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Yeshiva Centre Marks Gimmel Tammuz

Photos by Mendel Moskovitz

Hundreds gathered this past Tuesday, Gimmel Tammuz, in the Yeshiva Centre in Sydney, Australia for a farbregen with a special guest – Rabbi Moshe Feller, Shliach in Minnesota.

After words of blessing and introduction by Rabbi Pinchus Hacohen Feldman, the Rebbe’s Head Shliach to NSW, Australia, Rabbi Feller began the evening, which included a full course meal, lechaim, video of the Rebbe, and live music and dancing. After the formal part of the evening Rabbi Feller continued to farbreng into the night.


  • 1. incorrect! wrote:

    This did not happen in melbourne .. the pictures are in yeshiva centre in sydney.

  • 3. Ze-ev wrote:

    The Feldman’production’ took place in Sydney, not Melbourne. Rabbi Feller seems a very nice person and spoke nicely but not for a Gimmel Tammuz function, possibly better for another occasion. The food also was not very good and was not a full course meal. Chicken wings is not a proper meal of protein.

  • 7. to Ze-ev. wrote:

    you are probably an anti-Feldman pro-Brown, that is why you are putting down the event. as you begin “The Feldman ‘production’ took place…”.

    I was there and the event took place in Sydney with Rabbi Feller speaking about Gimmel Tamuz. the Food was also very good and was a full course meal with allot of chicken wings – which was a great source of protein.

  • 9. zvi wrote:

    I was very impressed by the function. The speakers (Rabbis Feller & Feldman) were excellent.The food was delicious. It was an inspiring evening.

  • 11. Joe wrote:

    A truly inspiring evening. Well planned & actualized. It takes GREAT efford for a function to happen with such success; with real unity! Thank you to all that MADE IT HAPPEN.

    Many thanks (also) must go to the “numerous” sponsors.

    [to the “critics”: please watch your “words” ….. ]



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