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Short Police Chase Ends in Severe Crash

At around 1:00am on Tuesday night a Police Officer observed a driver at the intersection of St. Johns Pl. and Brooklyn Ave. talking on his cell phone, the officer pulled up behind the car to perform a traffic stop when the blue Honda station wagon took off at a high rate of speed, upon reaching the intersection of Brooklyn and Eastern Parkway the fleeing vehicle attempted to make a left turn, but the combination of speed and wet roads sent the car onto the median then trough a bench and into a parked minivan. The driver then got out of his wrecked car and began fleeing on foot and was stopped a short minute later by a vigilant resident who tackled the suspect and held him for police.

More pictures in the Extended Article.

More police officers from both the 77th Precincts, where the incident originally took place, and 71st Precinct officers, where the incident ended, began arriving on scene and began documenting the incident and checking if the vehicle was stolen, which it wasn’t. The parked minivan belonged to a Jewish resident.

One bystander who had witnessed the entire incident told that ‘the car must have been going at least 70mph and when it hit the curb it went airborne!’


  • 2. LESSONS LEARNED wrote:

    Be extra careful when standing at street corners or at the curb- especially with children.
    Teach kids to stand a bit back from the street while waiting at the curb for whatever reason. Think of it as the yellow line near the tracks in the subway.
    Many accidents near corners result in the car ending up ON THE SIDEWALK!!!
    It is big ness that no one was injured in this accident.
    Finally, PLEASE don’t speed or get behind the wheel if you’re even tipsy or overtired, and never undermine wet or snow conditions. One skid, can-chas v’sholom, lead to terrible results.
    ZEI GEZUNT!!!!

  • 6. sick and tired wrote:

    Gee, now was that another one of our upstanding afro-amer. friends?????

  • 8. a student in Bais Chana California wrote:

    Ich Vaist Nisht…Why is there so much crime in California!!

  • 9. stupid wrote:

    To Bais Chana-
    there is no crime in cal. compared to crown heights. The crash was in crown heights?

  • 10. Boruch ben Tzvi HaKohaine Hoffinger wrote:

    Where did your article say that the police chased them?
    If it was a police chase, the police (Crimnal Justice System) is nuts!
    They’re as dangerous as the criminals they’re chasing!
    Esav is an idiot!


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