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Miami Children Donate Thousands to Chabad in the North of Israel

Following the group photo taken of the young shluchim, representatives of Chabad schools of Miami presented a gift of $18,000 to Chabad House directors in the north of Israel. The funds were collected by the children were designated for victims of the recent Lebanese war n the north. The Miami children took this opportunity to send along letters to children living in the north of Israel.

Click the Extended Article to view some of the letters written by the Miami children!


  • 1. Rosey wrote:

    Yashaar Koach Miami! Now that’s
    achdus and ahavas yisroel together.
    Score points for Moshiach!

  • 4. A Proud Lubavitcher! wrote:

    Why are there no comments on this article? Those precious pictures the boys drew! All the hard work they went to to donate so much money to the battered residents of Israel. The wonderful role models these boys have in the shluchim of Miami! Not one comment? And 20+ comments on garbage?

    No one commented on this beautiful story, because they are too interested in commenting on community controversy. It is a shame that an article about these boys’ beautiful actions go unrecognized and uncommented on.

    Yasher Koach to the shluchim of Miami! Those darling boys are so lucky to have you. Your actions are what make our dear beloved Rebbe cry with JOY and HAPPINESS!

    Thank you for Making My Day boys of Miami!! May Hashem bless each and every one of you!

  • 5. Mendy D wrote:

    Yaacov Garfinkel, you did a great job arranging this wonderfull idea. May hashem bless with all that you need.

  • 7. History repeats itself wrote:

    Bnei Yisroel – “It is the children that will Gurantee the Torah”
    Thank you Miami children for showing us how to play that role!

  • 8. Team at Yamlive.Net wrote:

    Yakov, this is just amazing to look at, how lucky you are to make this happen!

    Much Hatzlacha in all you do.

  • 10. goldie wrote:

    the girls and boys also want to to say thank you to R. Garfinkel, and Mrs. Dalfin for all the great programs they make for the kids throught the year. a big yasher koach for all your extra efforts you put in making lec the best school.

  • 12. NEIL CAVUTO wrote:



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