After Much Debate New Speed Bumps Get Installed

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — Scheduled to be installed close to a year ago, a pair of speed bumps were finally installed on a block of Montgomery Street after much contention between advocates and residents of the block.

The issue, drivers speeding down the stretch of Montgomery between New York and Brooklyn Avenues which supports of the bumps said put the lives of the many children on the block at risk. The opposition claims that the bumps put even more lives at risk by delaying police response times to emergencies.

The 71st Precinct is located around the corner and Montgomery Street is frequently used by the police when speeding off to emergencies.

Elevation of the two bumps is measured at a scant three inches – the standard for a block that does not have a school on it, those get four inch bumps.

Mr. Jackson a resident of the block said “I have been advocating for these [bumps] for two years now, finally they are getting installed.”

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  • 1. sucks wrote:

    1- The links are for accidents on the corner not in middle of the block, so they should only put 1 closer to the corner.

    2- The bump was supposed to be installed in front of Goldstiens house but he didn’t like it so he moved it down a drop!!!

    3- Mr. Jackson forged people signatures to get these bumps….

  • 3. A Resident wrote:

    #1 Please don’t lie, first off its rude and disgusting. Second the people you mention probably don’t read this website and cannot respond. Where the bump is doesn’t make much a difference, and there happened to be an accident over Shavuis in middle of the block. If you do live on the block then you really should care less anyways, either you are just pulling out or you’re slowing down to park.

  • 4. WHY NEEDED wrote:

    why their of all places? , STERLING STREET should have one their is no light at the corner people turn quickly and bais rivkah is right down the block, when the block requested one board 9 and Mr. Goldstein didnt think it was needed so why is it needed on MONTGOMERY STREET?

  • 5. fed up with this BS wrote:

    I Just love how they call it a need for safety for children!!
    so they put this in middle of the block??!!!
    once again the city of NY is pretty much saying to all parents “dont worry about your kids crossing in middle of the street like you do, we are slowing down cars so they wont get killed”.
    WAKE UP PEOPLE!! this is a local street like union st and others, the city and other people like this Mr Jackson say that he has been wanting this for years, he probably does not drive a car and sits watching people cross in middle of the street and darting out from between cars so we “need to slow down drivers”.
    worry about safety by teaching kids to cross the street at corners just like barney used to teach the kids on the good old tv show/videos. set an example by showing them what is right and wrong and maybe then we can have a normal street in brooklyn to drive on.

  • 6. Police Response wrote:

    The article says: “The 71st Precinct is located around the corner and Montgomery Street is frequently used by the police when speeding off to emergencies.” Give me a break. Everyone knows the police respond to emergencies when they get around to it, and only “speed off” when one of their own is in peril. It’s also well known how many accidents the police get into. Better the police should slow down too and not create more emergencies by crashing on the way.

  • 7. Jacob Goldstein wrote:


    The Department Of Transportation moved the speed bump. I never complained about its original sight.
    The speed bumps were originally needed on Montgomery Street for no other reason than we have B“H many children living on this block.

    Montgomery St. heretofore was a notorious speedway for individuals trying to beat the traffic light at the corner of Brooklyn Avenue and Montgomery Street.
    Numerous accidents with near-deadly concequences have occurred on said corner with cars attempting to beat the traffic light at excessive speeds.

    If you don’t beleive me, ask Hillel Dovid Krinsky and/or Zalman Channen about the number of times Hillel Dovid had to repair his brick wall and Zalman Channen now installing a brick wall of his own due to the cars that have ended up in his lawn.

    Just this past February, there was a serious accident at that corner as the driver — going at speeds of excess of 70 mph (as per the NYPD) — was broadsided by a car who had the green light coming down Brooklyn Avenue and was, thus, slammed into Channen’s garden.

    To the critics regarding police response being slowed due to the bumps: NYPD was consulted and found no issue with the insertion of speed bumps.

    Regarding Hatzolah: It wasn’t brought up to the community board office. Additionally, emergency vehicles all over the City respond through streets that contains speed bumps and to-date that has not been an issue.

    I don’t recall anyone approaching me from Sterling Street. However, if you — or any other resident of Crown Heights — wants a speed bump on your street, there is a procedure to be followed as per the instructions of the NYC DOT.
    This process begins with a signed petition from the street’s residents.
    You may contact Communittee Board 9 (718) 778-9279 for the procedural instructions.

    -Rabbi Jacob Goldstein
    Chairman CB9 Brooklyn

    PS – I have been selected unopposed by the members of CB9 to begin my 31st year as Chairman of the Board at elections to be held this month Iy”h.

  • 9. be safe wrote:

    I Drive a particular SUV that due to the long suspension travel and high ground clearance, is mostly immune to these kinds of speed humps. I usually feel it more at 15 MPH. The sweet spot is 25-35 MPH and I would not risk breaking my suspension by trying it at 70 MPH.
    Just FYI. Keep safe and don’t speed.

  • 10. not in CH wrote:

    I remember the CORNER ( Klein Home ) of Brooklyn & Montgomery well ,every few weeks there was a accident with cars ending up on the sidewalk..people were always speeding down Montgomery.. keep up the good work Jake


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