Fundraising Campaign Launched for Chabad Shul Being Sued by Head Shliach

A group of Lubavitchers have launched a fundraising campaign to show support for and solidarity with the Bais Chabad of West Bloomfield, Michigan. The Bais Chabad, led by the shliach Rabbi Elimelech Silberberg, is defending itself against a motion filed in the United States Supreme Court by Lubavitch Foundation of Michigan, which seeks to take possession of the Bais Chabad.

The suit against Bais Chabad was summarily dismissed by the trial judge, and this decision was affirmed by the Michigan Supreme Court, but Lubavitch Foundation of Michigan has appealed this ruling to the United States Supreme Court.

The website created for this fundraiser claims that Lubavitch Foundation, headed by Rabbi Berel Shemtov, is acting in violation of a ruling by Va’ad Rabbonei Lubavitch that forbids them from taking action in secular court, inasmuch as they never took the Bais Chabad to a din Torah.

The week-long fundraising campaign seeks to raise at least $25,000, half of the projected cost that the Bais Chabad needs to raise in order to file the necessary response to this motion.

One of the campaign organizers told that “the campaign is as much about providing moral support as it is about providing financial assistance. Aside for the over $250,000 the community has had to raise to pay for legal fees thus far, the members of the Bais Chabad are appalled that they are being sued in secular court by a fellow Lubavitcher Shliach. Support from the Chabad global community will go a long way in showing this beautiful community how much Lubavitchers care, and will allow them to continue their amazing growth and programs which include, daily minyanim, tens of weekly shiurim, and more.”

Click here to visit the fundraiser website.



  • 1. Great example wrote:

    Can we please keep our fellow Lubavitchers and their children protected from the infighting that seems unholy to an outsider.
    Our children are looking to us and our leaders for direction. What can we expect from them if this is the example we set for them.
    Chachomim hizharu bidivraichem…

    • 2. No one knows wrote:

      No one knows the Shemtov side. So no one on a web site can make a clear decision on this. Obviously Shemtov has his reason. He is the last person to a use of the many things people are commenting on him. I have great respect for silberberg however NO ONE COMENTING HERE EVEN MILHOUSE DOSENT KNOW.

  • 3. Silberberg lost dint torah 4 times wrote:

    its very clear from the letter posted from VRL that there IS permission to take silberberhg.

    in fact this is the first and only time that Vadd Rabonie Lubavitch gave permission for a Shliach to take someone to court.

    dont be mislead, Silberberg stole this building from Chabad, and sold it to 3 of his Balei Batim. in fact Vadd rabone Lubavitch offered that the building should be signed over to Merkos in New York and Silberberg refused.

    so dont be mislead read the letter on this article signed by rabbi Nochum Schapiro, and it is clear what is going on.

    the case in court now is very simple, Chabad says that before you go to court you need to go to a Din Torah. Silbebergs team is saying that first you need to go to court.

    it is very important to remember that there were no less the FOUR din torahs and silberberg lost each one. hence the permission to take him to court.

    • 5. Stuart wrote:

      To “Silberberg lost dint torah 4 times” (AKA Shemtov fan):

      If Rav Silberberg “sold it to 3 of his Balei Batim” why didn’t you submit proof of this to the court? If Rav Silberberg ever owned the property, it would be public record that anyone could find at the County Register if Deeds. No such document exists. No such document was given to the court? Why spend a million dollars on a lawsuit without any proof???

      Moreover, there would be a document on public record showing that these phantom “Balei Batim” became owners after Rav Silberberg and that they, in turn, conveyed the property to the congregation.

      If any of this were true, these documents would not only be a public record that anyone could look up, but they would have been part of the court record. They ARE NOT PART OF ANY RECORD SHEMTOV SUBMITTED TO THE COURT. Therefore, It. Never. Happened. Why spend a million dollars without any proof? When you have a million dollars and you want to take something from someone that you think cannot defend himself, you might think you don’t need any proof.

      Who are these 3 phantom unnamed “Balei Batim” that supposedly received the property from the Rav and then conveyed it to the congregation? Why are they not named in any court papers submitted by Shemtov and why are there no documents of conveyance on record with the court or on file with the County? Answer: Because you can’t produce a document that does not exist. Property is conveyed by documents in the real world. Going to court with allegations and no proof shows the falsity and vindictiveness of the Shemtov claims.

