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Farbrengen With The Rebbe

The happiest time of the month of Tishrai is Shmini Atzeres/Simchas Torah which’s end is marked with a special Farbrengen on Motzoai Yom Tov, a “Farbrengen With The Rebbe”. Thousands gathered in 770 and sang the Nigunim of the Rabbaim in order.


  • 2. lamen kavod ha-rebbe wrote:

    why is every body standing there like the Rebbe is Farbraingen aside the face that most if not ALL the people there are "crack pots" never saw the Rebbe and if they did they don’t listen to him all they do is they are embarrassing him day after day more and more “Rachmana Litzlan” and Hashem Yishmor!!!!

  • 4. all for achdus put aside the diffrences wrote:

    i was there and im no crazy wako meshechist infact you could hardly see the flags so many of my freinds were ther even antis but they come b.c. ther is no better feeling wright now thaen standing with thousands of chasiddim singing all the rabeims nigunim and you dont need to sing the ones you dont want so stop being critical and look at the positive at least there was some achdus

  • 6. lamen kavod ha-rebbe wrote:

    Well the kind of “Achdus” that there was by the dancing I do not call Achdus!!! First of all they had an “Igros” both that is Mechalel the name of the Rebbe and the name of Lubavitch! I saw every guy that went over just went to make fun. There is no reason for the guy’s that never saw the Rebbe and never listened to his Sichs to embarrass him like that, “Bimeyle” they saw and herd the Rebbe so they can say they don’t like something the Rebbe said or did! (C”V) so therefore they are making fun of him Be-rabim!! Second all of the signs that went up on Kingston as posted on that is was there special for “Simcas Hais Hashoevah” when people come to C”H!!
    And once we said they daily they make fun of the Rebbe!!
    SO every single person that wears a flag “Degel” associates him or her self with that group of people that are making fun of the Rebbe, you are not to be with them they are going against the “Nossi Hador” and they are worse then “Shach” & Barry put together cuz they are fighting the Rebbe and all the Rebbe’s till the ball shem tov (and maybe till Moshe Rabinu)!!! Achdus is not the way!!!!!!
    Sorry for being so blunt – but the truth hurts

  • 7. chaim getzel wrote:

    i think lamen kavod ha-rebbe is right both times
    its hard to belive it

  • 8. ahavas yisroel wrote:

    Guys why dont u have some ahvas yisroel and stop argueing,it wont get u anywhere because evryone has their opinion.

  • 10. Leman Kavod ha-Rebbe wrote:

    To yehudis and to ahahvas yisroel!! If everyone is going to have their own opinion then you are going to have the “conservative” Lubavitch and “reform” Lubavitch and the re-constructive Lubavitch and the atheist Lubavitch!!! How do you think the movement started all together they had people like you that said it’s a free country you have or can have your own opinion!! So we end up with movements that don’t believe in Hashem and or his torah!! The Rebbe did not hold of this statement as we saw by many many things the Rebbe held of foe example “mi yehudi” that the Rebbe didn’t say that the Israeli government has thair own opinon rather said that they are wrong and they are mislieading people by making them thing they are jewish!!! And many many more times!!
    Fact’s are fact’s and truth is truth we must stick to the truth and make sure not to turn from it, we should not forget what the Rebbe SAID and who is embarrassing him in public day after day!! These people must be sent out of Lubavitch and they must be dealt with the same as “shach” and “barry”…. Why not just because they have black hats and wear rabainu tam’s and learns Sichos and Mamorim?!?!?
    Like I said before sorry for being so blunt – but the truth hurts, lets all stop fooling ourselves!!

  • 11. ahavas yisroel wrote:

    To "leman kavod harebbe": first of all i never said that the crazy mishechistim are right, as a matter of fact they are 100 % wrong, but that dosent mean that they dont believe in the "rebbe" or "hashem",("CHAS VESHALOM"), as you yourself said they learn sichos and maamorim, it just means that they are resent "baalei teshuva", on the most part, and are very missled. second of all, so far i havent seen any "conservetive" lubavitch etc. happening.third of all it sais in "pirkei avos" that a big leader should always be carefull with the way he acts because his followers can make mistakes,do you think (C"V to even say this) that the rebbe didnt know that pirkei avos? no. if the rebbe wanted he could have made sure thet something like this would never happen. fourth of all by saying that they have to be sent out of lubavitch you are going againts the whole "inyan" that the rebbe acomplished which is "mivtzaim" and "shlichus" which is all about being "mekarev" "yidin" and not "merachek".

