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Alternate Side Parking Rules Suspended Through Saturday

Alternate Side Parking (street cleaning) regulations will be suspended Wednesday through Saturday, February 4-7, to facilitate snow removal. Payment at parking meters will remain in effect throughout the city.

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  • 1. WARNING! wrote:

    Dear moderator. May want to make this more public.

    When helping someone get their car free of tires spinning in the snow, beware of danger. Yesterday.
    In B.P. I was waiting for a bus, watching as a group
    of helpers were trying to push a minivan out. They weren’t getting anywhere.

    So, what do you do? Simple, wedge something between the tire and ground, right?! so, among the things they tried was to put a long wooden board there.
    Guess, what happened. The board went under the tire and shot across the street, to the edge of the sidewalk! A teenage kid got hit in the foot, and, suddenly, he’s laying on the ground, crying.

    They had him sit in a chair (I guess to recover from the shock), and I tried to keep him warm by putting my coat on him. But, they said he doesn’t need it. I don’t know if they called Hatzolah.

    A car mechanic told me, when the snow’s not so thick, you can pour hot water (buckets full) around the tire. This should give enough contact with ground so you can get enough momentum to free yourself. Of course, don’t just wait there till it freezes again. Once free, should dry off the tires with something.


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