      And what about Shemtov Fan’s name “Silberberg lost dint torah 4 times”? Since there is no proof that Rav Silberberg ever owned the property, because he didn’t, what did the Din Torah say? That Rav Silberberg should try to convince the congregation to give away its property BECAUSE THE CONGREGATION WAS NOT BEFORE THE BAIS DIN!

      Before this litigation started, the president of the congregation wrote to Shemtov (this is in the court record) that he should summons the Congregation to Bais Din. Shemtov did not do this. Instead he named each and every board member in his lawsuit in secular court! Not a single one before the bais din first!

      Let’s see, how many aveiras is that . . . .

    • 6. Milhouse wrote:

      It’s not Rabbi Silberberg’s building, it never was his building, so he coudln’t sell it to anyone. Nor did it ever belong to Chabad of Michigan, i.e. Rabbi Shemtov. The building belongs to the congregation that built it and paid for it, as like any shul does.

      Did Rabbi Shemtov give one penny towards this building? Did Chabad of MIchigan? No. So what entitles him or them to it? He can sue Rabbi Silberberg all he likes, but it won’t get him a building that RS never had. But he has no right to sue the congregation, because he never took them to a din torah.

    • 7. Toshov Hashchuna wrote:

      To: “Silberberg lost dint torah 4 times”,

      why only 4 times?

      He lost 49 times…

      and the Bais Din said he is chayav missa.

      In fact, in your fairy tale world, the din torah banned him from living in the USA.

      After all, when black is white and 1+1=3, you can make up anything –

      so go for it and tell a grand story,

      but start with, “Once upon a time” and end with “they lived happily ever after”

      – but that in’t going to happen, will it?

      Keep telling fantasies, because someone might believe it!

    • 8. Facts? wrote:

      #3, what is your point when this article display’s blatant evidence of Shemtov violating psak dins? Click the link in the article for a translation.How can you argue that Shemtov has a right to violate psak dins while Silberberg doesn’t? Keep in mind that many feel Silberberg has not violated anything, performed his due diligence, but is simply limited by the original bylaws and articles of incorporation of BCTC (which were obviously not established by Shemtov, since wrongfully changing those is a slam dunk case in any court, and, not currently being disputed by ShemTov).

  • 9. Today's Hayom Yom wrote:

    Read it!
    When the Rabbonim and leaders are healthy, Everyone is healthy.
    Stop wondering why so many of unzerer kinder are leaving the ways of our rebbe’s!!!
    Wake up people. Start with morning davening
    הרני מקבל עלי מצות עשה של
    “ואהבת לרעך כמוך”
    Is it that hard to love yourself?

  • 10. old timer wrote:

    Its the head shliach that is causing all this chillel H-shem~

  • 11. Disgusted wrote:

    I didn’t even read the article but I don’t see the point of printing this and put it on a public forum. Please remove ASAP! Most of us are not interested in personal vendettas!

  • 13. Please! wrote:

    Here we go again! Looks like the name “Shemtov” is synonymous with “power-hungry” (and a few more words). Why are they always interfering with the good work of the Rebbe’s shluchim? Please, put your ego aside and let our fellow Lubavitcher’s continue their amazing work!

    • 14. mendel wrote:

      says the person who lives in crown why dont u go on shlichus then write against shluchim

  • 15. Stuart wrote:

    This case does not belong in the U.S. Supreme Court where Jews trying to save their shul and Rov – Jews that have NEVER been before a bais din on this or any other matter ever, must defend themselves from having their shul taken away and their Rav fired by another Jew because of a personal vendetta.

    The outrage is mind boggling. And the lies spewed by the State organization (I won’t credit them by using the organization’s title) in it its appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court are breathtaking.

    I am totally confident that the Court won’t give the organization the time of day, let alone rule for that organization.

  • 16. to #1 wrote:

    It’s about time that we stop hiding behind false walls which obscure the reality of what goes on. The things which emanate from those who are supposedly our role models, the ones we we’re told to look up to.
    How much longer are we to treat these head Shulchim as hero’s when they treat everyone else worse than animals. I think we should stop hiding these atrocities from our children and rather explain to them what goes on and teach them that this is not the way a Chossid behaves. Otherwise this mentality won’t change.

