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Shavuos at the Besht: A Full Night of Torah Study

On the first night of Shavuos at the Besht, three renowned lecturers will lead discussions in Torah: 12:00am – Rabbi Mendy Hershkop: The lineage of Dovid and Moshiach; 1:00am – Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT: Torah and Psychology ; 2:00am – Rabbi Aryeh Israeli: Matan Torah.


  • 1. Ladies are Welcome! wrote:

    There is a women’s section with a proper Mechitza.

  • 2. I remember when wrote:

    Minhag Chabad is to say Tikken only … I’m sure that the refreshments advertised will bring in a crowd. Can’t wait.

    What are you serving????


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