New Special Ed Program Opening in Crown Heights

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Many children experience difficulties early on in their formal education, yet the issues only begin to surface when they reach 4th grade.

If a child has difficulties in reading/kriah, he might be able to get by and his issue may even go unnoticed, yet as he gets older, when the pace picks up in the classroom, he will likely fall behind and end up failing.

If a child has a weakness in communicating with other people and is poor at socializing, it will only become more apparent during the teenage years when real friendships and groups form and they can’t develop healthy relationships.

Research has shown that treatment targeting the child’s weakness right at the beginning is far more effective than in 4th grade or high school when the problems manifest themselves. Tutoring is often not sufficient for children with the above difficulties. They need a full curriculum to learn the basic learning skills or social skills that are taken for granted by other children.

On this basis a new program will iy”h open up for boys age 6 – 8 as an afternoon program (1 – 4pm) in the 580 Crown St shul located at the Crown Condos. Children with the above challenges will be grouped separately with a full curriculum targeting skills in reading/Kriah, Chumash & social skills.

This new program to be named Yeshivah Darchai Limud – “Where every child has a pathway of learning” will i“yh be run by Yehuda Adelist, experienced in the field of remediation and education with boys in Crown Heights for 8 years and Mordechai Palace who comes with 4 years experience, both with a NY state license in Special Education.

The curriculum will be unique with the kriah component incorporating a number of methods simultaneously. Kriah involves many skills, and each method focuses on one of them. The chumash component will be skill based focusing on shoroshim and beginnings and endings of words within the chumash learned in English. The social part of the program will be innovative with organized activities and sports followed by a class to specifically to teach social skills and middos tovos in coordination of a teacher and social worker.

Children will have the benefit of staying mainstreamed during the 1st half of the day and not miss the main learning and the tuition is b”h able to be kept at a low cost thanks to some generous subsidies.

A special ed program for our children when they are beginning to experience failure serviced by our own, is such a vital ingredient currently missing in our chinuch system. For parents of children with learning or social challenges, it is important that they have the option of getting help in an organized program without having to go outside the community, all the while keeping their children mainstreamed for the main part of the day until 1:00pm.

For more information please call 718-664-4722 or 718-771-0897.


  • 2. ch parent wrote:

    bh!!, just signed up my child, now i know he will live up to his potential!!

  • 3. Well done wrote:

    Go Yehuda….. well done!!
    you doing such a good job at what you do!

  • 4. I-m Special! wrote:

    Beautiful idea! Just imagine how many children will be saved from dropping out of yeshiva and yiddishkeit because they will have a love for learning instead of feleling like a failure, hatzlacha rabbah.
    Oh, parents, if your son can benefit from this program, please send him.
    Your son.


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