From Days Gone By: Kos Shel Brocho, Mid ’80s

A Chossid takes a sip of the Kos Shel Brocho he just received from the Rebbe, as other Chassidim line up for theirs, on Motzei Yomtov, circa mid 1980s. Can you identify anyone in the photo?

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  • 3. Anonymous wrote:

    Second row from bottom: Center (above the one drinking kos shel brocho) Reb Avrohom Barber; to the right (next to Rav Mentlik) looks like R’ Sossover; Top right (with blond beard) looks like R’ Huminer.

  • 9. drinking wrote:

    the one drinking is R’ Lebel Mockin

    standing in background is R’ Ohana

  • 10. family wrote:

    Reb Yaakov Ohana is standing second row from top second from left. Thank you for posting this picture.

  • 12. List wrote:

    Bottom row r-l: Rabbi Mentlick, Leibel Mochkin, Mottel Rivkin, Yankel Gansburg.
    Behind the Rebbe: Mordechai Kaplan, Avrohom Barber, Bensi Chanowitz, SholomBer Eichorn.
    On the bench: Yankel Wiliamovsky, Yaacov Ohana, Yitzchock Klein, Yosef Katzman.
    Top row: ?, Yoske Lieder, Tarshish, ?, ?, Yonasan Beitz, Yosef Rubenfeld


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