom acts like this, even when drunk.

  • 5. Confused wrote:

    More then four concerns you, but the amount of Loshon Hora that this article will cause makes me shutter. Please a little menchlichkeit and show some responsibility.

  • 6. ......... wrote:

    listen up, "confused": i think its the "responsibility" and the "mentchlichkiet" of the person, that before he sits down and drinks himself to a drunken animalistic state, that he think about what the outcome might be. and if he didnt put much thought into it, then its best that all these stories be published.

  • 7. Jack wrote:

    What are Bochurim from TOMCHEI doing in Morristown at this time of the year? The story sounds sad but suspicious…

  • 8. shmullych wrote:

    I am currently living in Morristown, and let me set the "record" straight. This bochur is not affiliated with the yeshiva, he was visiting morristown. He went to a friends home and got drunk, as, sadly, many bochurim do these days. While the story is true, the yeshiva should not be besmirched. Perhaps a call to the parents of our time to wake up and see that times are achanging, and it no longer suffices to say things like " because the rebbe says". Not all children or bochurim can understand this. Therefore they are faced with a tangible object (drinking, drugs or worse) vs. The rebbe said; for bochurim and girls who never saw the rebbe it is not sufficiant. We do not tell Ballei teshuva that they have to do the mitzvos and minhagim just because, but we explain them. Why should our children have any less consideration. Please lets wake up before it is to late. Regroup and be strong, and we will create a strong and vibrant life for our children.

  • 9. just one of us wrote:

    a lubavitcher: there is a problem of drinking to much!
    there are AA meetings out there and if people have drinking problems going for some help is not a bad thing

  • 10. moish wrote:

    this wont teach anyone a lesson

    its very sad i dont see a point in having everyone read this garbage

  • 11. Surprised wrote:

    As sad as this story sounds I think that this website needs to be more careful about the tznius content of the articles posted. I am surprised that you were not embarrassed to post such a story on your website, and I think that for the sake of the boy involved, his family, and sensitivity to you readers, the article should be removed.

  • 12. fellowjew wrote:

    I agree with Jack, correct me if I’m wrong, yeshiva is not in session right now… it would have mentchlich to find out more details of the story aside from what an outsider reported. This story is no proof and no reason to trash your own…

  • 13. any wrote:

    We are assuming a) this intoxication was due to a farbrengen, b) the paper got its news right when it states he is a student, c) the paper got any other facts right.

  • 14. anon wrote:

    This isnt the first time Ive heard a story as this. These boys should be aware that these stories do get around and shidduchim for them are refused due to this behaviour.

  • 15. what the diff wrote:

    take this offf u guys are just stupid and low lifes go to somethink with in and i belive the rebbe said dont speak loson hara or better yet i think it says that in the bible!!!!!! yechi hamelech!!!!!!

  • 16. m. wrote:

    who ever runs this web site shuld know thats its discusting wat he did to advurtis this incidenton on the site, sham on you bord soul if you dont have anyting normal to rigt on your ting dont put your garbeg on for all to see lurn from your mistak and dont do it again and bisids its lashon hara

  • 17. sham on u wrote:

    who says its a bochur from yeshivah??????? just because its in moristown????? and blame the mashpiim??? there are no yeshivahs open now – hello open your minds and stop bein so quick to point fingers and jump to conclusions

  • 18. Ad Deloi Yoda baby!!!! wrote:

    Nichnas Yayin Yotze Sod. This bocher needs help. He is another failure of our Smirnoff laced system.

  • 19. noson wrote:

    the atory is all wrong
    the paper was looking to write something to put the yeshiva down

    the guy started up with the bochur and tried to run him over

  • 20. mw wrote:

    I generaly agree, there is no point in posting garbage but I happen to think this one is a reality check. It’s not fun and I’m not blaming anyone in particular but if a couple of bochurim read this and think twice before overloading on mashke, its’ worth it.

  • 21. shmullych wrote:

    Attn. Confused – shutter! go back and close the windows, lock the door and put on those ear muffs!! Finally, a solution to end these problems

  • 22. a bachur wrote:

    which bochurim are in motown now Yeshiva does not start till sunday aside what was the farbrengen for chof ches Av am i missing a yoma d’pagra or something?????

