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Wild 3 Car ‘Pile-Up’ in Boro Park

On Tuesday at around 8:00pm a car service was observed going down 40th St. in Boro Park attempting to ‘make the light’ but failed causing a terrible accident with injuries.

When the car service entered the intersection a small Nissan Sentra heading up 16th Ave. slammed into the driver side of the car service with enough force to roll it over, but it didn’t end with that, the heavy Ford Crown Victoria landed on top of the hood of a Cadillac CTS which was waiting at the intersection for the light.

There were multiple injuries of various extent, Hatzalah responded and transported the patients to Lutheran Trauma Center where they were all listed in stable condition.

More pictures in the Extended Article!


  • 3. David wrote:

    everyone makes mistakes . it wasn’t on purpose until u know it was . be considerate.

  • 7. Yosef Yitzhak K. wrote:

    Webby, Don’t you usuallly blur the licence plates?
    Also, what’s the cop pouring onto the street from the bucket (picture 9)?

  • 8. good work wrote:

    This site has the greatest photgraphs of any media source I have ever seen. Everyone Knows that sometimes pictures tell more of a story than words!

  • 10. Ye Ye wrote:

    Hey Yosef Yitzchak. i think you should blur your name first…!
    And, that stuff is a substance that "disarms" any live fuel spilled onto the street.

  • 11. that-s what it is wrote:

    I believe what the officer is pouring is something that is used to absorb spills, such as gasoline. It’s sort of like kitty litter — mechanics in garages use it all the time. If you look at the other photos of this accident you will notice white stuff on the ground that looks kind of like sand — that’s what it is.

  • 12. a driver wrote:

    wow 9 days are in full swing. eveyone beware and please drive safely!! its our lives out there. all drivers, keep us safe!

  • 13. awacs wrote:

    "Also, what’s the cop pouring onto the street from the bucket (picture 9)?"

    It looks like a fireman, and I suspect he’s pouring some kind of flame retardant on spilled gasoline.

  • 15. *chavi wrote:

    no wonder my mom doesn’t like when i drive..let alone in ny.
    awesome pics..

  • 16. anonomous wrote:

    That’s absolutely crazy. I think that taxi drivers need to learn how to drive.

  • 18. Amazed wrote:

    If you practiced, you couldn’t get these cars arranged like that. Must have been an awesome sight!

    We still have a ways to go…be careful, everyone!

    Don’t forget Tehillim for our soldiers.

  • 19. Yehudis E. wrote:

    in response to anonomous who wrote that taxi drivers ought to learn how to drive. I think people in Boro Park ought to learn some manners. When ever I go to Boro Park drivers are totally rude and totally selfish and are honking like maniacs when the light is about to change. plus they have an attitude about anyone who isn’t Jewish and/or isn’t from there neighborhood. It’s not the taxi drivers, it’s the attitude of the boro parkers.
    a crown heights observer.

  • 20. chayamom wrote:

    As a boro parker who comes from out of town,there is an all around problem with the attitudes of people here Both pedestrians and drivers! I have seen many times where drivers use red lights as merely a suggestion–if you like you may stop! I have also seen pedestrians (not only the ederly) who will not have the light to cross, will look staight at your car coming and still stroll across the street as if the light is theirs. Or how about the women who push their carriages out in front of them in the way of oncoming traffic when they are waiting for the light to change for them. Don’t they worry about killing their children chas vesholem! It’s all about me first! Both the drivers and the pedestrians need lessons on how to behave.
    My last pet peeve for today is when drivers stop either to pick up people or to drop off people and they stop smack in the middle of the street. Ever heard of pulling over into a driveway or at the nearest pump?!! Usually it means just pulling up a couple of inches and moving to the side!

  • 23. so inappropriate wrote:

    oh my golly this sux look at the pple in the backround watching
    this is total jewish intertainment


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