From Days Gone By: Who Is This Chossid?

Courtesy of Rabbi Chaim Dalfin, author of the Who Is Who in Lubavitch series, we present a unique photo of a legendary Chabad Chossid whose Yahrtzeit will be marked this Shabbos. Can you identify who it is, and what he is doing in the photo?


  • Anonymous

    lowering food on suchahs, instead of going down all those stairs to suchah!

  • Michoel Seligson

    Reb Hendel Lieberman (5736/1976)

    probably bringing down food to Suka

  • shmerel

    Artist R’ Hendel Lieberman lowering a pot of food into a succah in the courtyard


    though i do not know who it is, i think i know what he is doing.

    when i was a small child and lived in an apartment building, my mother used to lower the food to the sukka through the window. she would tie some small pots to a rope and let it down to the yard in the back where the sukka was.

    we called it in yiddish “essen treger” which would translate to “food carrier”. we had a set of maybe 4 or 5 small white enamel pots that would stack up one over the other held by some frame, and rope would be secured and it would be lowered down.

    so who is this chossid, and is he also lowering food for someone?

  • cholentmitkugel

    Shabbos. Lowering down key within eruv in alley. Montgomery Street between Albany and Troy?

    • Milhouse

      No. Reb Hendel lived at 1418 President St, before the yeshivah bought the building. If I recall correctly it was on the 2nd floor. This is taken in the courtyard where the sukkos were built.

  • Anonymous

    don’t know who he is but it looks like he might be lowering a pot into a mikveh to toivel it