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Montgomery Street Hondas Hit Again

Late Monday night/Early Tuesday morning airbag theifs struck Montgomery St. once again, this time it took place in between Albany and Troy and the car was a Honda Accord. The rear small window was smashed in order to gain access to the vehicle and the driver and passenger side airbags were removed along with the airbag computers.

This incident follows the night before airbag job on Montgomery between Kingston and Albany.

More in the Extended Article.

Police were called to this incident and the responding officers were very nice to the car owner, inviting him into the squad car to keep warm while they filled out the police report. The NYPD’s Crime Scene Unit was called and they ‘dusted’ the car in attempts to recover the fingerprints of the perp or perps, which didn’t yield anything leading the police to believe that the perp uses gloves.


  • 1. berel b. wrote:

    it happened also to another car, across the street from that one. But the air bags were not taken in the second incident.

    I don’t know if anything else was stolen, the same back window was broken, but both airbags were there.

    I think it was a beige Honda.

  • 2. chrup! wrote:

    we should set up a honda or two as “bait” and stake it out and when the perp comes to jack it,we jack him!

  • 3. car smashed wrote:

    berel: are you talking about a crv? montgomery between kingston and albany ? what time did you see this ? as the vehicle was missing airbags at 7am wednesday morning.

  • 4. berel b. wrote:

    im not really sure wha crv is but the car i am taking about was between Alany and Troy.

    and it looked the same as as the one in the above picture, except, different collor.


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