  • 23. isaac wrote:

    I think people should know what id going on. Should the negative things be buried and not talked about. We have to know what the problems are in order to fix them

  • 24. lipsker wrote:

    i agree its a lesson for all to learn and watch out
    look how they write the boy is from CH this story is gana be in ever paper

  • 27. meee wrote:

    i think that it the most funniest thing ive ever heard… is messed sorry to say who ever lives there and u guys should try and keep your community and people living ther under control.

  • 28. Duby wrote:

    I actually find all your comments to be quite amusing!

    Funniest thing I’ve read all day… arguing back and forth over Webby’s "Tzniusdick" issues… people having issues if the guy’s from yeshiva or not…

    How come none of the girls posted how traumatized they are from witnessing such a crime?!

    I heard the story first hand, and all webby was doing was reporting the news. Maybe if the screwed up bochur who got himself so pissed drunk that he cant figure out that dropping his pants in front of a bunch of teenage girls is worng, then by all means, he deserves jail, he deserves it to be written in the news, and the mashpiim, teachers and parents better take heed to whats going on in todays society….

    so for those of you who feel this should be taken down, and "hushed" – then i advise you to look at what your own kids are doing behind closed doors, becasue you are being niave and need to wake up!

    ps. – I also heard that the kid’s father wasnt that upset he was arressted…. he claimed that "he deserved a night in jail, and it would teach him a good lesson"

  • 29. Mooning wrote:

    I think what the bochur did is disgusting.

    I think it may finally teach him a lesson if nothing else did.

    BUT: Who told the cop about the MOONING – and why???

    What were you thinking? How would it help the sitch?

    Whoever told the cop about the mooning did more damage than an immature drunk bochur.. were you drunk too?

  • 30. Motown Chick :) wrote:

    I disagree with every person who wrote that the story is not true or should come off the website. Having personally been present when this happened, I say that what was written up is a diluted version. It’s a good thing you weren’t there!

  • 31. E. wrote:

    to meee:
    what in the world are you doing reading if you think crown heights is such a messed place and the people here are out of control?
    just to clarify: crown heights has its good points as well as its bad points, just like any other place out there. and if you have the audacity to bash crown heights and its people the way you do (what are you, 10 years old?) then where you come from must be the most pathetic place if you were brought up like that.
    get a life

  • 32. unimpressed wrote:

    this is real loshon hara…im embarrased to be checking/commenting on this site…this is my last time il be here so bye and good luck to you looooosers…btw learn how to spell ppl. you suck at it.

  • 33. Rabbi Mendel Solomon wrote:

    For the record,
    1: He is not a student of the RCA.
    2: He got drunk on his own accord, nothing to do with any farbrengens.
    3: You are correct about the "more than four" rule, which needs to be implemented, however, when all Yeshivas purchase the alcohol, and grant underage drinking, we collectively must take responsibility.

  • 34. teetotaler wrote:

    B"H it wasn’t my son who’s in Morristown. Hope its not one of his friends.

    I don’t see any reason to drink. Ever. It takes the taste away from a geshmakte cholent. And all you do is either pass out or throw up or behave like this idiot.

    I took the Pledge & don’t drink. I also gave up smoking.
    Boring, but safe. I do eat too much though. Especially cholent, kishke & kugel.

    Morristown Hanhala…can you stop all the booze!

    Mega Chillul Hashem.

  • 35. In Response to E. wrote:

    Wow, what a harsh response to someone who put down your holy city! Ouch! I happen to like certain things about Crown Heights, but seeing the way people talk and treat others isn’t always something to boast about. If you can’t deal with hearing things that you don’t want to, I feel bad for you. Why do you have to put others down in order to make yourself feel superior? It isn’t about putting others down, it’s about making yourself better, and automatically you will be on a pedestal. Good luck to you.

  • 36. it-s me wrote:

    everyone is arguing back and forth whether to keep this article on or not. how about simply asking a rav and seeing if this is appropriate. personaly i think its a bunch of loshon Hara and nothing good will come out of it. webby… can you ask someone with a halachic perspective….

  • 37. The top 10 list wrote:

    So what? Big deal! There is much worse then getting drunk and mooning people. I am surprised people have such a strong reaction. OH NO! he bared his bottom! Below, see a list of 10 things that are worse then getting drunk and mooning people:

    Top 10 things worse then mooning people while drunk:

    1) Mooning people while sober
    2) Stealing a car
    3) Stealing from a tzedaka pushka
    4) Doing drugs
    5) Commiting homicide
    6) Commiting suicide
    7) Commiting assault
    8) verbaly abusing someone
    9) Not paying your taxes
    10) criticising some drunk kid for mooning people.

