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An Inspiring Yud Shevat Farbrengen At YNS – Rabbi ‘O’s

The Farbrengen started off first with a beautifully prepared seuda followed by the Ma’amer niggun and then the Ma’amer of Bosi Legani was said by five Tmimim of the yeshiva. It was an unbelievable sight when each bochur began his part of the Ma’amer – with eyes closed, full of confidence and pride. Yasher koach to Hatomim Sholi Israel, Hatomim Levy Kamensky, Hatomim Shmueli Coleman, Hatomim Mendy Hahn and Hatomim Meir Roetter for a job well done!

The main points emphasized at the Farbrengen by Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Orimland, Mashpia Rabbi Levi Wilschanski and Maggid Shiur Rabbi Landesman were the Inyonim of Mesiras Nefesh by the Rebbeim which was given over to the Chassidim. Another point stressed was that in order to move forward in life we must let go of any bad experiences that one may have had in the past and once we release them we will be able to climb the ladder of life reaching heights that we never would dream of.

More pictures in the Extended Article!

At around 11:00 p.m. a group of Bochurim from other yeshivas joined the Farbrengen. The many stories told and the heartfelt niggunim sung created an atmosphere of tremendous warmth and Achdus amongst all the Bochurim. As one Bochur commented – the feeling was not one of sitting with friends but rather a feeling of family togetherness.

The Farbrengen ended at 4:00 a.m. with the bochurim not wanting to leave. One bochur approached Rabbi ‘O’ and said that even though the Farbrengen is over, the inspiration he received will definitely last a long time!


  • 2. from the schuna wrote:

    I heard really nice things about the yeshiva and i know of bochurim that have gained alot over there.It seems like each bochur gets the proper attention that they need,wich in the big yeshivas they wouldnt get it.

  • 3. Aharon H-Cohen B. wrote:

    Rabbi Yanky Hatzlocho raboh in all your indevours and may you see NACHAS from all of yours including “BONECHO = h’talmidim”

    Kveling Ary B. ( C.H. )

  • 4. Yehuda Straiton wrote:

    Hey Sholi

    This is tremendous! You have given us all such nachas here “down under” Yasher Koach to all of you.

  • 5. Claudine Monaghan wrote:

    Wow Sholi! What nachas you are bringing to your family. We are all so very proud of you. Pesach just can’t come around quick enough. We can not wait to see you. Keep up the wonderful, inspiring work that you are doing.

  • 7. Jerry Boxer wrote:

    Wish I was there.
    Keep up the great work.May Hashem pay you back “Kaful Kaflayim”,this world and the next.
    From a Talmud and admirer,

  • 8. Shmuely-s Mother wrote:

    Shmuely, thanks for giving Tatty and me so much nachas! Just think – the nachas you generate extends around the world from London to Sydney to Washington, to Montreal to New York! You’re doing a great job and accomplishing so much, and as you may have guessed – we’re all so proud of you. We love you and can’t wait to see you home for Pesach.

    A huge yasher koach to Rabbi and Mrs O for all their dedication to each and every bochur (and their parents!)

  • 9. MomKam770 wrote:

    Heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy Levy!!!!!!!! Gr8 JOB!!! Gr8 concentration with ONLY OJ!! Power 2 u!! Keep up the good work. Ur mom LUVs U!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Rabbi O for the NACHAS phone calls, especially right after the Farbrengen. Very thoughtful and much APPRECIATED :>). Thanks dorm counselors & Hanhala……..happy tmimim, happy parents, bottom line.

  • 11. S Dahan wrote:

    so nice to hear all the good things happening over in tzfat. keep up the good work . – zal- good to see you.

  • 12. MOSHIACH NOW wrote:

    mazel tov mazel tov for the tremendous achievement in learning the maamer for yud shevat and preparing the laining for all the minyonim. mechayil el choyil

    love from all of us

    the yeshivah is second to none, halevi all chabad yeshibos gave this impetus and encouragement in a positive non pressured way.

  • 13. The Chulon Dudes!!! wrote:

    Hey Rabbi “O” and everyone!
    so nice to hear from you and the good things going on there by you!
    Lots of hugs and kisses to everyone!
    From Yossi. Yitzi, Levi, and Most of all Zalmy!

  • 14. plr wrote:

    Way to go Hatomim Meir Roetter, we are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you! Okay so i’m not gonna cry…. oh, never mind I can’t help it. Anyway…. you have a surprise coming your way…………. I’ll give you more info soon where to pick it up from. It’s coming in a couple of weeks.
    Your the best, keep going Mechayil El Chayil, learning the Rebbe’s Maamorim and bringing moshiach closer. I miss you tons, oh and I heard about next year, Rabbi Roetter……. has a nice ring to it don’t you think?? You make us all so proud.

    And to the wonderful, amazing, caring and inspiring Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi O,
    there aren’t enough words in the dictionary to express our gratitude and amazement. Yasher Koach!!
    with appreciation,
    P.L. Roetter

  • 15. MomKam770 & backup wrote:

    How could anyone forget all the wonderful powerful Women of Valor who encourage the rabbis and feed the boys and remind us to check our email & websites????????? YASHER KOACH!!!!!!!!

  • 17. shua e. wrote:

    meir!!! it’s such good news to see how well you’re doing!!! keep up the awsome work, i’m here rooting for ya…
    shua e. (tucson)

  • 18. The Israel family wrote:

    sholi, keep up the good work .Thanks Rabbi and Mrs O and the amazing teaching staff for all the effort and dedication towards the boys.May you go from strength to strength.

  • 19. Mendys Mom wrote:

    You are becoming the bochur I always knew you could be. Didn’t I always say you are going to be the rosh yeshivah in the family? Well Go from strength to strength and you just might get there ;-). Keep giving us nachas…. I love “showing you off”. I wish I could be there to give you a great big kiss.

  • 20. YourMom-s FriendinVA wrote:

    Wow Mendy, shepping nachas down here in VA! This is awesome. Keep up the great work.

  • 22. the guy from tucson wrote:

    wow meir!!! its awsome to see how much you have grown over the couple of months youv been there. props to rabbi o. an meir see you soon….

  • 23. Meir.s Mommy wrote:

    DITTO what sveryone else has said!!!!!

    Meir we are so proud of you.
    Rabbis thank you for all that you put into our sons.
    Wifes thank you for your input, and for including them in your families.
    Rabbi O You have made this a place where each boy can learn and grow in HIS own way! Thank you for your NACHAS calls.
    Mommy Roetter


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