Picture of the Day

With construction rapidly progressing toward completion, a mural was being painted on the side of the building, located on East New York Avenue near Schenectady Avenue, depicting a Hassidic man standing with a black woman on a subway.

The building at 824 East New York Avenue will contain some 66 apartments averaging 781 square feet, and is being constructed by Aview Builders, a Hassidic owned and Williamsburg based developer.


  • 1. Resident wrote:

    So what is the satmar developer showing with this mural ? Will there be even one Jew or even a black person in this luxury apartment?

    • 2. Not luxury wrote:

      Sorry to but 781 is by no means ‘luxury’! It may still be expensive but luxury it ain’t. I don’t care how many granite and stainless steel goes in there.

  • 4. Anti gentrification wrote:

    Inappropriate ! Are the Jews of crown heights responsible for the gentrification of crown heights? How do u explain to our African neighbors that we are suffering as much as they are? That Hasidic Williamsburg landlords don’t care about us any more than they care about them . Sadly they think we are protected . We are suffering too and hashem Yerachem on our young couples .

  • 6. Satmar wrote:

    Since when is Satmar chassidic? Myuchosim to the Baal Shem Tov? Ha! Satmar = Eirev Rav

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:

    They added the word love to the mural with the chassis and shvartze! This is extremely inappropriate and I wish someone would take action! That would never fly in Williamsburg! I’m disgusted!

  • 9. Huh? wrote:

    What is the point to this mural?
    Would never fly in Williamsburg.
    Shame on the satmar developer for allowing this.

  • 10. Leah wrote:

    How many people can live comfortably in less than 800 square feet? This doesn’t seem family friendly to me.

    • 11. family friendly? wrote:

      Hello, wake up… It’s not at all meant for families. Almost none of the new apt. are, except Fishers but those are expensive for many. If your waiting for a miracle, then look to the other side of the hospital or out of town.


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