From Days Gone By: ULY Dinner, 1963

Patrons of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva sit at a gala dinner to benefit the institution in New York in 1963. Can you identify anyone in the photo?

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  • 1. Names in Picture wrote:

    Reb Liss, Mrs Tenenbaum. Mrs Weinberg,Mrs Levitin, Mrs Chitrik, Mrs Bryski

  • 6. l.m. wrote:

    2 ladies in center on left mrs levitin on right mrs shuserman i hink

  • 7. From the past! wrote:

    Rebitzen Lis, facing camera. Mrs Temma Gurary. Menucha Lehrman, Mrs Kotlarsky Mrs. Levitan!!

    • 10. good luck in the future wrote:

      Yes i noticed that to but the difference in those days weee they didnt look like goyim or dressed to attact others to look at them. they wore these clothes coz thats what everyone wore big difference they still look aidel

  • 11. if im not mistaken wrote:

    Mrs. Tenenbaum is sitting at the bottom table all the way to the left and next to her is Mrs. rose Schrage

  • 15. old timer wrote:

    Mrs. Edith Block in the hat
    Mrs. Ethel Bryski
    Mrs. Tema Gurary
    Mrs. Gurary’s mother Mume Leah Karasik
    Mrs. Rivkah Chitrik
    skip one -Don’t know
    Mrs. Wineberg
    Mrs. Tennenbaum
    skip two
    Looks like Mrs. Liss

  • 17. I remember wrote:

    Rebetzin Lisz, Mrs. Shraga, Rebetzin Tenenbaum, Rebetzin Weinberg, Mrs. Zelda Levitin, Mrs. Chitrik, do not know next lady, Mrs. Tema Gurary, do not know and then Edith Block

  • 18. I noticed three women wrote:

    Rivka Chitrik, her mother Leah Karasik, and her sister Tema Gurary

  • 20. Shmuel Dovid wrote:

    From L to R is Ester Banye Marozov, nechomo Dina Mayurchik, Mrs Edelstein Olov hasholom, Heshkeh Chaskins wife dacht zich,?

  • 21. CH resident wrote:

    Mrs Chitrik at the far center of the table, to the left of the woman with a necklace

  • 22. Anonymous wrote:

    REbetzin Leah Karasik A”H, Mrs. YTema Gurary, Mrs. Rivka Chitrick, Rebbetzin Devora Tennenbaum,Mrs. Shirley Levitan, Mrs. Edith Bloch,Rebbetzin Liss (mother of Rabbis Bogomilsky.

  • 23. yes wrote:

    mrs tenenbaum
    mrs wineberg
    mrs levitin
    mrs chitrik
    rebbetzion altein?
    mrs tema gurary?

  • 25. Anonymous wrote:

    At 12 oclock Mrs. Rivka Chitrick, Reb. Leah Karasik (her mother a”h), Mrs Tema Gurary, Mrs. Ethyl Bryski, Mrs. Edith Bloch, ????, Reb. Haddassa Liss,????, Rose Shrage, Reb. Devora Tennenbaun a”h, Reb. Esther Winebeg a”h, Mrs. Shirley Levitan.


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