  • 17. Unprecendented wrote:

    This seems like someone is really power hungry in trying to bring this case to the Supreme Court after losing in State court.
    I don’t believe that a ‘Shliach’ has ever taken another Shliach to the Supreme Court, this is taking it way too far. This is such a Chilul Hashem, waste of time and waste of money, I think it is time that we dismantle this ‘head shluchim’ mishigas once and for all.

  • 18. JustAboutAnyone wrote:

    This sort of thing is the result of a lack of leadership. We need a Rebbe to weigh in on this one.

  • 19. we need to have a code of conduct for shluchim wrote:

    shluchim should not be allowed at casinos
    shluchim should have to have mechitzos in their souls
    shluchim need to be held to standards the rebbe sent

    whoever heard of shluchim under the rebbe going to gamble vacations all over the world
    selling real estate and being a shliach

    let aguch make every shliach who wishes to use the name sign a code of conduct

    • 20. And.... wrote:

      Whoever heard of Shluchim promoting themselves through stupid, “funny” videos, or by becoming music stars? Face it, while most (99.9%) of Shluchim are out there doing their job, you have a handful who think it’s great to be a clown or an Avraham Fried wannabe.

      I have kids in crazy places on shlichus and i know what it means to slave away bringing Yiddishkeit to the masses and they do it without all this stupid and irritating garbage.

    • 21. Crown Heightser wrote:

      Having a Code of Conduct would quickly disqualify most members of Aguch. A Code of Conduct will probably say that disputes must be settled by din torah and not courts. That would knock out how many people from Aguch???

      It would probably say that finances need full transparency. Forbid nepotism. Forbid acting in a conflict of interest or for personal gain. How many from Aguch would be able to abide by that???

      No no no, we CANNOT have a Code of Conduct. Remember what happened when HKB”H offered the Torah ( a Code of Conduct) to Bnei Essov and Bnei Yishmoel – they said it is not for them!!

  • 22. The Rebbe's huhnt (dog) for the Rebb's Kovod wrote:

    If you dont understand this then you are simply not delusional enough, i suggest you go to a small town like Detroit, learn a little Chasidus, drink a lot more Mashkeh, then climb a ladder and jump off the top, undoubtedly if you are chassidish enough you will fly.

  • 23. Borsalino wrote:

    My friends
    Michigan is cheap real estate
    It is not tzedaka to give money to lawyers
    Leave this old building
    What do you care
    Think big
    Whith all this money you can make a new shul bigger , more modern , a hall etc to do many programs and attract more people

    • 24. worried wrote:

      He is the first one to stand up for himself and there were many before who just listened and left if they would stand up for what is right then he wouldn’t go through this whole thing now he is doing it to protect the last few le

  • 25. Ashamed wrote:

    Is it really that necessary for to be reporting such Lashon Hara about fellow yidden? I think that this is completely disrespectful. I am embarressed.

  • 26. SD wrote:

    TO COMMENT # 2

    • 28. Kop Doktar wrote:

      There are certain people that are “Crooked”. They see things crooked. They read things crooked. They think crooked.

      The author of the comment “Silberberg lost dint torah 4 times” clearly is such a person.

      It is not the fault of the “crooked people” that they have the disability to see things straight.

      With therapy, they might succeed in realizing that the world is actually straight and they are crooked. However, unfortunately their crookedness cannot be “fixed”.

      Please do not mock at their handicap. They live in a delusional world and often suffer from paranoia, schizophrenia and/or persecution complex.

      Shemtov also suffers from this ailment of being a “crooked person”. As someone who feels persecuted (and probably at one time was persecuted or abused), he will persecute and abuse others. This is like an abused person who will continue the cycle of abuse.

      I would offer him therapy but I think he is beyond help.

  • 29. mendel wrote:

    i hate that most people who curse out shemtovs live in crown hights and didnt go on shlichus why dodnt u go on shlichus and have mesiras nefesh then curse out shemtovs

  • 31. worried wrote:

    Now a days the misirus nefesh of shlichus is to be the dog of the rebbe and do whatever the rebbe wants from grocery shopping to jumping off a roof
    BUT not the way you understand what the rebbe wants but rather the way your head shliach understands what the rebbe wants

  • 33. my 2 cents wrote:

    Let me get this right.
    Levi Shemtov in DC sues his co Shliach in court.
    Berel Shemtov, his uncle, sues HIS co Shliach in court.

