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Video: The Rebbe’s Brain Was Like No Other

Rabbi Shmuel Tevardovitz of Bal Harbour, FL, yesterday encountered Dr. Bernard (Barry) Baumel, a world-renowned neurologist, who had the privilege of treating the Rebbe after he suffered a stroke in 1992. Dr. Baumel shares a fascinating experience he and his fellow physicians witnessed during that time period.


  • 1. Shmoozer wrote:

    He said it was similar to Einstein – not like the title suggests

    • 2. Yudi wrote:

      Or anyone else that uses their brains as much and as constantly as they both did.

  • 3. Mendel wrote:

    Should we focus on Rebbe’s teachings and directives or his anatomy?

    • 4. Milhouse wrote:

      Obviously we should focus on his anatomy since “it’s the first thing we see” as clarified by recent online comments related to tznius

    • 5. rabbi chaim wrote:

      Mendel Mendel Mendel,
      Focus? You ask about focus? You’re wasting time commenting here, not focusing on what you should be.
      Can you enjoy an interesting story without knocking it?

  • 6. Avi wrote:

    Where does the brain fit into the five-fold soul posited by chassidus?


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