  • 12. not an action figure wrote:

    to: "ahavs yisroel"
    while i agree with most of what you said, i have to tell you something: i am a lubavitcher myself and i belibe fully in the rebbe etc. but the rebbe is not superman so please dont make him that way. he is a tzaddik and the nussy doy-raynu but he was also human. (and dont say i dont know cuz i prob never met the rebbe etc. because i have been to every dollars and farbrengen since 1986) u dont know what the rebbe had in mind or wanted you are not a mind reader and i dont think the rebbe would want u arguing about what he was thinking. thank you.

  • 13. Bloomberg 4 Mayor wrote:

    Ahvas Yisroel:

    You write that the rebbe knows pirkei avos and therfore if he didn’t want things to happen as they are now he would of done something

    This what you wrote is the most ridcilus thing posted on the internet!

    Lets say that the rebbe wanted we should have bechirah cofshis and his chassidim should follow the proper path instead of choosing the meshchist path.

    But even that is not so because the rebbe CLEARLY said all that can be said to stop this from happening! He shouted at those singging yechi at farbreingen (i remmember it like this day), no one dared to sing it again intill the rebbe was sick and could not talk!!

    The rebbe tried to avoid it, but there are those who think the yare smarter then the rebbe.

    take siddur kidushin for example; the rebbe clearly wrote that the badatz of ch have no rigths to the siddur kedushin, and thats how it stayed untill those smarter then the rebbe decided in 1998 that badatz must be mesader kiddushin.

    The gaboyim the rebbe clearly said that the elections for gabayoim are nothing and are void and null. but after gimmul tammuz they came smarter and decide to become gaboyim (the same applies to this "netzigim" thing, the rebbe sasid that it shud be discontinued after the elcetions for badatz. vkach havo till after gimmul tammuz
    What did you want the rebbe to say? "i know that after my petirah lots of people wont listen to me and therfore don’t wear flags…"?! the rebbe dosn’t know of them cuz THEY ARE NOT HIS CHASIDDIM they are chassidim of flags but not chassidim of the rebbe.


  • 14. leman kavod ha-rebbe wrote:

    Thank you “not an action figure” for your words!
    And to you “Ahavas Yisroel” so you are saying that Mr’ baranes wasn’t so bad by saying “elokey-nu” cuz the Rebbe knew about what is going to happen and should have done something to stop it!!! What do you mean that’s “kfirah be-achdusoy” the rebbe does not have to be “Sholel” every crazy Person that’s going to come up with so crazy idea! And if they start making sculptures of the rebbe and put it by his farbraingen place and say lechayim to it (C”V) that the Rebbe should have said something!! Come on what are you saying!!!!!
    And to what you are saying that you can not send him out of Lubavitch cuz that’s against the whole Shlichus and being Mekarev Yiden do you think if “Shach” would walk in to 770 we can not send him out if Barry would walk in we would not send him out I remember when he came to his fathers funeral the Rebbe waited till he left and we where saying then cuz the Rebbe knew that Buchrim are going to beat him up! People that are going against the Nosi Hador are going against the torah look in all the Sichos from 5745-5746 about berry who is fighting the Nosi Hador there is no such thing we are Mekarev every single Jew but “Reshoyim” that make fun of the Rebbe and go against him publicly we should be Mekarev them!! And for what you are saying let me see u go be Mekarev Barry lets see how big of a Chossid you are that loves Mivtsoyim!
    And what you are saying that they learn Mamorim and Sichos so that makes them “Baalei Teshuva” so what!!!! We don’t care if such people can say that we have nothing to go to the Ohel for they are still fry or not Jewish I mayself saw them bringing the rebbes holy “Aron” to the Bais Hachayim! The Rebbe went to the resting place of the Rebbe “Rayats” so many times the Rebbe was a very big Chossid of his Rebbe and the Rebbe know o his own Sichos that he was going to say and still went there! A Chossid means that you are Mekushar to the Rebbe not JUST learning his teachings Mekushar does not mean you are to be Mekasher messiah sign’s on the wall’s and to go and make mass messiah rally’s in Manhattan!
    And last I just want to tell you I do learn “pirkey avos” and I do know that it says you are supposed to answer on the first question first and so on and I know I did not answer you like that. –sorry

  • 15. Zachariah - Email me please wrote:

    There is no order in chabad

    We must obliterate the messianic movment (AKA the anit-rebbe movment).

    They are foes to all those who adhere to the teachings of the Rebbe

    May we merit the coming of the days when messianics (AKA anti-rebbe’s) will go back to where they came from


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