    Who is next? Maybe I should have sued Berel AND his co shliach years ago for money owed by the little guy. Berel Shemtov refused to help.

    Rabbi Silberberg – good luck, you’re gonna need it.

  • 34. To #27 wrote:

    Funny that you say that all those that criticize Shemtovs – never went on Shlichus themselves.

    I find this funny: Because NON of Berl Shemtovs sons ever went out anywhere on Shlichus! They all remained at home ,

  • 35. Interesting facts. wrote:

    1. There are about five letters from VRL addressed to elimelech Silberberg telling him directly to do something or not do something.

    He openly went against all direct orders to him from VRL including those writen and signed by the a Zabla bes din.

    That is why they allowed the court case.

    There is NOT ONE letter written from VRL to Rabbi Shemtov telling him to do anything that didn’t do or telling him not to do something.

    The letter of the opinion of VRL of who can be named in a din Torah was writing to Silberberg and not from the Zabla.

    2. The ownership of the building was clearly established by VRL and confirmed many times.

    The ONLY halachik question in disagreement is if you have to take the

    קונה מן הגנב

    To a bes din before you go to court to collect a Geneiva.

    3. The board knew during that din Torah with Silberberg that the ownership of the building was being determined.

    They gave testimony and prepared letters. No one ever objected during the din Torah that this issue was being decided until AFTER the psak.

    Even after the psak, the board never tried to initiate any din Torah. They only said that they were willing to be called to another din Torah.

    4. It is obvious that Silberberg either a. Is just hiding behind a board (which I believe) or b. Lied to the board for a lot of years and is in a tough spot.

    • 37. Milhouse wrote:

      Every normal shul in the world belongs to the kehilla, not to the rov. The rov is an employee, just like the janitor; the ballebatim are exactly that — the owners. It’s the kehilla that raises the money, the ballebatim who donate the money, and the shul is their rechush to deal with however they like. No beis din can order the rov to give away his employer’s property, any more than they can order the janitor to do the same.

      And even if the beis din had ordered the kehilla to give away their property it would be outright theft, and they would be right to ignore such a “psak din”. The bottom line is that the people who donated the money for the shul donated it to the kehilla, not to Berel Shemtov. They did not give money so that Berel could have a real estate portfolio that he could borrow against to build something big somewhere else. They were only interested that there should be a shul in West Bloomfield where they could daven and learn, led by Rabbi Silberberg who inspired them to come there in the first place. If they wanted to give to Berel they would have sent him a check.

    • 38. Facts? wrote:

      You discuss Silberberg’s violation of psak dins but ignore the blatant physical evidence of ShemTov’s violation of the same psak din. That evidence is attached to this article and furthermore displayed via the link in the article. Perhaps you can explain why ShemTov is on a madrega to ignore and violate psak dins that he brought up to a Bais Din that is controled by his own extended family? There’s your talk verses physical evidence… Which should an objective individual believe?

    • 39. K wrote:

      “Every normal shul in the world belongs to the kehilla”:

      Does 770 belong to the Kehilla?

    • 40. Milhouse wrote:

      No, 770 is not a normal shul. Despite its size, it’s a shtiebel. 770 itself belongs to Aguch, and the rest of the building till the corner belongs to Merkos, because they were the ones who bought it. The shul is something they allow to happen on their property. It has the din of a בית כנסת של יחיד, like all the shtiblach in Brooklyn that belong to the rebbeleh or rov who bought the building and runs a shul in his basement.

      When the old Spinker shul in Crown Heights was sold to someone for a house, he wanted to close down the shul, but the beis din ruled that he had to keep it open, but he was to be the total balleboss. He was to be the rov, the gabai, the president, he could give all the aliyos to whomever he wanted, and choose all the baalei tefillah, and the only right the mispallelim had was to come and daven at the fixed times for the minyonim. That’s what 770 is, al pi din.

  • 41. @No. 33 wrote:

    As I wrote to #3 why don`t you Id yourself
    RE:Is it bcs what you write is a lie or worse.
    Leibel Avtzon

  • 43. Stuart wrote:

    To: “Interesting facts” (AKA Shemtov fan):

    “1. There are about five letters from VRL addressed to elimelech Silberberg telling him directly to do something or not do something. ”

    All things Rav Silberberg had NO power to do.

    “2. The ownership of the building was clearly established by VRL and confirmed many times.”