    Anyone have any others?

  • 38. a bochar on shlichus wrote:

    wow after reading all those comments 1 must put there opinion
    well i think this story MUST stay up on the site why i’ll tell u i am a bochar and i am not concidered "chassidish" but i dont drink, smoke, or take drugs actully i hate all three very much and they make me sick to my stomach
    i have drank 3 times in my life-when i tearned 14, when i turened 15 and a gimmel tammuz frambrangan(spelt wrong i know) this past year.
    and it was i drink thats it
    well "being" i not concidered "chassidish" i am slitley proud of b/c the chassidish kids that i know r snobs and the so called "Non Chassidush" kids are nice and trust me they dont influence me
    let me tell u all a line that my cousin told me that shocked me "One man reads the mimmar while the other man lives the mimmar" it meand that u should be nice to eveyone and thats the so called "Non Chassidush" boy
    i would tell u who said it but i dont have permision from my wonderful cousin
    about crown hieghts i was just there a week ago and i love it but it sure is one ugly place and the attitude rthere is wrong i like to call it snobville.
    i was a little boy when the rebbe passed but something inside of me tells me it was diffrent
    i love you crown heights but really your people must shape up
    a bochor on shlichus

  • 39. another ce wrote:

    It’s great that this was published! Issues need to be addressed! People need to be aware! If you are stuck inside a box, you can’t deal with people who are out of the box. Don’t be embarassed-noone’s perfect.

  • 40. live here cause I like it. wrote:

    Finally, we have a web site that reports things as they actually happen. If this bochurs incident really happened it should be reported. people, especially parents and mechanchim should know what our youth are upto.
    as far as Crown Heights goes, I agree it is a neighborhood that has alot of good in it and some not so good it just depends if you are looking at the glass half full or the opposite. I would not trade Crown Heights for any other brooklyn Neighborhood. (especially during Tishrei).

  • 41. someone who has a brain wrote:

    before you start bashing the Morristown hanhalah you shall find out the details, and that applies to any story you hear or else you may ass well believe the New york times about the war in lebanon.

  • 42. ess laasssos! wrote:

    It is extremely important to keep this and other similar storiers (when they are true) up.

    It’s high time to understand that there is a growing culture of drinking mashke. It is time to understand that mashke should not the hallmark of the farbrengen. It’s time thatr "chassidishe" yidden should not extoll drinking as being the "thing to do". It is time to understand that "er nemt assach mashke" is not the main ingredient of farbrengen. It is a sign of the poverty of emesse ruchnissdike yiden and rushnissdike messages that tells the current youth that what is "chassidus" bepoel mamosh "ehr vert shiker". It is high time that when a bochur comes to 770 he will experience a farbrengen that the mashpia will impart on the bochur the values of a chossid…demand davenene, ahavas yisreoel, stories of yore and the bochur will then appreciate that there is something other to the farbrengen that the intoxication of alcohol….

  • 44. chara wrote:

    you are all crazy… one comment is made and every one has to put their dumb comment… if you dont like whats on the website.. dont read it,…. and enuff with all the BS about lashon harah

  • 45. Hafoch Boh, D-cholah boh wrote:

    The Frierdiker Rebbe writes in his Igros that when R. Hillel Paritcher was about 80 years old his Dr. told him not to drink because it could weaken his vision. At farbrengens he would pour and say L’Chaim, and then put his glass down without drinking. He would then say "kooken ken nit shuddin" (looking [at the mashke] can do no harm". If a "true" and "exemplary" chossid layed of the booze for the sake of his vision, al achas kama v’chama… v’dai l’chakima…

  • 47. Cheers! wrote:

    Wow, everyone has such great advice for everybody else. Point is of course, that people should learn how to spell. I don’t mind comments that are inconsistent with my views, but the obvious lack of "edgamucation" is really very sad. Perhaps they should teach english at Farbrengens-then nobody would get drunk and they could spell too!

  • 48. To CH-s defense wrote:

    Excuse me all you out there bashing our wonderful community, in case you didn’t realize till now, this web site is called CROWN, so, point being, this is OUR ballpark, and you aint gonna come in here and statrt trashing the Rebbes beautiful neighborhood and expect us to accept it like a bunch of goats, we aught to stand up for "Kan Tziva", yes like EVERY community, we can use some improvement with our "issues" (namely the "social issue"), but dont come to our territory, curse us out, and expect us to stay silent, STAY in your shlichus town-thats where the Rebbe sent you-NOT crown heights(a good option would be to stick to your gangs in DeTroit).

