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Shomrim Recover Stolen Vehicle Using OnStar

Sunday evening in the heart of Boro Park a car-jacking took place on 45th St. between 17th and 18th Avenues. A slim built male Black ran up to the car and pointed a gun at the driver and ordered him to exit the vehicle and fled with it.

The Boro Park Shomrim Division responded to the call along with numerous Police Officers from the 66th Precinct and began canvassing the area for the car, a 2007 Black GMC Envoy. All the other Shomrim Divisions including Flatbush, Crown Heights and Williamsburg were notified and requested to assist in the canvas. Police had issued a Level One Mobilization as well, notifying the surrounding Precincts of the incident.

A creative Shomrim Member suggested to the Police Sergeant on scene to use the cars OnStar system to locate it using GPS, which only moments after the robbery they had received a hit on the vehicles location at E. 53rd St. and Avenue J in Flatbush and OnStar kept updating Police and Shomrim as to the vehicles location in the meantime both Shomrim Flatbush and Boro Park began pursuing the vehicle for nearly 10 minutes up to Ralph Ave. and Avenue X where the SUV collided with a police car while attempting to evade police.

The car sustained front end damage wasn’t able to drive so the perp got out of the car and began running on foot followed by Police and Shomrim hot on his trail, the pursuit lasted only a few moments and police apprehended him. In his possession they found the gun he used which had not been loaded. When asked why he car-jacked the car the perp simply said ‘I needed an Envoy’.


  • 1. CHer wrote:

    amazing how the BP community get their cops moving (and results from city officials) while our community ‘leaders’ get photos…

  • 2. Chose to be in CH wrote:

    Great job! B“H for people like Hatzala and Shomrim. Thanks to all for your much needed and appreciated work. Iy”H we can get our community to where it should be together.

  • 4. awacs wrote:

    And, if Shomrim would not have been there, NYPD would not have thought of using the GPS to track?


  • 5. Chaim Yankel wrote:

    There’$ ab$olutely no di$tinction between our community’$ activi$t$ and their$. $o I wonder what could po$$ibly be the rea$on why the $ixty-$sixth Precinct re$spond$ $o quickly to that $chnuna’s demand$, while to our$, they ju$t do not. Who know$? $omething to think about.

  • 6. think about this.... wrote:

    think about this…police have to go to college to become a police…i believe 2 years…shomrim have to be good devoted jews…and see whose coming up wt the ideas…lol

  • 7. BPer wrote:

    The reason the police responded so
    well, is because the victim is a
    police liason. Hashem rewards those
    who are constantly busy helping the


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