• No Name

    Standing on the right is Berel Kahan, Shloima Renitz, R’ Nochum Sternberg, Yaakov Guri,Sholom Ber Keivman, Mayer Minkowitz & Zelig Levin. Seated on the left are R’ Zalman Blesofsky, R’ Mendel Marosow, unknown, R’ Yoel Kahan, R’ Yitzchok Dubov from Manchester Eng, & R’ Dovid Raskin. This took place in 1963.

  • Looks like Blesofsky

    On the left side with his hands to his face looks like Reb Zalman Blesofsky obm gabai in 770 many years.

  • pix

    middle- Reb Yoel Kahan

    at his left- Rabbi Yitzchok Dubow
    at his right – Rabbi EC Roitblat
    to the right his hand at his face- Rabbi Zalman Blesofsky
    standing behind- Rabbi zelig levin

  • In the photo

    L to R: Rabbis Dovid Raskin, Yitzchok Dubov (from England), Yoel Kahan, ?, Shloma Zarchi ?, Zalman Blesofsky (left side), Guri (standing third from right), Sholem Ber Kievman, Zelig Levine (left side).

  • Old Timer

    Standing R-L: Berl Kahan, Shlomo Reinitz, ?, Guri (the Sofer), SB Kievman, Meyer Minkowitz, Zelig Levin.
    Sitting R-L: R’ Dovid Raskin, Harav Yitzchock Dubov (speaking), R’ Yoel Kahan, Reb Elye Chaim Roitblatt, R’ Moishe Morosow, R’ Zalman Blesofsky, R’ Pinye Korf, R’ Shmuel Itche Reitzes.
    The one who is with his back to the camera with the velvet hat seems to be the legendary R’ Peretz Chein from the Kerestirer Mikve

  • old Timer

    standing l to r
    Levin (from BP)
    3rd- SB Kievman
    6th – Reinitz
    7th – Jerome Muskal
    Reb Z. Blesofsky
    ” E C Roitblatt
    ” Yoel Kahan
    Rabbi Dubov ?
    Reb Dovid Raskin

  • mendi

    reb zalmen blesifski obm
    on the left sitting with his hands on the tabel in deep thought ,
    he was known as a shucun aruch yid