    Re. the issue of the "not more then 4", sorry "rabbi mendel solomon", this has got nothing to do with under- age drinking, this has to do exactly with what "ess laasssos" wrote in his comment (mendel, but in the USSR Farbrengens were also illegal, would you also campaign for banning farbrengens in that time period also??? BTW not everything is about the $$$ and the latest style suit’s with a big fat pink tie and a nice suburban house with a swimming pool).

  • 49. It-s not about the quantity wrote:

    "ess laassos", you are SO right, it’s all about the misconception of what a farbrengen is all about.

  • 50. Anon wrote:

    Congratualtions on posting the article! True reporting is telling ALL the stories – not just the ones you agree with. I hope this is a wake up call to everyone out there. Stop wasting time drinking & do something more constructive – learn some Torah or at least learn how to spell!

  • 51. ARI wrote:

    im glad this story was put on its about time ya’ll wake up and smell the coffee. I was a drunken/druggin yeshiva bochur and personaly know yeshiva’a all over have a problem especially crown heights. maybe u should find out wut your children r really up to.

  • 52. me wrote:

    to all those who think this is loshen horah. i am actualy very impressed that webby didnt put the name b\c i saw this story (and many others) on a diffrent website that put the name on. as long as there is no name its ok but if theres a name and half the facts are wrong then its LOSHEN HARAH

  • 53. You-re missing the point! wrote:

    What a Chillul Hashem!

    The story should definitely be publicized, so Bochrim, parents and Mashpiy’im can see what this kind of behavior can lead to.

    Having such a story in the paper is definitely a Chillul Hashem, whether the facts are completely true or not. We should all do whatever we have to do, to see that this doesn’t reoccur.

    (Including being Mispallel to Hashem that he save us from causing a Chillul Hashem, Chas V’sholom.)

  • 55. hjjg wrote:

    please change the story, that it was not a bacher from morristown you should not besmirch the name of the yeshiva. the yeshiva has nothing to do with it, though meshugene is from crownheights just to tell what our place is about, though it is no chidush for crownheights considering all our problems.

  • 56. from the other side of the world wrote:

    Yes it is Lashon hara but don’t fret about it being a reflection on your community, I login everyday to show kids I have in my care how proper Jews live. I’d give anything to live there

  • 57. Jack wrote:

    "To CH-s defense"

    Why when defending this web-site did you have to speak outright Loshon Harah? SHAME ON YOU.

  • 58. I-m a bochur, as opposed to you wrote:

    Ok you lazy farmer chukes, here’s the story, the bochur is not in yeshiva in morristown, he never was in yeshiva there. He hasn’t been in yeshiva for a while. The fact that alcohol affects him badly is an old story, as a bochur I know that mooning isn’t the first thing that happens when getting drunk. There is no alcoholism problem in yeshivos, start with the fact that you people let your kids watch movies, before you move onto a bochur farbrenging with mashke. As for the motown story, its an isolated incident.

  • 59. STOP THE LUNISY!!!! wrote:

    JUST for your information, Morristown at times can become a refuge for losers who are nisht a hin nisht a her, they come for a day or two, mainly for a farbrengen , When I was in Mo-town some loser came and made a tremendouse chilul hashem by emptying the fire extinguisher in the hall way, the fire fighters and police came at 3 am, and all the bochurim had to waite outside in the freezing cold. THIS BY NO MEANS REFLECTS THE YESHIVAH, it however reflects on those who think when their life is boring in CH head on down to mo town.

  • 60. amused wrote:

    wow, everyone has exactly the same thing to say…….at least it doesn’t mention the name, imagine, instead of 57 posts there would be 150!

  • 61. motown person wrote:

    for your info….rabbi mendel solomon doesnt have a swimming pool and his kids are the only ones that i can tell you forsure are going to grow up not doing things like this

  • 62. ladder wrote:

    everyone is just going crazy about this….i think we shouldnt have mentioned it at all and no one would be going back and forth…whoever knew knew whoever ddidit didnt then everything would have been fine!!!!!

  • 63. no mooning wrote:

    there is absolutely no mooning in public even on purim when one must be in the state of ad d’lo yada !!!

