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First of Injured Florida Girls Leaves Hospital Thursday, Slow Progress For Girl In Coma

HALLANDALE BEACH, FL [CHI] — Chaya Mushka bas Matil Yanni, one of the two Chaya Aydel Seminary girls who were hit by an SUV driven by an 82 year old woman in Hallandale Beach, Florida 3 weeks ago, Boruch Hashem left Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood Thursday afternoon, Gimmel Shvat. She will need 6-8 weeks more of rehabilitation, but she is already walking with the assistance of crutches.

Elana Leah bas Sheindl Rochel Kastle, still in a coma, critical but stable, has Boruch Hashem shown slow, positive signs of progress in the last few days. Her parents, Dr and Mrs Jerry Kastle, are asking everyone to continue praying and giving Tzedakah on her behalf, and to turn the seven resolutions her classmates made at a Kinus Hisorrirus at Chabad of South Broward, attended by hundreds of people two weeks ago, into a global campaign. The Shluchim Office has offered their assistance in making this a worldwide effort.

The seven resolutions include:1)Focusing on “tracht gut vet zein gut”, Think good and it will be good. 2) Increasing in Tehillim and Tzedakah. Elana’s Kapitul is 19, Chaya’s is 20. 3)Increasing in Mivtzah Neshek, with a goal of distributing 1000 Friday Night Lites in South Florida until Chov Beis Shvat. 4)Increasing in Limud HaTorah, and encouraging South Florida women and girls to participate every Wednesday night at the Chaya Aydel Seminary one on one “Yeshiva Learning”. 5)Increasing in Ahavas Yisroel that leads to Achdus Yisroel. 6)Increasing in the awareness of Moshiach, the anticipation of his coming, and to explain to people that Moshiach is tangible and not a far fetched, distant concept. 7)Organizing or participating in a Chassidishe Farbrengen, and mentioning the names of the girls for a bracha.

Dr and Mrs Kasle have requested that the sixth resolution, about Moshiach, be given the most emphasis.

In addition to the Kinus Hisorrirus two weeks ago, over a hundred women and girls gathered at the Memorial Hospital Main Auditorium, last week, to say Tehillim and to Farbreng. The Farbrengen was led by Rebbitzen Chasiah Kudan and Rebbitzen Chanie Bukiet. Before Tehillim was recited, those assembled were addressed by Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus, Broward county Sheriff Al Lamberti, whose office has been extremely dedicated to the injured girls , their families, and the Seminary, and by an assistant to the Sheriff.

This past Monday night, 20 Shluchim gathered at the Memorial Hospital Main Auditorium to study Bosi L’Gani 5748. The Maamor learning was led by Rabbi Yossi Lebovics,principal of the Chaya Aydel Seminary, with Dr Kastle joining in the Shiur and the Farbrengen that followed. At the Farbrengen, brochos were said for all those in need of a Refuah Shleima.

Rabbi Lebovics and the other Shluchim noticed many connections between the Maamor and the Matzav, with an emphasis how the outcome with Elana will be 100% Besuros Tovos. Rabbi Lebovics added that, “the Seminary girls have done projects in the last 2 and a half weeks totally at the level of Shtus diKdusha. Their Mivtzoim has known no bounds, from signing up all the pre bar and bas Mitzvah children in the Sefer Torah for Jewish children at Brauser Maimonides Day School, Mivtza Neshek with a Shturem in many South Florida malls, and walking in to kosher restaurants, asking everyone present to stand up and say Tehillim, while giving out hundreds of Good Cards.

May we be able to report the good news very soon of Elana waking up with a complete and speedy recovery.


  • 2. Susie Kellman, West Bloomfield, MI wrote:

    Bais Yaakov Detroit – had its middle school play yesterday and before both preformances the Klal said thelim for Elana led by Mrs. R. Levin, Pricipal.
    The tefillos where heartfelt as all present (little girls as young as 2 and alta Bubbys alike) stood and recited together with tremendous Kvana. May Elana Leah bas Shaindel Rochel have a complete and speedy recovery!


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