    Ownership of real estate is determined by the LAW OF THE LAND and nothing else. The law of the land means the title documents that have been recorded since the land was purchased many years ago. No Shemtov name and no Lubavitch organization owner’s name appears on these documents. Nor does Rav Silberberg’s name appear. THAT is what is clearly established.

    “3. The board knew during that din Torah with Silberberg that the ownership of the building was being determined.”

    The proceedings were between the Rav and Shemtov. No Din Torah can determine ownership if the owner is not involved. How do I know this? I was a member of the board, then Vice-President, and then President during the time of these proceedings. I wasn’t involved, invited, or otherwise told of these proceedings until I was asked to give away property to someone I never met by people I never met. It was Berel Shemtov’s mistake to think the Rav could do anything but ask the shul membership to turn over its property, which our Rav did. And what do you expect a corporate nboard to do about a HOSTILE TAKEOVER? Certainly not capitulate.

    You are in denial and cannot conceive of the fact that Rav Silberberg NEVER controlled the property. But it is true. The proceedings against him were a complete waste of time. And this waste of time resulted in a complete chilul hashem by Shemtov.

    Moreover, why in the world should the board try “to initiate any din Torah”? Shemtov wanted the property. It was up to him to do so and we invited him to do so. Why would we EVER do more than that? Because he harrassed Rav Silberberg with his misdirected aggression? Shemtov apparently was unable to conceive that the facts were other than the way he fantacized them.

    “4. It is obvious that Silberberg either a. Is just hiding behind a board (which I believe) or b. Lied to the board for a lot of years and is in a tough spot.”

    AU CONTRAIRE. It is the board that is in charge and is IN FRONT of Rav Silberberg. The board bought the land and built the building. What was there for Rav Silberberg to lie about? That Shemtov might not approve? Don’t let the facts confuse you. We never needed his approval.

    Thank Hashem that we set up the shul this way from the very beginning. Shemtov, by not attacking the corporation directly, only wastes money that should have been tzedakah for yiddishkeit to make the world better. It shows what he really cares about, and it is not yiddishkeit.

    To “36. @No. 33”:

    Just call him Shemtov Fan and call it a day.

  • 44. what is wrong with you people? wrote:

    does anybody here have any idea what they’re talking about di vos veisin zogen nit un di vos zogen veisin nit

  • 45. wrote:

    We are a group of Lubavitchers showing support for and solidarity with Bais Chabad of West Bloomfield, Michigan, and its distinguished shliach, Rabbi Elimelech Silberberg, and to protest the injustice being perpetrated against it by Rabbi Berel Shemtov and Lubavitch Foundation of Michigan.

    Lubavitch Foundation is hounding the Bais Chabad through the court system in an attempt to take ownership of their shul. This is in plain defiance of Va’ad Rabbonei Lubavitch, who unequivocally ruled that they cannot sue the Bais Chabd in the secular courts.

    The case was summarily dismissed by the trial judge and then again by the Michigan Supreme Court. Recently, Lubavitch Foundation appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Bais Chabad now needs $50,000 for attorneys’ fees in order to file the necessary response to this frivolous appeal (in addition to the over $250,000 they already spent on legal fees).

    Our goal is to raise (at least) $25,000—half the needed amount—during a one-week fundraising drive. Please open your heart and donate to this worthy cause—every dollar counts.

    We cannot stand by idly while a beautiful Chabad community is being bullied. We urge the Chabad community worldwide to demonstrate that Chabad is behind them by providing financial assistance and words of encouragement and support.

    For more information about the Bais Chabad and about the legal case, or to contact us, visit

  • 46. K wrote:

    The bus drove over the cliff and crashed. There is carnage all around. Passengers are dead or injured badly. The ambulances arrive and find these two children are still fighting who gets to sit in the front seat.

    Your community crashed. There is carnage all around. Passengers who travel on the derech you promote are injured or dead as many of them are going off the derech.

    Yet these two are fighting over which one of them gets to sit in the front seat of this crashed bus!

    Children – look around you! The bus crashed!

  • 47. Stuart wrote:

    To “K”

    Bad analogy. The bus hasn’t crashed. It is driven by the members of Bais Chabad. Shemtov is throwing rocks at the bus trying to hit Rabbi Silberberg, who isn’t even on the bus. Rabbi Silberberg is learning gemarah in his shul and preparing to take care of his kehillah while Shemtov’s rocks are denting the bus.

