5th Annual RCCS Breakfast Hosted in Crown Heights

Crowds of supporters turned out for the 5th annual Crown Heights breakfast in support of Rofeh Cholim Chaim Society, which was hosted by Moshe and Dina Kops who are well known pillars of Chessed in the community.

R’ Yoel Brill, a key advocate for patients and the Director of RCCS, thanked everyone for their support and highlighted the importance of what RCCS is for the community and Shluchim.

Rabbi Yankie Barber, a Rabbi and Shliach in Australia who recently lost his wife to Yeneh Machlah, related his story how RCCS was there for his family in time of need and thanked all who helped.  and how we should all support organization like RCCS.

There was a pre-pesach gift box loaded with items raffle for those who donated generously.

Mendy Wilhelm, the young initiative chairman of RCCS, picked the a raffle ticket. The lucky winner was Chananya Feldman.

In closing remarks R’ Brill asked the crowd “to continue helping Cholie Yisroel by hosting a breakfast or fundraising event. But more importantly if you know anyone that needs help to contact RCCS anytime.”

If you wish to donate visit www.rccscancer.org/donate.asp or call (718) 473-3612.

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  • 4. Mavin wrote:

    Heart disease is responsible for more deaths in this country than all forms of cancer combined, yet I never heard anyone refer to it as ‘Yeneh Machlah.

    I would expect that people involved in helping others would be able to rise above this kind of emotional immaturity and ostrich mentality.


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