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Yud Sh’vat in Yeshiva High School of Tucson, AZ

After weeks of intense preparation for the Yoma D’pagro – Yud Sh’vat here in yhst, for many it felt like the special day it is for the first time, one of the Tmimim commented “I never thought I could actually feel that it is such a holy day”

Sunday after the Mincha, the Bochrim lit Yortzeit Licht and sat down together with the Shluchim to study the selected mishnayos. Before Maariv Head Shliach to Tucson – Rabbi Yossie Shemtov gave an invigorating shiur based on the day of Yud Sh’vat and its minhogim, post maariv Rabbi Shemtov Chazzered the first Ois of Basi L’gani as is customary carefully explaining to the students the deep concepts within.

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A beautiful farbrengen ensued shortly thereafter together with guest Mashpia, Shliach to Anthem, AZ Rabbi Yossi Friedman, the Farbrengen turned out to be a rather lively affair, with both Shluchim and Bochrim having the opportunity to share thoughts. Rabbi Friedman stressed the importance of strengthening our Hiskashrus and on no better day than Yud Sh’vat, he also conveyed to the crowd the power of writing to the Rebbe and that the Rebbe finds ways to answer us and that our job is to write.

Monday morning after Chassidus the van left to the Young Israel to make use of the Mikveh and Daaven followed by the writing of the Paanim, throughout the day the Bochrim continued to complete the necessary Minhogim.

Monday night the spirit continued until the wee hours of the morning with a Farbrengen together with Shliach to The U of A – Rabbi Yossi Winner, the ever dynamic Rabbi Winner entertained but more importantly inspired the Talmidim with exciting stories and thought provoking concepts, the highlight of the evening was when the group who had the Zechus to be in N.Y for Yud Sh’vat arrived from the Phoenix airport and came directly to share their experiences with their Chaveirim. Tmimim Mendy Vail and Moshe Shor together with Hatomim Hashliach Ephraim Zimmerman were the Zochim B’gorel.

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  • 2. CH parent wrote:

    Thank G-d for the the small Yeshivos like Tucson, b/c of them so many of our kids are still in Yeshivos and not on the street.
    keep up the good work, its Moisdos like you that bring Moshiach.
    kol hakavod!!!

  • 3. Proud mother wrote:

    Moishe ‘O’

    like father like son…………

    We are very proud of you and especially are in awe to all of the wonderful things you are accomplishing as a Shliach in Tucson – keep it up!

  • 7. Proud Mom wrote:

    Hey yossi keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you Rabbis Shemtov and Rabbi Tzalli


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