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Yud Shvat Farbrengen with Yeshiva High School of the Twin Cities

Motzei Shabbos, Parshas Va’era, the Bochurim of My Yeshiva (Yeshiva High School of the Twin Cities) enjoyed a Farbrengen led by Rabbi Mendel Gluckowsky, the Rav of Rechovot. It took place at the home of Rabbi and Mrs. Yosef Shagalow. The farbrengen began with a Siyum by 11 year-old Avraham Yaakov Shagalow on Mishnayis Meseches Shabbos.

The Farbrengen was in celebration of Rabbi Shagalow’s birthday.

After the Siyum, Rabbi Gluckowsky took over, regaling the Bochurim with inspiring stories of the Rebbeim and eltere Chassidim. Among other things, Rabbi Gluckowsky spoke about the need to have chayus – excitement and passion for Yiddishkeit and Chassidus, and his many interesting stories illustrated his point.

More pictures and a video clip in the Extended Article!

In addition to the Hanholoh of the yeshiva, other prominent Rabonim and Shluchim joined the Farbrengen, including Rabbi Moshe Feller, Rabbi Mendel Feller, Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm, Rabbi Moshe Binyomin Perlstein of the Mesivta in Chicago, and others. The Farbrengen lasted well into the night and added tremendously to the Bochurim’s preparation for their upcoming trip to the Rebbe.
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  • 1. S.H. Muli wrote:

    Would have been nice if this had been advertised so more men could attend.

  • 2. Motzei Shabbos wrote:

    I think if they wanted you to attend, you would have been asked. The boys farbreng every motzei shabbos, always at someone elses home. I guess the host of the farbreng is who you need to speak to!

  • 3. chassidishe avir wrote:

    way to go yeshiva high school of the twin cities being mechamem the yam hakrirus of minneappolis!!!!!!!!!


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