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5 Injured in Multi-Vehicle Crash

Five people were injured in a multi-vehicle crash late Friday afternoon in Crown Heights.

The incident occurred on St. Johns Place between Utica and Rochester Avenues.

According to witnesses, the driver of one of the cars had a seizure behind the wheel and crashed head on into another car coming towards him. They both careened into a parked car on the side of the street.

Five people were transported by EMS to the hospital for treatment, none with life-threatening injuries.



  • 1. cher wrote:

    st johns pl needs becomes a one way street west of rogers ave.they need to make it into a one way street all the way through till the end.

    • 3. cher wrote:

      He had a seizure… nothing to do with the traffic setup.

      that,s true but one car rear ending another car is nowhere near as bad as a head on collision.if st johns pl would have been a one way st then it would have been a rear end colision which is nowhere near as bad as a head on collision which unfortunately is what happened.

  • 4. To #3 wrote:

    A rear end collision could be just as bad if it causes a chain reaction where the car that gets hit is shoved into the car in front of it and on and on.

    • 5. cher wrote:

      the only time that can happen is if the first car to cause the collision is going really fast like over 50 mph or so & it hits a car stopped at a red light.that is the only time that it can be a chain reaction but if it,s a head on colision even if both cars are going slow the results are always disasterous.


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