  • 65. a word from the wise wrote:

    Just to echo the above sentiments: ya ya ya… whatever whatever whatever… Gei Shluffen Everybody!

  • 67. Mendel Cohen wrote:

    To CH defense
    Mendy Solomon was sticking up for a moisad that he put sweat and blood into and had the courage to write his name. I don’t know why you had to write something bad about him.
    You on the other hand sound like you hate Shluchim in general and ones with nice ties and not dieing of starvation specifically. If you are jealous of his tie go to Flaum’s and buy one, if you’re jealous of his pool, (which he does not have) go to union mikvah and hang out with Charlie and if you want $$$$ get up before 11am and maybe you’ll make some.

  • 68. The mooner himself wrote:

    I just wanna say, that first of all, i didnt just moon them. i full out dropped my pants, and showed them the goods. second, i knocked that guy out with one punch, i didnt "attempt to punch him". third, all you shmucks should thank me. now you get to have something to gossip about. arent you supposed to be doing something holy? try taking care of your own messed up lives instead of talking about mine. lastly, to the girl that called the police, thank you very much now i know you are the girl i thought you were when i first met you.

  • 69. Anti.... wrote:

    If you drink like a Bihama/Animal you will act like one.

    But if you drink like a Nefesh Elokese I.E. with a good word (that you heard and you are truly saying L’Chaim do that) then the resalt wont be like the story above…
    Only good things cann come out.

    Four means Four…
    The Rebbe was smarter then you and me,
    Don’t try to out smart him!

  • 70. Up Up and away... wrote:

    "what the diff wrote:
    take this off u guys are just stupid and low lifes go to somethink with in and – I belive the rebbe said don’t speak loson hara -or better yet i think it says that in the bible!!!!!! yechi hamelech!!!!!!"

    Let me see,

    First you say:

    Then you say:
    I belive the rebbe said don’t speak loson hara…

    And then you and off with:
    Yechi Hamelech!!!!!!

    That’s a Mishichist for you…
    And some how I have the feeling that all those that write how this article should be taken off, are people who either they or there children have a drinking problem and are in complete denial.

  • 71. Wheres the love? wrote:

    Finally something to show the parents, rabbis, mashpias and princibals who are so niave. I am a lubavitch teen who is going through the "system" and it kills me to see what goes on behind closed doors. I think if we were being given alot of more love and care we would all want to try much harder to only do the right thing. But as long as we are judged, criticized and bashed the second we do something slightly wrong, these type of things will continue happening. I was there Motzei Shabbos and i am probably wrong but i think that if this guy was given a hug and told not to do this by someone who actually cared about him, it wouldnt have happened. (like i said, this is just what i think from seeing the look on his face)

  • 72. a bissel sechel wrote:

    To "where is the love": While I agree with you, that there is a great need for people FROM TOP! to bottom to understand the need for our youth (including our tayere bochurim) to be loved and cared for, (and that they are not merely a "number" to be counted for tuition etc.) and therefore there should the appropriate number of staff for the needs of the boys and that the quality of the need be addressed on all levels (those that need a higher level in matters of yeshiva, and those who are not yet there, and those who should not fall between cracks etc.) and the managers of all the instituitions should firstly pay attention to these items, nevertheless,

    What you wrote however saddens me immensely: do you mean to say there needs to "love and care" for a bochur to understand and to feel that certain basic things are beyond the pale? Reb "where is the love", please understand that I am not minimizing what you said, but in this regard, you should pause and take a deep breadth and ask yourself: am i a teenager/adult who is mature enough to understand that certain kindsopf behaviour are not appropriate for someone who is older 11 year old. It is time to understand, while the hanholos or teachers and mashpiim are not offering me something; why should I not act my age and what I represent (the teachings of Torah Chassidus and the Rebbe)?

  • 73. lea wrote:

    im freaking scared of ch.ers…its like a whole bunch of vultures eating at their prey…or a bunch of bratty kids squabbling…u wanna "help" the kids, quit act’n like them

  • 74. heneni wrote:

    aggave shmullych happons to be a heratic and it would be nice if he would keep his anti semitisum to himself and take his novel "contemperary" ideas of "who is the rebbi" and put them in the graveyard of reformisum EMES IS EMES the rebbis legacy lives on!

  • 76. know it all wrote:

    what does drugs and homicide have to do with anything
    you people are very nieve and dont have anything good to say dont say nothing at all keep your mouth shut and keep your eyes on your own kids before you start talking about other kids youde be surprised what thay do!!!!!

