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Shomrim’s Bike Registration a Major Success

Friday started off murky and rainy but quickly turned into a nice warm and sunny day, enabling the scheduled Bike Registration to go on. The bike registration took place in front of “Everything Automotive” on East New York Ave. together with members of the NYPD’s Community Affairs, Auxiliary and Explorer Units along with the Crown Heights Shomrim Division.

The Bike Registration program is aimed at discouraging bike thefts as well as identifying recovered bikes. The summer is upon us and we know that the children are out on their bikes and the theft rates do go up.

Shomrim took it upon themselves to get as many bikes as possible registered, and the turnout was very good, with over 125 bikes and scooters registered not only by children, but by adults as well. The program included lots of free prizes and raffles, including a bike which was sponsored by the “Bargain Center”, a scooter which was sponsored by “Zakons Toys and Stationary”, and a Helmet Set which was sponsored by “”, as well as drinks and other refreshments.

Over 600 kids attended and were met by Shomrim Members, Police Officers and Cadets all of whom volunteered from their time to explain the benefits of registering their bikes along with safety tips for the summer among many other things to the kids. Among the attractions was a Police van that kids were able to sit in and play around with the sirens and speakers as well as the Shomrim Mobile Command Post, all of which added to a great and fun filled event.

The winning numbers for the Raffles are as follows: Bike – Ticket #6642174. Scooter – Ticket# 6642094. Helmet Set – Ticket# 6642150. if you are the holder of a ticket with any of these numbers, please bring it to 419 Kingston Ave. [Between Empire and Montgomery] to claim you prize!

More pictures in the Extended Article!


  • 1. curioius wrote:

    wow! but where do they personalize the bike??
    like on what part of the bike?

  • 4. 25 wrote:

    how come i didn’t know about this? i would have taken 25 of my bikes there!


    we will be doing it again but without the raffle for those who missed the last one, we will post here when we have the date and time confirmed.


  • 8. Please stay off the sidewalk wrote:

    You can get your bike etched at the 71st Precinct Monday-Friday from 4:00 PM-11:00 PM call 718-735-0528 and ask for the crime prevention officer or community affairs officers. The reason to get your bike etched is if it is recovered they look at the number they etched on the bike and then they can go back and look in registration log. And just a reminder all kinds riding a bike this summer under the age of 14 not wearing a helmet are subjected to a summons. And also they may not ride on the sidewalk if they are older then age 12 or older cause if you or someone you know that rides on the sidewalk tell them not to if they are under 16 the police will take the bike back to the precinct and have the parent pick up the bike and be issued a summons and the bike will be returned to the parent. The price of the summons for riding on the sidewalk is $100.00.

  • 9. itsme wrote:

    im the one whith the head bent doun whith glasses and a yarmuka and ther fixing my bike ps.i won the bike

    levi golomb

  • 10. Viewer wrote:


    To Please Stay Off the Sidewalk:

    I never heard of this sidewalk rule. Can you please explain where the kids should ride, if not on the sidewalk?

    Thank you for the information, and Yasher Koach to the organizers of this program.

  • 12. Please stay off the sidewalk wrote wrote:

    Re: Viewer

    If the child is over the age of 12 they must ride in the street or the parent of the child could get a the bike taken from him or her and the parent will be told to come to the precinct and pick up the bike and the parent will get a summons for $ 100.00 for riding on the sidewalk.

  • 14. Shoshana Olidort wrote:

    If they had something like this when I was younger I would have not had my bike stolen three times


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