Video: Think Before You Drink

This video was created by On Time Studios ahead of this year’s Purim celebrations, bearing a powerful message: be mindful not to harm others – especially those you love most – when you drink.


  • Kop Doktar

    Wrong message! It is perfectly legal to drink and drive. You just can’t OVER drink and then drive drunk/impaired under the influence. So go ahead a drink one, two or even three l’chaims. But THEN if you are driving: s t o p ! ! ! It is only those who can’t control themselves, THEY can’t drink and drive AT ALL. So stop this nonsense about “don’t drink and drive”, it’s like the Chava telling the Snake if I TOUCH the tree I will die – it;s okay to touch the tree and the fruit, it’s okay to drink a few (up to three) but don’t EAT from the Eitz Hadas if you want to live and don’t OVER DRINK if you will drive, so just go on and be merry. I swear to drunk I am not g-d.

  • Avrohom

    Kop. #2. people are effected by liquor to varying degrees depending on their size etc. Incorrect to say 3 drinks are o.k. Also, even 1 drink effects a person to some degree. A freilichen and safe Purim to all!

    • Milhouse

      One drink may affect a person, but perhaps not in a bad way. The stats show that drivers with 0.02% blood alcohol are safer than those with 0.00%. (True, there are plausible explanations for that statistic, so I wouldn’t encourage people to always have a small drink before driving! But it does show that one drink is not enough to make a driver dangerous.)

  • Levi

    “Yes, Master,” the little Chavi answered. “I’ll be more careful this time, I won’t tell. Promise. But the Nile won’t hide your fangs, forever”

    — toss the mask, L’chayim