  • 77. DovBer wrote:

    Dear editor,

    I just read your post titled “Cops: Rabbinical student ‘moons’ crowd”. First of all, I think you should be carefull regarding readers “comment” – there are at least 2 over there that the name is “…Chik”. Is this what a lubavitcher website posts? I hope in the fueter you will be more vigilant.

    Also, I don’t think it is nice to harm a bochurs name like this – althgh you posted it without a name – you wrote where it was published and any child that knows the 1st think about brousing the web can find it on google (the desier to find it started out by reading it on

    Is this “mooing” thing such a big deal? Hadn’t you seen famous Chassidim do this – not that I am condoning this in the slightest way – you are just making a big deal out of a bochur – and many people want to make a big deal out of it to teach parents a lesson – but think about the fact that you are using a “live” Korbon to make this point. i.e. THIS bachur will suffer from this for a long time (as a result of your publicizing it).

    Gut Shabbos,

  • 78. All time mooner?! wrote:

    Everyone is getting sooo exited about “mooning” and getting drunk. I seem to remember that at the “Chasuna Ha’yadua” (zlobiner chasuna) in Morristown in 5755, the grand mashpia/rabbi from Detroit not only got plastered – but he mooned about half of the women of Morristown – nobody made a big deal out of it…. They actually thought in was very Chassidish……….

  • 79. Missing the Point wrote:

    The bottom line is there is a problem within our community and we must begin to address it.


    Yah so I was there motzei shabbos and it wasn’t ALL THAT BAD. The reason this guy punched this other man is because he didnt know what he was doing. To all you gossipers out there, ask yourself-am I friendly with or even related to someone who drinks and gets plastered from time to time? I’m sure the answer is yes. So ask yourself the next question. Wouldnt I take him aside offer him a bed and let it pass? The answer to that is yes. Would I call the cops? HECK NO!!! Would I hand a Jew over to the cops? HECK NO!! Imagine if it was your son, brother, cousin, friends’s uncles dog-whatever-you DONT CALL THE COPS. You should know the guy only hung around because there were stupid teenage girls there that were attracting him. They would have attracted any man-especially a drunk one. If the girls simply left he would have went home and slept it off. But no-everyone MUST get involved-and everyone THINKS they know best. The girl who called the cops-had absolutley no permission or right. The guy who got punched was bleeding and should have thought twice about this guys future. But all this stupid arguing is useless-you badmouthed the guy-he is ruined-thanks to all of you!! Doesn’t that make you feel good? Oh and what-like none of you have ever been mooned or seen someones rear end? Its just a body part-just like any other. So give it up all you Crown Heights lovers-you all need to open up your chumashim and learn a little bit of decency-something amazing called-Veahvta Lereacha Kamocha.

  • 81. For all the Amaratzim wrote:

    Just a thought The internet is the biggest tool for loshon hora that exist so for all the groyse gedolim here loshon hora is IF THE STORY IS TRUE but the whole cock and bull story here is very messed up so its Motzi Shem ra Not Loshon Horo thank you see you at the shabbas table

  • 82. BOOZE baby Booze wrote:

    I Love all the people bashing the community and to all the big believers in keeping this BS on UNTILL it is your cousin or your SON or yourSELF that it happens to untill then its divided among Community problems social issues mashpiim please if a 19 year old wants to drink beloshon hamedina he gonna drink dawg you can blame anyone you want but dont trash the shchuna or the yeshiva or mashpiim just Shut up let it slide gee whiz top ten is right so he showed hes depleted tuchus to some kids what teenagers never saw a tuchus its really not that exciting and to all bochrim haltzich in di rammen please keep your tuchus in you pants and drink on Tov lev mishte tamid webby put it on if you need to censor go ahead i dont care ciao

  • 83. proud bochur wrote:

    A proud fellow Bochur.
    Its not the craziest thing or the best thing but it can happen when you drunk. BIG DEAL. I think the lubabs in mo-town dealt with this the wrong way whoever calls the police on another frum person with out doing everything possible to help the situation should rot in h*ll – forget about the rebbes takanah of four and think about the Rebbes continuos campaigne for ahvas Yisroel help another jew, its not like he planned this whole thing! to all the frieked out “chicks” of CH – GET A LIFE – and to mendy soloman i got a few words for you but in the right time and place.


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