Picture of the Day: A Friday Wedding

Weddings on a Friday are quite a rare occurrence in Crown Heights, as a matter of fact there have been just two in the last seven years, but today we were treated to one of those sights as Shneur Gopin and Mushka Minkowitz wed in front of 770 this morning.

In 2014 Rafi and Sarah (nee Procaccia) Choen after the chassan was denied entry in the United States. That issue was resolved thanks to the efforts of many activists and they immediately got married at the first rescheduled opportunity – a Friday.

In 2011 Yanky and Sarah Mushka (nee Cadaner) Jacobs decided to have their wedding on Chai Elul, which happened to be a Friday.


  • 1. Totally misinformed. wrote:

    There have been a lot more than two Friday weddings in the past seven years in Crown Heights!

    Possibly as many as one or two per year on average.

  • 5. From Geulah 2 Geulah wrote:

    They probably wanted 2 have it still in Chodesh Adar & be mamshich the Simcha from the happiest month of the year from Geulas Purim to Geulas Mitzrayim & BE”H 2 the Geulah Hamitis Vashilaymah with MH”M taking us 2 Yerushalayim

  • 6. Dear crown heights info wrote:

    Your information is incorrect
    There was a Friday wedding June 17th 2016 in oholie Torah.

  • 7. Chanoch wrote:

    Sivan the 29th 5773 (2013), there was the wedding of Peretz (b”r Eliezer) Laine with Chani (bat Rabbi YY) Chitrik (of Tzfat), prabably, one of the first in many years

  • 9. נ.ד. wrote:

    There was just one, 2 WEEKS ago on friday.
    Did yoy ever think of asking Harav Yonason Hackner for the correct stats!!!!

  • 10. Beautiful wrote:

    May the young couple build a Binyan Adei Ad with all the Rebbe’s Brochos

  • 12. Erev Shabbos Chasene wrote:

    Yidden from Krakow are banned from marrying on Erev Shabbos due to a takono of the Ramo. Does this ban still apply if they are now Lubavitchers? Just wondering..

    • 14. Milhouse wrote:

      What has Lubavitch got to do with this? The takona applies to every Jew who lives In Cracow, obviously including Lubavs. But outside Cracow it doesn’t apply to anyone, Lubav or not. Where did you get the idea that strictly local takonos go with a person when he moves to a different community?

      But Yossi A, what do you mean by “evidently not”? What evidence do you see that it doesn’t apply to Lubavs? If the premise that it applies to people whose ancestors once upon a time lived in Cracow, why would Lubavs be an exception?

    • 16. Erev Shabbos Chasene wrote:

      Tradition handed down in Krakow families. Based on one of two possibilities: an Erev Shabbos chuppah of an orphaned bride whose family delayed providing the promised dowry. The choson refused to go to the chuppah without the dowry. It was very very late when the promise was finally kept, and the Remo performed the chuppah when it was already Shabbos to prevent the kallah from going through more agmas nefesh. One opinion states that the Remo then banned future weddings on Friday, fearing that people would use this as an example and cause chillul Shabbos.
      Others say that Chachomim banned the weddings after this occurrence.
      Krakow families who wanted to conduct weddings on Erev Shabbos would go over the bridge to the closest town and hold the weddings there.

  • 17. To # 10 wrote:

    He’s the Kossiner Rebbe from Monsey a city / town in Ukraine near the Hungarian border

  • 18. Lawrence wrote:

    No response
    But I did see the Sdei Chemed who assured for his town due to concerns of chilul shabbos
    The Mishnah Berurah also has such concerns but provides for that in his peirush

  • 19. Lawrence wrote:

    But provide sources for this ban by the Rema !
    Where is it recorded
    The sdei chemed is recorded and attributable
    Pray do same

  • 20. Milhouse wrote:

    Friday weddings used to be absolutely standard in Europe. The chupah would be held just before sunset, and the seudah was the Shabbos meal, with goyishe musicians playing. This was considered completely normal and permitted. However with the spread of non-observance in the 20th century, many rabbonim banned them because it was leading to chilul shabbos by many people who no longer cared. Obviously in communities where this is not a concern these takonos would not apply.

  • 21. Lawrence wrote:

    That is for sure
    All one asked was for sources of the Remah forbidding for HIS TOWN
    Seforim don’t seem to mention
    Sources pray

    • 22. Mendy H wrote:

      I have a sefer at home that mentions it with a source that I need to recall.

  • 23. Chanie Hoffer wrote:

    For all the “discussions about Weddings on Friday”
    Really men, you need to read the sources/

    There are certain days upon which it is prohibited or improper to perform a wedding.

    The Rishonim discuss whether it is improper to hold a wedding on Erev Shabbat or Erev Yom Tov, lest the wedding preparations and festivities lead to chillul Shabbat. While some discourage this practice (see Rambam, Hilkhot Ishut 10:14), others permit performing a wedding on Friday. Indeed, it was apparently common in many communities to hold weddings on Friday afternoons and to merge the Friday night meal with the wedding meal (see Shulchan Arukh, EH 64:3), for the sake of those who were unable to afford a separate wedding meal (see Ra’avia cited in Hagahot Maimoniot, Hilkhot Ishut 10:40; Darkhei Moshe EH 64:4). Later authorities discouraged holding weddings on Friday, and certainly on Friday afternoon, in order to prevent chillul Shabbat (see Mishna Berura 339:19 and Arukh Ha-Shulchan, EH 64:11). This concern would seem to apply on Motzaei Shabbat as well (see Arukh Ha-Shulchan, EH 64:11).

    The Talmud prohibits performing kiddushin on Shabbat (Beitza 36b; see also Shulchan Arukh, OC 339:4, 524:1, EH 64:5; Magen Avraham 339:4.). Interestingly, R. Moshe Isserlis discusses possible exceptions to this law, and relates how he personally officiated at such a ceremony (Shu”t Rema 125; Rema, OC 339:4; see also Taz 64:1)


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