    The passengers are shaking their heads at the silly hooligan throwing rocks, getting out their tools and fixing the bus at the next stop, only to be met by Shemtov throwing more rocks at the bus and trying to hit Rav Silberberg again, while Rav Silberberg STILL is somewhere else helping yidden.

  • 49. Crown Heightser wrote:

    K is a misnaged from BMG kollel. He is no friend of Chabad.

    I get his moshul.

    I am sure his comment was directed at the entire Chabad “bus” and derech of chassidus which he claims it has “crashed” / failed and all that remains is internal fighting, maneuvering and politics that is irrelevant to the larger situation of the role Chabad plays (or does not play) in the world of frum Jewry.

    There are minor nuggets of truth in his moshul, as every lie must have a bit of truth, but the message is hateful and typical of a misnaged.

    • 50. Toshov Hashchuna wrote:

      Didn’t K start learning chassidus with Milhouse? I remember they made shulem, asked mechilah and decided to respect each other.

    • 51. Kop Doktar wrote:

      The Chabad bus never crashed and will travel onward to greet Moshiach! Shemtov does not represent the persona of Chabad. He is simply like a single rotten apple in the entire bushel.

    • 52. Frumster wrote:

      K isn’t a friend of Chabad. Shemtov runs Friends of Chabad. Maybe they need to switch roles.

  • 54. really? wrote:

    why do you HAVE to post someting like this, is it really that important? it is complete loshon hara! please remove it immediately.

  • 55. Stuart wrote:

    The following non-Jewish religious organizations have sent the U.S. Supreme Court a brief in support of Shemtov.





    Is the Lubavitch “hierarchy” going to remain silent? Or is the hierarchy in league with these churches? If not, where are the leaders of Libavitch denouncing this action by the Shemtov Fans?

    • 56. Milhouse wrote:

      In a legal case with wide implications you should expect amicus briefs from people who would be affected by any precedent set in this case. An amicus brief does not mean you like the party who you think is correct, or who you would like to win. Lubavitch once filed an amicus brief supporting the Ku Klux Klan, because the principle at issue was important to it.

      In this case the amici supporting Shemtov are all heirarchical churches who want the principle established that their branches have to submit to the central authority.

      You should be looking for amici from churches and religious organizations with looser structures, where the branches have more independence. You should also look for as many old-timers as you can find from the days when there were hundreds of “Nusach Ari” and “Anshei Lubavitch” shuls that were not under anyone’s formal authority.

    • 57. K wrote:

      Not amicus but intervenors.

      There is a HUGE legal difference as is well known and the two should not be confused.

      Intervenors are governed by Rule 24 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

      Amicus is governed by Supreme Court Rule 37 which states, in part, such a brief should cover “relevant matter” not dealt with by the parties which “may be of considerable help”.

      In Shulchan Oruch Choshen Mishpat there is also similar concepts as applied to Din Torah and I gave a chaburah on this subject a few months ago.

  • 59. K wrote:

    As a ben-Torah in Lakewood kollel, and on behalf of my chaburah, I denounce Shemtov.

  • 60. Stuart wrote:

    ANOTHER group of non-Jewish organizations has submitted a brief to the Supreme Court in support of Shemtov:








    With all of these non-Jewish orgs coming out of the woodwork conned to support Shemtov, one wonders what Rav Silberberg’s kehilla must be doing RIGHT!

  • 61. F wrote:

    Just curious, does someone have to pay all these organizations to file briefs or are they doing so out of the kindness of their hearts?

    • 62. Stuart wrote:

      These organizations have their own reasons to support Shemtov’s position. It has nothing to do with either Shemtov or Rabbi Silberberg. Nor are they interested at all in the facts of this case. They wish to see certain legal principles favor the power of their own hierarchies over secular laws and Shemtov has sold them on the idea that perhaps the Supreme Court would rule in favor of this power.

    • 63. Milhouse wrote:

      They’re doing it because they’re interested in establishing the principle that the central organization controls the individual churches, but the court rules allow the party they’re supporting to write the brief for them, or to help them with it, and also to help them with the expenses of preparing and filing it. But any such assistance must be disclosed, so the shul can answer your question.

  • 64. It's Final wrote:

    The Supreme Court dismissed Rabbi Shemtov’s motion today.

    Bez”h this will be the end of this terrible saga.


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